The Revival Of Toadette (Short Story)

This is a MarioxBatman story that I'm just writing on the spot because I'm bored. Anyway here it is.

It was a late night. Ra's Al Ghul was waiting for the body. It felt like eternal wait. Longer then the 600 years Ra's had already lived. He sat on the lucious velvet throne until finally their was a knock at the door. Tahlia entered with two of her ninja's wading behind her.

Ra's looked up and gleamed over at Tahlia. Ra's stood up and a grin grew on his face. It was exactly what he wanted. It was Toadette's body. The depression of the daily Toad life had got to her. Seeing everyone joining the fun and her being excluded had got too her. She had remembered all the fun she had joining those events but now she was gone.

Tahlia Al Ghul carried her body to her father with her mushroom pony tails bobbing up and down as they walked. Tahla handed Toadette off to her father, Ra's Al Ghul.
Ra's Al Ghul: 'Thank you Tahlia'
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'It took a lot of work making it to the Mushroom Kingdom and recovering the body'

Ra's and Tahlia walked in silence as they carried the body to the Lazarus Pit. Tahlia pushed in one the rustic, grey bricks in which opened up a secret corridor. The secret corridor was dark but thankfully elderly torches that hung off the wall provided a source of light. The secret corridor turned into stairs which spiraled downwards into the ground until the stairs finally stopped and transformed into one of the Lazarus Pit Chambers.

It was a smallish cave compared to others across the world. The green Lazarus that looked up in the middle of the room was bubbling away. Surrounding the Lazarus Pit was rocks that had been carved to create a second story walkway the encircled around the Lazarus. Ra's and Tahlia walked up one of the carved stones to see Ubu waiting by with the light of the green Lazarus reflecting off his face.

Ubu bowed to Ra's and Tahlia and watched the entrance to the cave to make sure no uninvited guests arrived. The two ninja's that were following Tahlia stood behind Ubu and watched the entrance as well. Ra's handed Tahlia the body and walked back down the carved rock and prepared to dunk Toadette into the Lazarus Pit.

Tahlia leaned over and bent down on her knees and pushed her teal dress back to avoid it falling into the Lazarus Pit. She then slowly lowered Toadette. Once her feet touched the Lazarus, Tahlia felt more comfortable in what she was doing. The body was half submerged and Tahlia dropped Toadette into the Lazarus until she finally couldn't be seen. The Lazarus let off a gust of smoke and Tahlia returned to her feet and and stood back.

It was taking its time. Toadette hadn't returned in ten seconds. Ra's started to feel worried until he heard a splash of Lazarus and saw Toadette's clenched fist poking out of the Lazarus. Toadette began to make her way out of the Lazarus. Once she had made it out the liquid dripped off her and formed a puddle on the ground. The Lazarus had one its job. It had revived Toadette.