What's next for Mario Party?


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We have a few options:
  • Superstars DLC
  • Superstars 2 (GCN focus?)
  • Original Mario Party with classic gameplay
  • Super Mario Party 2
  • Game with brand new gimmick

Any preference? What's the most likely?
I feel like a brand-new game would be the best option, as long as it's similar in vein to the classic gameplay formula. They seem to know that Super wasn't a hit, hence they went with Superstars. A follow-up that focuses on the boards and mechanics of MP4-8 would be great, but the only issue I see would be deciding which minigames to overlap with Superstars.
I still want superstars DLC even if they never plan on making it. It just makes sense. Nintendo does not.
I could honestly see them doing another Superstars game. They have a decent amount of content to choose from. As for another mainline MP, hopefully they steer clear from the MP9/10 mechanics and do something more inline with classic/super gameplay.