What have you been up to since the forum closed?


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Got a new job? Worked on a cool project? Traveled to interesting locations? Kept things simple and kept doing what you always did?

It's been four and a half years since the forum closed, and even longer since some have stopped checking the forum. What's new?
Last substantial update was this in 2017 (I was 19), lol. As of now, I'm 25 and I didn't even get to post around the forum closing in 2019 when I was 21, lol.

With that being said, the shorter version is that at the end of 2022, I finally graduated from college after starting there in 2015; in Literature, as I'm aiming to be a creative writer (more specifically, in poetry). I've helped manage my gaming club at college for several years now (that said, 2020-21 were brutal due to lockdown), and around May 2023 I got my first job independently as a game tester; I test and write bug reports! I'm still working as a game tester now, and I've met some good people.

I've been retired from Smash Ultimate now, due to life happening (not that I was majorly active due to my living situation), but hey, I've made best Yoshi in Quebec! I've been pretty big on playing my favorite fan game ever, Pokemon Reborn and I also picked up another JRPG series; the Trails series where I finished all 3 arcs and now recently finished Trails into Reverie.

I've also discovered a passion for decluttering ever since lockdown happened (and honestly, the thing that kept me sane); coming from someone who isn't naturally tidy, and I've even guided friends through an objective no-mess decluttering process via vid call. I've felt SO much better about myself (and you can hit me up on Discord if you ever wanna talk about it or see the mindset shifts I've made) when I've let so much stuff go from other relatives and I'm in a smaller room now, but the stuff in there is ONLY mine now.

All this to say... It's amazing what the right influence (either something, or someone) does for our mindset and our lives! :D
@Timmy Congrats on graduating! I think that's so cool that you wound up being a game tester. I know a lot of people have end up in really cool and impactful roles after starting as a tester. Very cool to see.

Hard agree on what the right influence can do for you. Glad that was the case for you!
Since the forum closed, I graduated with my BS in Computer Information Systems. It's been a hell of a time for looking for work though, so eventually something will turn up. Besides that, I finally traveled out of state and visited Maine a couple of times. It's beautiful out there, but I don't envy the winters there. I have family up there and more family that will be moving out there around Halloween, thanks to the unaffordability of Colorado. As for me, it's in the air, but I prefer my home state of Colorado.

In regards to leisure, I really haven't changed much, haha. Still playing video games, mainly on Steam while also playing on the Switch and PS5. Been playing a lot of Escape from Tarkov lately, which is very addicting, but also stressful as all hell. Also still rooting for my hopeless Denver Broncos...very painful time for our fanbase.

Besides that, nothing really significant since then *completely acting like the pandemic never happened*. Oh yeah, I'm 30 now. What the hell happened to the time? I'm becoming an old fart now. :p.