The Mushroom Games

The Author: This is the 1st Fanfic I ever written. Maybe 2nd, because I scrapped 1 fanfiction.
LP: Stop Talking about me!
The Author smacks LP... wait, did I hurt myself?
Episode 1
LP: Hello, Ladies and Germs- and I am hosting The Mushroom Games. I promise I am the best host ever!
Fawful: Fawful thinks LP too greedy! LP both hosts TP and Mushroom Games and gonna host MP + RPG too!
LP smacks Fawful.
Kumatora: Hey, that's my job!
LP: Anyway, I am going to introduce the judges here! First, we have Kumatora, who I love, but she doesn't want to be my girlfriend-
Kumatora smacks LP.
LP: Secondly, we have Jolene- a hot girl, who does nothing, but to sit down watching fighters fight-
Jolene smacks LP.
LP: Aww, why does Mario gets kissed by his Paper Mario TTYD Partners who are girls, while I always get smacked? Anyway, the next judge is
Fawful- who is overrated but not smart and is a dunce-
Fawful steals LP's voice.
LP: .........
Kumatora: Since stupid LP's voice is gone, I will be hosting for now instead. The next judge is Luigi, LP's biggest fan. BTW, due to the author's laziness, he won't be using the accents in this fanfic-
Author: Stop talking about me!
Kumatora: Wait! His voice is back!
LP: Anyway, those 4 will be the judges.
LP: Now let's see the 32 contestants, which I forced them to join. But only 1 of them will receive the prize money.
Audience: #$@^@^&%$@!!!!!!
LP: Damn!

A Long List of Contestants
-Team Mario-
Wario: Hey, why Mario? It has to be Team Wario!
Peach: No, it's Team Peach!
Everybody falls anime style.
LP: Just quit this stupid MP2 talk..

Bowser Jr.
Shy Guy

-Team Non-Mario-
Wario: Why Team Non-Mario? It should be Non-Wario!
Peach: No, it should be Team Non-Peach!
Everybody falls down anime style.
LP: If you do it one more time, you are automatically eliminated.
Wario and Peach: AHHHH!

Pokemon Trainer Brendan
Pokemon Trainer May
Homer Simpsons
LP: Wait? Who made Homer Simpsons sign up?
Kumatora: It's you, idiot!
LP: But... but...
Jolene: No buts, LP.
LP: Anyway, in this round, these 32 players will be fighting off 1vs1 on some minigames, Tournament style! 16 Winners directly get to move on the next round, but only 4 of the 16 losers will get to move on the next round, decided by the Wild-card match.
Homer Simpsons: 'Doh!
LP: Be quiet or I'll send you to the lava pits. Now let's see the tournament bracket. The waiting time will be 100 years.
Audiences moan.
Mario vs Toadette
Tails vs Paula
Knuckles vs Bombette
Kirby vs Birdo
Cream vs Goombella
Brendan vs Waluigi
Yoshi vs May
Ninten vs Pikachu
Koopa vs Peach
Toad vs Bowser
Lucas vs Shy Guy
Ness vs Wario
Daisy vs Oshawott
Amy vs Homer
Sonic vs Wobbuffet
Bowser Jr vs DK
LP: Now, let's start the tournament! First off is, Mario vs Toadette!
Mario: It's-a-me, Mario!
Toadette: I will never lose to a stupid Plumber!
Mario: What? STUPID?
Toadette: Yes, you are.
Mario: #$@%@%!!!
Toadette: @%$^@!!!
LP: Uhh... let's just start a competition. It will be a trivia quiz. You press the buzzer to say the answer. First one to score 3 points win. If you are right, you gain 1 point. If you are wrong, your opponent gains 1 point. Ok, let's go.

Question 1: Who is the princess of Mushroom Kingdom?
Mario: (presses buzzer)
LP: Ok, Mario. Say the answer.
Mario: It's-a-me! Mario!
LP: Now let's see if that is right....
No. It's wrong.
Mario: But I was-a- just practicing-a-my catchphrase!
Toadette: This proves he is stupid.

Mario 0: 1 Toadette

Question 2: Name a movie which is not based on a musical.
Mario: (Presses buzzer)
LP: Mario, please say the answer.
Mario: Mamma Mia!
LP: Ehh. Wrong.
Mario: But I just forgot my catchphrase, so I said that!
Toadette: Yay. I just won.

Mario 0: 2 Toadette

Question 3: Name one of the Paper Mario games.
Mario: (Presses Buzzer)
LP: Mario, what's the answer?
Mario: New Super Mario Brothers Wii U!
LP: Wrong.
Mario: But I wanted the audiences to know my new game!
Toadette: Seriously, I overestimated him.

Mario 0: 3 Toadette

LP: Toadette's the victor!
Toadette: Yeah!
Mario: No!

Tails vs Paula
LP: This competition is like Hot Bob-omb. You have to pass this bomb into the other player, and try not to make it explode when you have the Bob-omb. Tails will hold the bomb first. GO!
Tails: I'm gonna hold the bob-omb until it lights up- wait, what?
Paula starts praying.
Paula: Someone hear me.. please don't let the bomb explode on me.. I need to win the money for Polestar Preschool...
Tails: Nevermind. Take this, Paula!
But something strange happens. Tails can't move his arms!
Tails: What? How is this happening? Oh no....
The Bomb Explodes.
Tails: NOOOO!
LP: Paula wins!
The remaining 14 duels will be done in next episode.
LP: And we're back, after 13 days of delay.
Audiences die due to lack of water.
LP: Uh-oh. Cancel Clock!
Audiences get revived.
Audiences: Yay!
LP: Now let's go on with... Knuckles vs Bombette! You will have to break as many boxes as you can. Ready... go!
Knuckles: You're too ugly, Bombette!
Bombette: WTH did you say?
Knuckles: You are ugly!
Bombette: NO!
Knuckles and Bombette start fighting.
LP: Uh-oh.
After all the fighting..
LP: Time's up! Now let's see how many bricks did you break...
Knuckles accidentally broke 1 block!
Bombette broke.. nothing.
LP: Knuckles wins!
LP: And next match is Kirby vs Birdo! It is a performance match! Crowd will vote who did the best. Kirby will go first. Kirby, start!
Kirby: Fi-yah! (Dances)
LP: Now, it's Birdo's turn!
Birdo: Take this! (Shoots Egg)
The Egg gets shooted to the audiences and explode.
Crowd: Yuck!
LP: Audiences, now vote!
-Kirby: 499/500
-Birdo: 1/500
LP: Kirby is the victor!
LP: Next will be Cream vs Goombella. It will be a race in this slot car. Now, start!
Goombella: Yeah!
Cream: Yay! Cheese, attack Miss Contestant!
Cheese: Meek!
Goombella's car flips over.
Cream: Yes!
Goombella: No!
Goombella tries to get back up. After that, strangely, her kart is starting to go TOO fast!
Goombella: AHHHHHH!
Cream: No!
Goombella hits finish.
LP: And Goombella wins! We will be ending this episode now. Bye!
LP: Welcome back. No instructions this time- let's go with Brendan vs Waluigi! They will participate in a game of 400m Swimming on World 2-2!
Brendan: Gotcha! I am gonna catch you, Waweegee!
Waluigi: That's not my name!
LP: On your swimsuit. Get set... GO!
Brendan: Yah!
Waluigi: Waluigeee!
-50 meters
LP: Brendan is currently leading! Waluigi got stuck by a Blooper just before.
Blooper: I luv you, Waluigi!
Waluigi: No!
-100 meters
LP: Waluigi catched up a bit.. but Brendan is still leading, because Blooper started chasing him for being Waluigi's rival!
Blooper: CATCH HIM!
Brendan: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
-150 meters
LP: Now they are now in face to face. That Blooper was killed, because fishers hooked him!
Fishers: Bull's-eye!
Blooper: Bloooooooooooop!?!
-200 meters
LP: Halfway Point. Currently Waluigi is leading! Torchic suddenly came out of Brendan's Pokeball, and started pecking at him!
Torchic: Torchic!
Brendan: Ahhhhhh!!!
-250 meters
LP: Uh-oh, some idiot dropped oils on World 2-2! World 2-2 is now polluted- hope they don't get affected by mutated creatures.
Mutated Bloopers: Booooooo!
LP: Help me!
-300 meters
Jolene: I will be broadcasting instead of LP. Uh-oh... both of them got attacked by mutated creatures...
Mutated Cheepcheep: I am going to kill you guys! Ha-ha!
Waluigi and Brendan: Ahhhhh-
-350 meters
Jolene: Almost there... wait!
A Mutated Blooper shot an ink at the camera!
Jolene: That stupid blooper. We can't see how the race is going!
-400 meters
Blooper's ink dries off.
Jolene: Thankfully. Both of those characters are close to finish...
Waluigi and Brendan swims reached the flagpole, at the same time.
Jolene: Replay.
It can be seen that... Waluigi threw his cap to Brendan to hinder the progress!
Jolene: Judges... including me... vote. I think Brendan clearly wins.
Kumatora: Agreed.
Luigi: I'm-a-agree!
Fawful: Fawful agrees with chortles!
Jolene: And Brendan wins.
Brendan: Yes!
LP: Huh... where am I?
Boshi: Are you the host of The Mushroom Games?
LP: Yes. Why?
Boshi: Make that Yoshi lose his match on the next round! Or else... I will have to step in.
LP: Uhh...
Boshi: Give Yoshi this sleeping pill. OK?
LP: No!
Boshi: If you keep doing that I will transform you into Birdo!
LP: Phew...... ok.
To be continued
The Judges: LP! Wake up!
LP: Uhh.... where was I?
Judges: You were attacked by mutated creatures and fainted. Great that you're back!
LP: (Thinking) Well, I know that Boshi tried to make Yoshi lose by giving sleeping pills to me... but that was a dream anyway!
LP: And the next match is... Yoshi vs. Trainer May! It will be a competition to eat as many berries here as you can!
LP plays the music 'Nom Nom Nom'
LP: When this song ends, the game is over. Ready? Action!
Yoshi: Nom Nom Nom!
May: It's soooo yummy!
-Current Stats-
Yoshi: 1200 Berries
May: 1080 Berries

LP: How could they eat so fast?
Music: Nom nom nom... (ends)
LP: And the time is over! Yoshi ate 2968 Berries, and May ate 2732 Berries. Yoshi wins- wait, what?

The sky turns dark.... and Boshi appears.
Boshi: How dare you. How dare you deny my offer.
LP: But... but.. I lost them! The sleeping pills!
Boshi: LIAR! (Starts attacking LP)
LP: Someone help me!

Jolene: I am taking up again. Next is... Ninten vs Pikachu. Apparently, LP is stuck on the jail cell from an island there... which emerged just before. Your job is to rescue LP faster. Go!

-Ninten's Situation-
Ninten: Come on, how am I supposed to get there? I think I have to swim there....

-Pikachu's Situation-
Pikachu: PIKA! (This is impossible....)

Ninten: (Swimming) Hmm.... I swam for almost 3 hours, but that island is still far away...

Pikachu: Pika... (It is pretty hard hopping on the rocks to get to that island. I'm exausted...)

Ninten: Finally, I'm there!

Pikachu: PIKA? (Wait, I can see someone on that island! Hope it's not Ninten...)

Croco: How dare you come here and try to beat Master Boshi!
Ninten: PK FIRE!
Croco: Help!

Pikachu: Pika.... (Finally, I'm here...)

Ninten: There are 100 doors up here. But I think only 1 of them leads to Boshi...

Pikachu: Pika~ (Hopefully there's no guard there. This castle is... poorly designed.)

Ninten: 45? No! 76? No! 21? No!

Pikachu: Pika.... (It is too hard to go through the doors...)

Ninten: Ok! Door 32!
Boshi: Mumphapha. So you came to rescue LP. But you will die first.
Ninten: PK Beam!
Boshi: HELP ME!
LP: Ninten! You came here to rescue me...
But all of the sudden, Boshi and LP dissappeared, along with the whole island.
Ninten: What the F@#$ just happened?
Pikachu: I don't know...

-To be continued-