World 1: Lost Mangroves

How did you like this world overall? What your favorite and least favorite level?

I was about ready to throw the controller at the wall in W1-1. That puzzle piece where you have to collect the banana bunches from the pigs was not easy. Since I was doing a recording of the level, I had to restart the entire level and rewatch the intro every time I failed this little minigame.

I really liked the mine cart level and the zip line level. The bayou level is also pretty to look at. :D
1-B: Busted Bayou was a very cool level, with a great background, it really brings back the old levels from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

But my favorite would probably have to be 1-A: Zip-Line Shrine, because its setting is in a outdoor temple during the night. Nice night sky visuals there. I also liked 1-4: Trunk Twister, given it's a mine cart level, but I had a lot of trouble getting everything in it, and had trouble at a couple spots.

And least favorite, I guess either 1-3: Chaos Canopy or 1-K: Swinger Flinger, though the latter gave me so much trouble.