"It can't be... and yet that bellicose roar is but no one else..." Raphael had to brace himself, as the air around him suddenly converged and ripped through the atmosphere like a vicious hurricane. A brief flash of rainbow light forecasted the being before him, head bowed and twin swords drawn.

"Well then, punk. Fancy seeing you in your 32-bit quality here. Not that it matters, since my 256-bit processing prowess will-"

Raphael interrupted the new figure's speech as he dived to spear a zombie that had snuck up behind. "Hmph. von Rhodes. What is it you want with me? Can't you tell that there are ZOMBIES that are more intent with watching us all drop like metaphorical flies? Can you get that bit of understanding in your cudgel of a brain, or are you here for your revenge?"

von Rhodes made no reaction.
"Revenge, as they, say, is best served cold. Obviously this locale is far too heated for THAT to happen now, but mark me; I will see through to my victory. But for now, at least, punk, you are safe." He was grudgingly thankful at having been 'saved' from a gruesome fate by zombies, but right now von Rhodes was more inquisitive on another being in the vicinity. "Say, that welch over there reminds me quite well of your lady companion from ages past, Ms Harumizu. How inappropriate for women like her to be in battle-"

Raphael started. "Eugh, not THIS again. Why don't you take your pride and use it to crush that battalion of zombies?" In doing so, the knight of thunder began another incantation - but this time his left arm glowed with an intricate insignia.

"Ahahaha! But of course! Those undead are lower than the lowest of punks. Crush them I will." And with that, von Rhodes took off like the wind, swords glowing deep green, and charged through the incoming brigade.
Raphael merely droned: "It's probably best for you to ask Alexander... I mean, von Rhodes, since I never found this history arduous in the slightest, just plain annoying." He spinned his sword in the air, and the green aura of multiple slashes cut those zombies that had materialised around him.

Meanwhile von Rhodes, out of earshot from the others, started yelling curses at the zombies he was plowing through. "Take this punk!" "Just because you have numbers doesn't mean your skill is at maximum level!" "Go down like Garland!" "Your combo breaker failed!" "This is who I am! I Who Fells Punks Thrice, behold the ultimate! IMPERIAL NEO KAISER BREAK!"
A tank fell from the sky and flattened the remaining zombies, von Rhodes boarded in no time. He navigated his way back to the crowd, all the while smirking: "Hahaha. That was far easier than I had expected - those runts put up nothing! Now where's a hearty forced battle where you need it?"

Raphael facepalmed. "Alexander ...eugh, von Rhodes sounds so clunky. I'm just going to call you The Green Knight like old times."
A raised hand. "Now's not the time. Here, you wanted a forced battle? Here's an enemy you can fight - whether we join depends on whether you tone down your pomp and circumstance, to tire an old phrase..."

Indeed, forced battle it was. A multitude of dialog boxes appeared, and slowly combined. Before a blinding flash knocked everyone off their feet, a few words presented to the screen: DLL/EXTENSION INVALID COMMENCING FULLMOON TYPE-1 TROJAN STANDBY READY EXECUTING CAB... 99%... OMEGA-XIS ZOMBOT INITIATE

-bright flash-
"Uhn...where am I?" Yae said.

"Hang on...this place seems familiar. Wait! It's Nippon!" she realized.

"Alex? Raphael? Hunter? Sean? Billy? Anyone?" she called out.

"Ah! Someone!" she saw off in the far distance. She ran as fast as she could, and then found the person.

"Hello?" she asked this person. It said nothing. She then realized something. It was frozen in time.

Another bright flash ensued...
-in the bright flash-

"Heh, you've done well Green Knight. My comrades are down, and I am critical. Never would've expected it of you."
"Pfft. Punk. It was your just deserts; and time for me to take my next spoonful." Two raised swords.
Raphael said nothing, instead he raised his left arm, and closed his eyes. He soon began to be enveloped in a piercing mauve aura, that of the Seal of Heroes' ultimate power.
Time for the Punk Feller! Iskand, Kaisund! Sickle Ripper Xanadu, Double Barrelled Zephyr of Great Terror! Tear through thee who stands before me! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!"
"Well, showtime then." Raphael opened his eyes, andwhat was emerald became shimmering amethyst. His hair rose up, enflamed like his soul. The Knight of Paselion drew his sword, now brimming with the call of the divine, and charged.
It was with a clash that the next bright flash of light bathed the world, sending history in a retrograde spiral...

-second bright flash-
(Ah, alright. Darn you, purposefully confusing me :/ Lol )

"What the hell..?" Alexander asked as the flashes came. They came as he was falling backwards off the building, so he had no clue if he was close to the ground or not. The first flash stopped as he was seconds from the ground, and he just barely flipped in air, and expanding his wings, smashing onto the ground, leaving a crater where he landed. He was on one knee, and the second flash came.

"Hey! Anyone!" He called out, looking around. He saw Raphael and this new Von Rhodes character, and got up, running over to Raphael. That's when the NEXT flash hit. It seemed like it physically hit him, as he was sent spiraling backwards.

*walks up to Von Rhodes* "I heard someone yelling, so I came as fast as I could." *stands up* "I am Link, the Hero of Time."
(DKH's Alexander isn't von Rhodes. xD)

von Rhodes would have preferred to ignore this new face, but Raphael was quick to chime in.

"Enchante, Link, but let's take out this... mechanised zombie thing before we continue with the pleasantries. Now, we're in an RP styled battle, so we have to take turns. I think that mech zombie is faster than The Green Knight and Alexander, so we'll go first. But where are the others...? Yae...? American bazooka wielding dude...?!"