Ways of Collecting

Donkey Kong 64 is a big collecting items game. Player collect things in order, or in random order, or completely mixed up without keeping track. Other games have this system, like the Banjo-Kazooie games and others, but DK 64 is a big one.

I usually collect things in order when going for 101%, to keep track of things. I always start off with DK, Diddy Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong, and then Chunky Kong. Sometimes I do it randomly or completely mixed up, but only in another file and want something a little crazy to keep track of.

What is your way of collecting in DK 64, in most cases?
I try to do everything with one Kong at once that I can before moving to the next.

Though, as I recall, this game was like Tooie in a way that you needed abilities in a later stage in order to 100% your current stage. I honestly hate when games do that =P Not that I play a game in a way that I need to have everything before I move on (on the first try) but I will spend a lot of time checking random things just so I can get as much as I can on the first go.
The easiest way for me is to clear out one whole world going to the next. I make sure that I have everything I need before moving on so I don't have to backtrack too much. I only backtrack when I have to; don't have a necessary move to get a banana from an earlier world, don't have correct ammo or instrument type, sometimes when I have a hard time beating a min-game, etc. But overall, this method is simple, it's not very time-consuming, and it's make the game seem longer and more enjoyable when focusing for a long time on one world.