Welcome Message (August 2016 Edition)

It's a dark night. You are in your car, winding your way up a windy road, in the middle of a blizzard. You see a cabin on a side road. That must be it, you think, and turn off onto the side road. once inside you are greeted with this message:

Congratulations, you have just entered the Mountain Lodge! This lodge was created in 2015 by GrandStarGalaxy, a user on the Mario Party Legacy Forum. Please enjoy your stay, but keep in mind that we have a few rules:

1. No spam! (your posts don't even count...)
2. Do not make topics unless you are given permission. (It's my blog, not yours.)
3. I'm going to allow some off-topicness, but if it gets out of control, Your posts will be deleted.
4. Try to keep it down on the swearing.