The sound of wind, rushing past him,


The smell of rain,


Opening eyes to find yourself falling to the ground,

Not so much.

That's when Alexander found himself falling from unimaginable heights. He was thousands of feet in the air, and had just burst through a group of clouds.

Explains the rain..

He examined the situation he was in. Falling from so high up was NOT cool. Not unless he could land it, of course. He straightened himself out, so he was streamlined, and shot through the air towards the ground. Once he was about 100 feet up, he got upright, and shot out his wings. Then, he landed gracefully in front of the huge horde of zombies below.

THAT'S how it would have happened had his wings work.

"Dammit, not now!" He yelled, falling, and inching closer to the ground. Then, he noticed the horde.

"Great. I'm dead meat.. literally." He said, and braced for impact.

One more time







With that, he was closer than ever to the ground. He tried to open his wings, and he suddenly halted in air with a jolt. He felt energy surge through him, like never before. In fact, it didn't feel like the energy he was used to either. Soon, it was too much, and he was engulfed in a round, black ball of energy. That ball exploded, disintegrating zombies as it touched them. This all happened in a split second, and before he knew it, he was standing in a crater, surrounded by even more zombies around that crater. Also, his wings had emerged.. but different than before. They were black.

How did I get here...? Whatever, time for thinking is later.

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(Evidently from RPU :p)

There was clearly no escape from here. The battalions of the undead began parading around the solitary warrior as if they were in some ritual dance.

And the rain, thought Raphael. Only going to intensify the putrid stench here - that's zombies 1, me 0.

He braced for attack, and raised his sword. While side thoughts of 'Why the hell would I use a sword to fight hordes of zombies?' lingered in his mind, what he was more concerned about was whether it was viable to charge through like the valiant hero he was in another dimension.

Wait, another dimension? Heh, not important. Time to do this.

Evidently the zombies didn't see that glowing light from Raphael's sword meant an impending destruction, but it was too late for them anyway. A crescent shaped cavity was blown open by what could only be described as a sword beam, and the warrior dashed through, decapitating more zombies with a single charge.

It was at this moment that Raphael saw what could be described as an angel of death, who himself was beginning to be surrounded by zombies. An aura of darkness crackled, but being accustomed to elemental fields and distortions Raphael was not fazed. Instead, he addressed his compatriot with a simple "What brings you here, sir? Can't say we'll advance without some teamwork, eh?", whilst zapping any nearby zombies with a burst of lightning, enough to induce spontaneous combustion.
Alexander watched as Raphael approached him, killing zombies as he came.

"Truthfully, I don't know." He said, looking around. He pulled out a little pipe, that, as he held it, grew into a scythe. He swung it, catching 3 zombies in the swipe, cutting them in half.

"Though, I do have to say, teamwork would be greatly appreciated." He added, taking out  a zombie approaching Raphael.
Yae sprints in with her katana, slicing zombies' heads off as they head towards her. She notices Alexander and Raphael fighting them off. The kunoichi whirls the blade around in a Spin Attack fashion, taking out zombies left and right.

"Where did all of these come from?" she sledges, taking out another zombie behind Alexander.

"And why here, in this unknown area?" she adds.

Time could only tell what were in store for Raphael, Alexander and Yae.
Hunter turns the T.V. up from the racket going on outside. All he wants to do is watch his television in peace from the inside of his awesome, Studio Apartment. He continues to put up with the noise for 10 minutes until he decides to open the window over the street below.

"Hey! Can you a******s keep it down, down there?!"

Like a snap of a finger, everyone (including the zombies) become silent and look up at Hunter leaning out the window.

"Ahhhh... sheit."

Quickly throwing on his LOC sunglasses, he grabs his backpack full of all essential materials (essential to Hunter anyway), heads out the apartment, locks the door (can't trust no greedy zombies), and heads up to the top of the roof.

These stairs get longer every time I climb them

Quickly running to the already prepared chair and umbrella, Hunter lights up his signature Blunt Wrap and takes aim with a Rocket Launcher.

"All those that aren't flame resistant, please exit in a single file line, safely, to your right."

With one good drag on the Blunt to keep his aim steady, he fires the rocket inside the already made crater from "Angel Boy" creating a massive explosion (and explosion that can be seen reflected from his sunglasses) that creates many undead body parts to fall from the sky just like the rain. With that, he exhales with a "Ha haaa" and gives the other three Zombie fighters a thumbs up. Giving Yae an extra Wolf Whistle-Call as she gets up and dusts herself off.

"What's Shakin', Baby? You like my Umbrella?"
Sean is chilling in his room when the body of a zombie smashes through his bedroom window. Suitably unimpressed, Sean looks through the now glassless window and sees an American bloke with an RPG launcher blowing up zombies left, right and centre.

Sean, being the sheep that he is, decided wanted to join in on this massacre of zombies, so he looked around in his room for suitable weapon to kill zombies with. The only things that could possible be classed as weapons in Sean's room were; his left-handed guitar, a pair of dumbells and one of those airzooka things that shoot, wait for it, air.

Sean then realised that he is only part of a role-play, thus he could use what ever he wanted, but in the spirit of not being an asshole he only decided to spawn a couple of spiked flails and a giant portable pendulum blade.

All fueled up on tea and crumpets (sigh), Sean stepped outside into the zombie apocalyse. However, American guy was nowhere to be seen.

Wondering where the bloke went, Sean climbed a nearby tree, impaling zombiefied birds with the flails that he somehow manages to keep hold of even though he is climbing a tree.

(to be continued, hopefully)
"Well, we've assembled quite a band here, then?" Raphael said as he continued hacking zombies that emerged from the ground.

"To be honest, I have no idea of our purpose here. It seems that we've been thrust here with no briefing, no strategy, nothing."

He was alerted of a zombie that was within grab range, and he proceeded to stab it and fling it to another zombie.

"Oh yeah, you with the sunnies. How'd you get so skilled with such a cumbersome RPG launcher? Which reminds me, I should use my Fire Sword instead of this useless metal..."

With a quick re-equip, the warrior drew an emblazoned, almost scarlet blade. Raphael began to chant a peculiar incantation, and closed his eyes. The sword began to be enveloped in a cloak of flame, ever growing......
Alexander looked around at everyone that had gathered in such a short time. The body parts had stopped raining, and he for once got a good look at everyone.

"Nice to meet you all." He said. Then, looked to Raphael.

"Believe me, some people are heavily armed these days." He said, pointing to a tank that randomly smashed through a building, and sped off.

He looked around, assessing their situation. No zombies anymore. Not yet, anyways.
Yae sighs at Hunter's wolf whistle, seeing as everyone in her homeland thought that she was attractive as well.

"Nothing, and I don't, respectively." she mutters under her breath in Japanese.

Nevertheless, she draws her katana, looks around, and puts it back in her scabbard, seeing as there are no Zombies left that survived from the Flame Sword.

Yae gets out her iPhone (Yeah, an iPhone, no comment) and plays the Final Fantasy victory theme. It did summon one zombie, but its head was quickly sliced off.

"Sean, get out of the tree!" she calls to Sean. "We need a strategy to survive."

After about 5 seconds, Yae turned back to face the rest of the group. Alexander, Raphael, Yae, Hunter and Sean were teaming up in an inter-racial group to survive the zombie apocalypse.

"Tell me, Alexander and Raphael. What is your ethnicity?" she asks the 2.
Raphael lifted off his helm.

"Best way to describe me is Caucasian. Problem is I don't reside from a country you might be familiar with; I hail from the Kingdom of East Paselion, which ironically is located in the 'south-east' of the world I come from. So I'd believe that's around where Australia is."

He turned to Yae, who appeared to be still occupied with her iPhone, and then to the others, who just gazed in silence. The warrior decided to whistle in an attempt to relieve both the awkward pause in conversation, as well as obscure his inherent lack of knowledge of modern technologies - while an adventure he had not too long ago broadened his technological horizons, Raphael was still a klutz with contemporary gizmos.

Hearing a zombie dive towards their group, Raphael sidestepped and held his sword into the air. Without fail the zombie was impaled and rapidly turned to a char-grilled heap of viscous flesh that eventually melted through.

"Looks like we won't be having roast zombie any day soon, hmm."
OoS: This sounds like fun, so I'll ruin it join in.

A quick flash of light and he appeared in the town. He noticed a bunch of misfit characters standing in a group surrounded by re-dead zombies.

Either I could A. Kill them since they're idiots enough to stand in a group like that, or B. Stab the guy with the RPG. Cause I want that RPG.

After thinking a random Zombie appears. Pulling out the StaffSword he stabs the (living?) dead in the arm.
The Zombie says... "Brains..."

"Like it could say anything else." The boy casts a spell and lights the Zombie on fire. "Roasted Zombie anyone?" The kid shouts drawing the attention of the group...
"Uh, no thanks." Raphael turned around with a sigh, and saw the youth wielding the StaffSword.

It was just at this fine moment that a tremor from the ground caused everyone to stumble. When Raphael found his feet again, he found himself literally inches away from what could only be described as an undead troll.

"Damn it. Why do I have to be the most obvious target?!" Quickly rolling away from the club swing of this new foes, Raphael began to run on the spot. As he prepared to charge with all his strength, he called to the others: "I'm heading in as a distraction. You guys, go for it."
"NO!" shouted Yae.

"I am always willing to fight! Nothing can stop me!" she continued.

She then took out her flute, and played it. The troll instantly went to sleep and had been turned into a large blue dragon. It then cuddled up to Yae, giving a very kawaii feeling between them.

"And who was that young person wielding the StaffSword?" she wondered. She shrugged, and she suddenly couldn't find Alexander.

"Where's Alexander?" she asked the youth.
"Ah, but you see, this is no ordinary flute. This is the Hypnosis Flute, a 'weapon' that lets me transform a creature into another of my choice, and making it also an ally of mine." Yae explained to the youth.

"As for Alexander, he's the runner of this RPG. We need him in order to further progress the storyline." she added.

"Now tell me your name." she asked, putting her right hand towards her scabbard.
"Or we could just get into a random battle that usually follows these long, arduous cut-scenes." The kid says, breaking the 4th wall as well.

"As for a name..." the youth starts but then teleports onto a roof. "I go by the name of Billy. Hmm... Wonder what that is." The newly acknowledged Billy states looking off towards an eerie castle structure.
Alex facepalms, and looks around.

"Guys, just because we're in an RP doesn't mean you all have to go around admitting it like a bunch of illogical dimwits.." He said, and lept up near Billy, seeing the structure.

"Not sure.." He said, checking it out top to bottom.

"Let's go check it out, shall we?" He asked, and with a smirk, he fell off the tall building backwards.
Raphael pursued, and questioned how anyone ended up on the rooftop of a building.

As he landed with a sword plant that impaled a zombie, he noticed a sudden shift in the spatial vicinity which made him flinch. It was then that he heard... that laugh.

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