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Shovel Knight
« on: September 17, 2015 »
Wtf there's no general Shovel Knight Topic (that I could find)? Well here's one now - let's talk about this game.

Oh, but the main thing I think I should be known is that Plagues of Shadow has been released worldwide on all consoles, so you should go back to the game because it is a free update. There's also challenges too for both Shovel Knight and Plague Knight as well.

Personally, I thought this game was amazing. They really brought back everything great from the NES games and put them all together in here. Kudos to Yacht Club games for that.

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Re: Shovel Knight
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2015 »
I agree the game is amazing. It has a lot of charm and captures the charm of classic platformers. I found the dialogue and puns amusing and nicely done. Tons of challenge as well, not lacking in challenge at all.  It's definitely one of my favorite indie games.

I'm excited that Plague of Shadows is finally released. Ill be playing that soon. Plague Knight was a great choice for the main character. He looks fun to play as with his frantic nature.
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Re: Shovel Knight
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2015 »
While I do like this game, and I do find it pretty fun, I don't really like see why people are calling it the best game of 2014. I feel that it was way too short, and some of the boss battles was too easy. That, and some of the level design wasn't too interesting.

Beside those issues, though I still thought it was a good game, just not great as everybody says it is.

(However, I won't lie, the Plague of Shadows update is awesome, and everybody should buy Shovel Knight, just for that update.)
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