The War of North and South 「北対南その戦争」

A spinoff from the legends, and not canonical to Kyle's story.

A fragment of the legend, which forms the basis, is as follows:

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom, where people lived peacefully alongside each other...
It was a prosperous land, full of beauty and mystical wonder, but most of all, peace. At its northern heart lay a grandiose castle that managed the expanses, and was adored by the people.

One day, after a small group of outspoken citizens demanded a change they never received, a revolt occurred, and a second citadel was formed to unite thier ideals. Located far into the southern flats, undeveloped and insecure, it became a realm of rapid technological advance. Soon, the people of the South began their rebellion, to siege and to rampage their hated foes of the North.

Thus a kingdom of unity was torn into the apocalyptic battleground that you now observe. The armies await your enlisting, and remember: what exactly do you fight for? Perpetual war, torn ideals, or the falsity of a glorious future?"

You must choose one of two sides, the North or the South. The Great War is raging, taking out anything and everything where possible. The North utilises magical power while the South favors technology, but both will happily pilfer and research the opposition for their own benefit.

Also, I expect many a death to occur - the horrors of war have brought fate into the lives and deaths of many. I do not want a termintion of existence and soul to occur, just normal death. The magic/tech will revive those fallen in battle since the kingdom is mystical in any way imaginable.

Format for character creation - you can only create one character for this RP, stick to it.

e.g. (my character)

Name: 'Hero' (true name unknown)
Alias: 学界の英雄
Alliance: North
Age: indeterminate (pres. 23)
Standard Occupation: Scholar
Favored Weapon: Dagger/Pistol
Special Tech/Magic: UEW ~Unlimited Exam Works~ (Magic)

The RP will commence once another member creates a character.
Name: Kyle
Alias: Leader of the South; DKH
Alliance: South
Age: appears to be around around 25, but is thousands of years old
Standard Occupation: Saving worlds from darkness, and doin' whatever he pleases.
Favored weapon: The Keyblade and its many variations
Special Tech/Magic: The Geass, and the magic allowed to him by his Keyblade
[we begin. More sign-ups guys since 101s are boring d:]

"It's no good. That mark would have been an instant expulsion. Ngh... And by your measure..."

His foe grimaced, blade extended. The aura of pure void filled the landscape like a suffocating vacuum, draining all within. Disarmed and almost dismembered, the mortal frame of the scholar stuggled to hold itself up against the tides of blood that gushed from within into the crimson plains.

With a desperate cry of antagonism, he who was about to fall cursed at the top of his lungs:


And then all went black for the one named Hero.

"W-what was that? Nightmarish indeed, but let's see... great, another death. We're heading nowhere - those Southern vermin are blasting black holes into our main defences. Sheez..."

Hero rose from his hospice bed, and gazed inquisitively at the status report of him, blipping away electronically. Sure, the North was a magic-reliant realm, but that didn't mean the technology of the otherwise worthless South couldn't be obtained through covert means.

Another sigh. With swift precision, Hero swiped his favored pens, which actually concealed his divine weapons to uphold the academia, and stormed out. Well, he tried to anyway, for at that moment a tremor - only too familiar as the strike of a neutron beam - struck home, decimating the adjacent weapons synthesiser, the hospice entrance, and nearly Hero as well.

"All in a day's fight for our supremacy, I guess. Those dogs won't ever stop, will they..." Drawing out his four-color pen with his right hand, and with a quiet mutterance resembling something like 'Cartesia, Executum Synthis', he began firing at the drone armed with the nuclear weapon. A clean hit from a data beam was enough to vaporise Hero's target, and he proceeded to cartwheel jump to swipe this intriguing weapon.

"Well then, after analysing it, this tech shall be ours. But let's have some fun with this bad boy first, hmm?" he thought to himself.
Name: Link
Alias: Hero of the South
Alliance: South
Age: 20
Standard Occupation: Swordsman
Favored Weapon: Sword/Shield
Special Tech/Magic: Light Arrows, Ice Arrows, Fire Arrows.

"Let him go." Link says to Hero. Link draws his sword from his sheath, and slowly walks up to Hero.
"What. Was. That." Hero did not turn to face this new figure, instead throwing the neutron cannon to his side, a cataclysmic explosion signalling its destruction. However, the intrinsic data had already been copied through other means of which cannot be revealed just yet.

"The soldier you may be referring to," Hero continued, "is dead. You were a bit late. Now, it seems that you're willing to kill me now, I take it? I take it upon myself to challenge you, no matter what you think of me."

A pen materialised in Hero's left hand, and after muttering "Veritas in excelcis, Realta; Laborum Altreue" it expanded into a rather long scimitar. It was then that Hero turned - slashing the air formerly behind him. "Hmm, Green Cap I see. Whatever..." - Cartesia began emitting a logical barrier field - "this shall be a pleasant duel. If you have the grounding, raise your blade in hopeless ideals and try to break through!"

And then a charge into the uncharted, the distortion neutron-tipped skyline gloating in fancy.
Kyle materialized in the horizon, overlooking the ensuing battle. He disappeared, and appeared by Link's side.

"What are you doing here?!" He asked, making his 3AV Keyblade appear.
(Kayblade; Called Redemption)

"I shall also take you on in this battle, stranger. Hope you're in for a fight. I don't want to have to use my secret weapon.." He said, a grave look on his face. He got into a fighting stance, waiting for something to happen, or someone to make a move.
Name: The Rev. Randall P. Kashing
Alias: Pastor Randy/The Alchemist
Alliance: North
Age: 48
Normal Form:

The Alchemist Form:
(Original art by SleepDep. Not used by permission.)

Standard Occupation: Current Pastor of St. Luke's Lutheran Church.
Favorite Weapon: He uses whatever he can find.
Special Tech/Magic: In his monster form, he basically has shadow powers.
"Very well then, Kyle."

Hero had to decide whether he would go for the Green Tunic and risk getting overpowered by a superior foe, or instead do a feint and back out. It was then that he noticed that Kyle was positioned to Link's left.

"Perfect," Hero muttered to himself, "let's try that."

Dashing forward with Altreue raised, Hero poised to strike Link by the left. However, he made a quick feint, hopefully throwing Kyle's sense off, and then rolled on the ground and prepared to kick Link's right shin. "Dodge this, adversary; pierce!"

Whether is was successful or not, Hero could not help but admire the blood that was flowing. Whose blood, he had not realised yet.

(I'll let whoever's next in this scuffle decide who's mortally wounded.)
As he was driving, Pastor Randy saw three figures skirmishing out in the distance. The clock read 3:21, with a dot near the lower left corner indicating "PM". The air conditioner was running, but Randy couldn't feel the cold air blowing on him since his 70s-era Toyota was, essentially, a piece of s***.

He was on his way to the nearby grocery store, which was unfortunately in the south. All there was after the last gas station were endless fields with a rare chance of seeing an orchard, a house, et cetera. To see actual people was a breath of fresh air from all the monotonous driving through these green pastures.

He was about to speed past the three, but all of a sudden, he heard a blood-curling scream, which made him instinctively stop the automobile in its tracks.

"The hell was that?" he asked himself under his breath. He turned the key, turning the car off, put the keys in his pocket, and got out of the blue car. He then proceeded to walk towards the fight.

When he reached the three, a young man wearing a green tunic had his chest open, covered in fresh blood. He didn't recognize the man, but even then, the sight was still absolutely disturbing.

He only came out with the words, "Jesus Christ..."
"I see that your friend succumbed to mortal wounds. How dishonorable of me; oh well, if it means living through the war as intact as I can, then it's for my benefit."

"Well then, my friend Kyle, I shall leave you to tend for your casualties. I suggest you use this data portal to head back to your infirmary. I would be obliged to take you into ours, if it weren't for its being neutron beamed to rubble. Farewell, tomo yo." Leaving behind a glint of binary light behind, Hero truned away, gazed into the distance, and took a step into nothingness.

Only the perspiration of Link, and the cold gazes of the pastor and Kyle, were left. Crows solemly swooped in the distance, carefree in a world of turmoil.
"Link.. Damn that bastard.." He said, dropping down to Link's side. He quickly stood up, and looked to the man.

"The name's Kyle, but now isn't the time to chat. We have to get this man to safety, and get him medical attention." Kyle said, pointing his Keyblade outward, and created a portal of light.

"Follow me. You're already in too far to quit out on us now. I'll explain later." He said, picking up Link, and walking through.
Link slowly started opening his eyes. "What happened?"
Link then fell back asleep.
Name: Ryou
Alias: cantankerous old man
Alliance: undecided sway me :)
Age:who the hell knows anymore
Standard Occupation: trainer
Favorite Weapon: sword along with random objects collected over the years
Special Magic/Tech: magic..

(im looking forward to this lol All i have is magic and master swordsmanship skills.. This isnt the god Ryou..)
Kyle started to speak, but Link fell back asleep. He laid him down on a bed, and sat down in a chair on the opposite side of the room. He looked out of the room, out past the balcony. The room was located in a large tower, surrounded by many other towers.

"Ah.. The city of Rouran. I'm glad they restored this city.. It's been so long.."

He held out a hand, and a blue ball appeared in his hand. Soon, though, it disappeared.

"Still got it.. Sorta." He said, and turned back to the beautiful world outside. The city of Rouran was surrounded by desert. However, it wasn't very hot. It was very peculiar.. Kyle didn't complain.