what happen to my map

Hey @Little_mac, when we moved to our new forum software in September, we had to manually move all custom downloads over to the new database. We vetted each download to make sure they were in line with our new submission guidelines. Unfortunately, we are a lot more strict on porting over other MP boards nowadays, so your board did not make it over. You can read about our rules in our Submission Guidelines.

We had the old forum up for two months after the launch of the new forum, but we officially closed it down in November. Looks like you are still able to see it via waybackmachine, which is great.
OHhh okay okay, well i did a HOLE lot of work when making this, so ill be willing to try and make edits to aply to these guidelines if it can make my board better.
for example on this image https://web.archive.org/web/2022043...m/forum/downloads/4753_23_12_16_2_58_32_1.png
I had to texture edit mario and friend's models to be not there, and then texture edit mp5 spaces into mp2 spaces just so it can be more authentic.

and i had to take TONS of screen shots of the board to get the train and animations moving, cause the star location was in the way, and i had to take a pic with the star in different locations so i could bandied the pictures together witout the mp5 star showing and so on. What would you recommend i change to keep all my legacy hard work on the Mario Party Legacy
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but I must ask, could i please keep the orignal comments from the oringnal post up when i do make whatever edits you think should be made to aply to the guidelines, they were AWSOME and warmed my heart, I read then again every single year sense i uploaded it. thats the only resin i learned it was taken down lmao.
I think the addition of custom events will go a long way to help making your board meet our new submission guidelines. But please note, there is a higher expectation when it comes to custom events for board map ports. The events should strive to be in line with the original board's event, so this often involves coding your own events rather than using some of the events available in the downloads database.

Unfortunately, comments and stats were not able to transferred over to the new database. The people who left the comments before are more than welcome to repost them here, either in the discussion topic or as a review. It's nice that they still exist as an archive.

We did sent out a mass email to all users once the new forum launched, and that included a mention that the old forum would be closing in case you wanted to grab anything. We actually extended the closure date for quite a bit of time. But I can see how that may not have reached everyone if you aren't checking emails regularly.

Also, let's move this covnersation to personal messages. I can send you one now.
how do i work the dms :3
I have a discord btw @Little_mac
i checked my email and my last email was knuckles trying to friend me >.> but idk.