Yoshi's Woolly World (Impressions and stuff)

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Here I'll post my thoughts on this game as I progress through it.

Very first impressions: The game finished installing late at night so all I got to see was the title screen and the file selection screen. Love the music so far.

First impressions: The game is pretty fun, one thing I wasn't expecting was that the color of the yoshi on your save file is the color of the yoshi P1 plays as. Still love the music.

About co-op mode: It's generally fun, but it's so annoying when my brother thinks he needs to eat me for no reason.

Luma Party said:

GrandStarGalaxy said:
I feel like I'm getting bored with this game already :'(. I hope not, I spent quite a bit of money on this game.
What's making it boring?
To me, I still believe it's the best Yoshi game since Yoshi's Story, the levels have different gimmicks, etc.
I don't know. Beating the levels just seems kind of tedious.