When did you first play a Smash Bros game?

I first played at a friend's house in 2004. I loved the game and it was almost always my first choice when my friend asked what we should play. About a year later, I got my Gamecube and this was the first game I bought with it. A few months later, I made a new friend who owned the original Smash Bros. so I got to see what that was like. I was very excited about Brawl from the moment I first heard it was coming, and purchased it the day it was released.
For SSB, I rented it first in 1999, and then later, I bought it. But now it doesn't work anymore.

For SSBM, I got that as a Christmas gift along with Pikmin in 2001. I haven't been playing it for a while, though.

For SSBB, I pre-ordered it on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at Blockbuster. I got the game and guide on Sunday, March 9, 2008.
I actually stole the original from my friend when it first came out. He didn't even notice till some years later. :p

I got SSBM the same day I got my Gamecube.

SSBB was a gift from my sister.
SSB: When I was little, dont remember
SSBM: One time in 6th Grade I played it at my friends house
SSBB: One time at Youth
I wanna say I had the original when it first came out because of the badass commercial. (I still haven't unlocked Luigi).

I only played Melee twice at my cousin's house (being two separate matches). The first I played as DK and the second as Ice Climbers. It was also the first time I played on the GameCube and couldn't figure out the controller and got owned to s*** :p

I bought Brawl in the Summer of 2009 so I could join in on some MPF tourney action.