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Which story do you want first?

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Update: Well, I finished Procarrian Adventures, so could you guys please do me a favor and let me know what kind of fan-story you want? Feel free to post suggestions of your own while you're at it.

Original:Okay, so I've been more than a little busy lately and just can't seem to find the time to write, but I do have plenty of creative juices and ideas; question is, which story do you wanna see next first: My rather surreal interpretation of the Super Mario origin story, or a mainly episodic Subspace Emissary fan-fiction based on my postgame experience; both hopeful to be more user-friendly than ever; and should I switch to writing in a drama-based style, or stick to essay?

A. From their upbringings and growth to the first battles with Donkey Kong and the Koopas, young Mushroom Kingdom carpenter-plumbers Mario and Luigi must conquer a number of tasks to prove themselves as the ultimate heroes of the land they call home!

B. King Dedede, Luigi, Kirby, Marth, and Samus go on an exciting adventure to find missing friends and some new ones along the way! A grand epic set in the world of Super Smash Bros.!

C. The extended gang from MP1 returns to Yoshi's Tropical Island for a seaside wedding of the blue and pink Yoshis, but things soon get nasty afterwards.

D. The premise and world of Super Princess Peach get turned on their heads when the men have their turn venturing through Vibe Island in a somewhat traditional quest to rescue Peach from Bowser's clutches, but Bowser has inflicted all but the mustachioed heroes with evil mood magic from the island.