The Random Store


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This store is where you buy random stuff. You can buy stuff like text, words, computers, clothes, air, water, and- anything.
Here you go, sir/ma'am.

Here's 50 usernames:

  • H-J
  • Moderator
  • b
  • a
  • c
  • d
  • e
  • f
  • g
  • h
*insert 40 more usernames*
Nice job copying my RP.

Real good.

My Cafe will put your Store out of business since I got weed flavored coffee.
Duke Nukem said:
I need to buy some coffee flavored weed. Money is not an object so i expect to pay at least this much *Opens a briefcase filled with 5 cents*
Chubzster said:
Also, I'll get a new door since mine has been clobbered.

Both free. Here you go!
Tovarisch said:
Hi, I would like to buy a portrait of Adam's ribs

That will be free! Here you go! *insert a portrait of Adam's ribs here*