The Weapons

Well, there were guns, instrument, bombs and potions.

Each gun did basically the same. You can kill many enemies with the guns and you had upgrades through the game. Zoom and zoom out, it could follow and many other upgrades. Funky Kong gives the guns to each Kong. Which one was your favorite style and etc? Discuss about the guns.

Bombs are probably the most simple weapon in this game, no upgrades and etc. So discuss.

Instruments are able to kill enemies in one shot, to use them, you need music notes. Candy gives you the instrument and like the guns, each Kong has a different instrument. Also, Candy gives you more melons. =P

Potions, well there are many different potions. Basically, in each level you get a new potion that helps you complete the level. Each kong has different potions, but there are also potions that are for all kongs. Which was your favorite potion for each character, and which was your overall favorite potion.

So discuss about the different weapons that help you complete the game.