Tier Updates!

Mew, Tornadus-I, Meloetta, and Virizion fell to UU from OU.

Gothitelle rose to OU from PU.

rigus rose to UU from RU.

Stoutland fell to RU from UU.

Metang fell to NU from RU.

Rapidash, Articuno, Electrode, Eelektross, Ditto, Cradily, and Zangoose rose to NU from PU.

Linoone, Electabuzz, Zebstrika, Flareon, Vileplume, Marowak, Gigalith, Tangela, Jumpluff, Tauros, Urasring, and Rampardos fell to PU from NU.

And finally...
Garchomp fell to OU from Ubers.
Update: Kyurem-B is now OU.

Update2: Genesect is now Uber.

Update3: Chansey and Abomasnow are now UU, Stoutland and Roselia are now NU, and Snover, Cinccino, Amoonguss, Absol, and Emboar are now RU.

Update4: Tornadus-T is now Uber, and Chansey is banned from UU.

Update5: Deoxys-D is now Uber.

Update6: Nidoqueen is now UU, and Scolipede, Munchlax, Jynx, and Primeape are now NU.

Update7: Mandibuzz is now NU.

Update8: Landorus-I is now Uber.

Update9: Froslass is banned from UU.