The Chronicles of Hitshi: The Yoshi's Island Mafia

MQJinx: 2nd Intro

Day 1: Refuge and Vacation

Some time far after the defeat of Kamek, two Yoshis, Hitshi and Deshi, ruled the country of Yoshmany in Yoshi's Island in peace. However, one day, Hitshi started to become ruthless and tyrannical, causing Deshi and his forces to declare war on Hitshi and his forces. Hitshi, using a tactic called blitzshi,annihilated Deshi's forces, forcing Deshi and his followers to flee Yoshmany. Their country of refuge was Freiho, a country run by Shy Guys with their leader WRG. Deshi and WRG became allies when Deshi discussed Hitshi's tyranny. Deshi also mentioned his competition with Hitshi to acquire seven Crystal Keys. Hitshi was planning to use the keys to rule the entire Yoshi's Island, while Deshi wanted to keep them safe from Hitshi's hands. When WRG heard this, he revealed to Deshi that one of the keys is in a secret place in the center of Freiho.

At Heiris International Airport...

Flight Attendant Guy: We've landed in Freiho. Please take your belongings.

Toadette stretched her arms after a long flight. She picked up her bag and left the airport with her friends.

Saffron: Wow, we're in Freiho! It's such a nice place!

Skye: It's nice to know that not all Shy Guys in Yoshi's Island are evil. These ones seem to be the lighthearted ones with no allegiance towards Bowser.

Emile: Then again, Bowser did try to take over the island.

Viola: I know. Seems like Kamek never even bothered taking over Freiho.

Wolley: I guess it's because when viewed from above, Freiho looks menancing.

Yvan: Yeah, it's supposedly shaped like a Shy Guy.

Toad: How?

Toadbert: There are three lakes in Freiho, that when viewed from above, they look like a Shy Guy's eyes and mouth. There is also a river that looks like an outline of a Shy Guy, by boogity!

Toadette: Well, whatever it is, it is a nice place to have a vacation. I've got our reservations in a hotel called Yumekoj.

At Yumekoj...

Clerk Guy: Welcome to Yumekoj. Who is this?

Toadette: This is Toadette, making reservations for nine.

Clerk Guy: OK then. Just fill out this sheet and I'll call the Bellhop Guys to deliver your materials to your room, which is room 20-03. Here is the key to your room. The elevator is the first turn in the hall. Thank you for spending time at Yumekoj.

After Toadette signed the paperwork, the Toad Brigade placed their materials in the cart and followed the Bellhop Guy to their room.

Day 1's Shy Guy Trials...

It seems as though everyone thought it to be too dangerous to go with a lynch on the first day, and so they decided to post-pone it until the very next day. As the sun sets, the Shy Guys all return to their places, unaware of the terrors that will come out during the night...

In the Toad Brigade's room, at night...

Skye: *yawn* Wow, we sure had a fun time at our first day here.

Toad: I know. We did a lot. I cooked some good steak. What did you do?

Yvan: I created an ice sculpture on the snow shaped like Mario.

Wolley: I played some tennis with one of the Shy Guy residents. It was a close game.

Emile: I went golfing at the local course and got a score of -10.

Viola: I ran around the track and field four times in five minutes.

Toadbert: I played some Mario Kart on the game room with three Shy Guys, by boogity!

Saffron: I got to be the pitcher in a baseball game with the residents.

Toadette: Well, we all had fun today. Hopefully there'll be some new things for all of us tomorrow. *yawn* I'm beat. Let's get some rest. Goodnight!

Toad, Yvan, Wolley, Emile, Viola, Toadbert, Skye, Saffron: Goodnight!

Toadette turned off the lights and everyone went to sleep in preparation for what was to come the next day.

In a garden...

A Spy Guy sneaked into the garden, where a Metal Piranha Plant was sleeping. The Spy Guy inched up to the Piranha Plant and slowly pulled some documents of the Crystal Keys towards him.

Spy Guy: This is Staryu. Documents successfully obtained. Reporting back to base.

At an unknown place...

One of Hitshi's Yoshi soldiers infiltrated the place. He noticed a Shy Guy there and drew out a pistol in an attempt to kill him, but the shot bounced off the Shy Guy with no damage. The Yoshi ascended up the stairs to a room where he confronted Staryu preparing for bedtime. The Spy Guy turned around, armed with a slingshot and a hammer.

Staryu: Who are you and what are you doing here?

The Yoshi reached in his pocket and pulled out his pistol.

??: Spy Guy Staryu detected. Chaos proceeding with mission. Your resistance is futile. Give me your documentary about Hitshi and the Crystal Keys or be exterminated.

Staryu: Why would you do this? I'll tell WR-

Before Staryu could finish, Chaos pulled the trigger.


After shooting Staryu, Chaos seized a few of the documents about Hitshi the keys from Staryu's baggage and left the area. Chaos did not know, however, that the documents were fake. The real ones were by his bed.

Chaos: Extermination complete. Reporting back to base.

In Saffron's dream...

Saffron was walking with Toadette, when they were confronted by Chaos, who immediately snatched Saffron and took off. Toadette rushed after Chaos in pursuit. As Toadette charged a beam of energy, Chaos took out his pistol and fired at Toadette. Toadette collapsed from the fatal blow. Saffron cried when she saw her friend get murdered while she was being carried off by Chaos.

Saffron: AAAAAAAA-

After what had seemed to be a very long night, everyone woke up to see the shinning sun rise above everyone from the gloomy night before.
After looking around to make sure everyone was alright, someone suddenly noticed that Staryu did not get up yet. When everyone went to examine him, they realized that someone had smothered him in his sleep. By his bed was some file reports explaining about Hitshi and the Crystal Keys. Knowing that possibly their only Spy Guy was already killed, the Shy Guys start to worry what's going to happen to them..

The next day...


The Toad Brigade immediately rose up from slumber.

Toadette: Saffron, what's been going on?

Saffron explained her dream to the Toad Brigade.

Toadette: Just who is this creep?

Toadette picked up and read the day's newspaper from delivery. The newspaper showed information of Staryu's death.

Toadette: We'll get to the bottom of this! Maybe WRG has some information that might be helpful to us! Come on, we've got a case to solve!

The Toad Brigade set off to the White Box to acquire some information about the shooting.

Day 2: The Shy Guy's Mistake and the Slime Skirmish

At the center of Heiris...

Shy Guy: No please! I plead not guilty! He really is one of Hitshi's Yoshis!

At the White Box...

WRG: So what have you come here for?

Toadette explained Saffron's dream and Staryu's shooting to WRG.

WRG: This seems to be some sort of conspiracy. Hitshi is trying to find all of the Crystal Keys to rule the entire Yoshi's Island. Fortunately there is another Yoshi named Deshi trying to stop him.

Deshi entered the room where WRG and the Toad Brigade were discussing.

WRG: And here he is now.

Deshi: WRG, we've got an uproar in the center of Heiris. And who are these guests?

Toadette walked over to Deshi and shook his hand.

Toadette: My name is Toadette. It's nice to meet you, Deshi. I'm part of the Toad Brigade.

Toadette introduced the other Toads. Then the group continued to discuss Hitshi, the Crystal Keys, and Saffron's dream.

Deshi: It all started in a civil war with Hitshi, who became corrupt and tyrannical. We were defeated, and had to flee to this area. WRG and I joined forces with each other to try to stop Hitshi. Hitshi wanted to use the power of the Crystal Keys to rule over the entire Yoshi's Island, and I'm trying to keep them from his hands. If the keys are used improperly, it could mean total destruction. Hitshi's Yoshis roam around this area, searching for the Crystal Key here. They've been killing civilians here recently. That Yoshi in your dream, Saffron, might be one of them. The other keys are scattered all over the island: one in a grassy plain, one on the mountains, one in a jungle, one in a volcano, one in the skies, and one in an ice palace.

Deshi revealed Toadette that he had one of the keys in his possession. The group then heard the shouting increase.

Toadette: What is going on?

The group looked out the window and noticed a crowd proceeding to hang a Shy Guy.

The day started out in an uproar over Staryu's dead, and immediately after Brookelas' really odd responses, most of the Shy Guys started blaming him for this. After all the votes came in, Brookelas was taken to some conveniently located gallows near the center (that they recently made). After being hanged, something seemed strange about him... as if he wasn't even feeling a thing. Everyone started questioning what this was about, until someone ran up and tightened the rope so hard, that suddenly shards exploded out from Brookelas everywhere. Luckily, no one was harmed. Everyone then realized this to be a part of some special metal covering that could be used. After realizing the mistake that was made, everyone headed back to their places, wondering if they had what it takes to confront the Yoshi's in the first place...
Maybe something could happen during the night that could save them... but for the Shy Guys, all seemed too dark now...

Toadette: This isn't good. We have to find the rest of the keys before Hitshi does! Let's move, Toads!

Deshi: Wait! Before you go, take this map. It shows where the Crystal Keys are. Also, take these phones to meet up once you obtain a key.

The Toad Brigade left the White Box with the map and the phones in search of the Crystal Keys.

At the grassy plain...

Toadette and the Toad Brigade traveled across the grassy plain, eventually reaching a castle.

Toadette: Seems like one of the keys is in here. Let's get that key.

The Toads entered the castle, finding a spinning bolt

Toadette: Let's navigate across this spinning bolt, one at a time!

After navigating past the bolt, the Toads came across pinwheel platforms and more spinning bolts over lava, eventually reaching a pipe. The Toads then were attacked by a Spray Fish.

Saffron: Augh! My hair!

After navigating past the traps and rooms of the castle, they reached a red door leading to a room with lava below.

Skye: There's the key, but the room smells like trouble...

The Toads then confronted Salvo the Slime. Salvo enlarged himself in an attempt to scare the Toads.

Skye: I've got this.

Skye charged up the Skye Shock, and fired it at Salvo, who split into some Lemon Drops. Skye then fired another Skye Shock which destroyed the Lemon Drops and shrank Salvo so much that he imploded.

Toadette: There's the key!

The Toads picked up the Crystal Key and left the castle.

At the center of Heiris...

Toadette: What's this?

Toadette noticed some Shy Guys looking over the Shy Guy who was hanged.

Shy Guy 1: Serves that Brookelas right! That liar deserved to be hanged for his foul actions!

At Yumekoj, in the Toad Brigade's room...

Toadette: One down, six to go.

Skye: That was anticlimatic.

Toad: I never expected the key to be guarded by a slime!

Yvan: I know. Weird, right?

Wolley: Yeah.

Emile: The spinning bolts sure were tricky.

Viola: Not to mention those spinning platforms that almost had me.

Toadbert: The lava had Podoboos that tried to burn us, but I kept my cool, by boogity!

Saffron: Look at what a mess my hair is because of that fish!

Toadette: Well, we had a great adventure today. Let's rest in preparation to get the next key.

The Toads said their good nights, then went to slumber.

Just who was that Brookelas? Toadette thought as she went to sleep.

At an unknown place...

A Medi Guy, worried about the Shy Guy defense, rushed over to a house where a Metal Shy Guy was sleeping, and guarded the house from Hitshi's forces for the night.

A Spy Guy peeked at the window of another house and saw a sleeping Snifit. Seeing that the Snifit didn't have any possessions that suggested allegiance to Hitshi, the Spy Guy sneaked out of the area.

Spy Guy: This is Impulse. No sign of a threat. Reporting back to base.

Just as Impulse was heading to the base, Chaos, hiding under a bush, reached out for his pistol and pulled the trigger.


Chaos then snatched the documents that Impulse possessed, and left the area.

Chaos: This is Chaos. All Spy Guys successfully eliminated.

Ouch... now that guarantees the end of the Spy Guys... and so now the Shy Guys know they can't rely on anyone for info on the Yoshi's...

At the garden...

A Shy Guy was resting in the garden when a Metal Piranha Plant rushed over to the Shy Guy, stripped him of his possessions, and proceeded to eat him.


The Piranha Plant went to sleep after a huge, satisfactory meal.

Yet another long night for the Shy Guys... the Shy Guys woke up to see who else had went missing, but to their surprise, it seemed like Staryu seemed to somehow come back to life. But how? After looking around them, everyone realized that 3 of them were missing from before, including the two Spy Guys. They also that Staryu still was laying down from where he was put before. It seems like Staryu has taken a whole new life off of someone else...

In Skye's dream...

Skye was walking around Heiris, when she found Staryu's body lying on the ground. She picked up a note near his body and read it.

Beware the Piranha Plant. -Staryu

A shadow cast over Skye, and when she turned to look, Chaos was standing right behind her. Reaching out to his pistol, Chaos pulled the trigger.

Skye: AAAA-

The next day...


The Toad Brigade woke up in resonse to Skye's scream.

Toadette: You too, Skye? What is this?

Skye explained her dream to the Toad Brigade.

Toadette: OK, so not only do we have Hitshi to worry about, but a Piranha Plant is on the loose. Let's go check out what's happening in the center of town.

At the center of Heiris...

Toadette picked up a newspaper and read it. It contained details of Impulse's shooting and the Piranha Plant eating the Shy Guy, called "Mr. Malcolm."

Toadette: OK, things are looking bad. We've got two agents killed by Hitshi's troops and a citizen eaten by a Piranha Plant. We should find the next key before Hitshi does. Heiris is in great danger, and we are their only hopes.

Just then, the Toads heard shouting.

Toadette: What's going on?

Day 3: Koopa Kaput

At the center of Heiris...

The Toad Brigade stood on top of a pickup truck to get a better view. Several Shy Guys have uprooted the Piranha Plant from the garden.

A red-and-white hooded creature immediately started targeting the Piranha Plant, called "Timmy." It didn't take long for the others to start targeting him as well, and soon almost the whole town was against him. When they then decided to take Timmy up to the gallows, they suddenly noticed something strange about him. Again, like Brookelas the night before, it looked as if he wasn't feeling a thing while being hanged. Perhaps this was in the town's worst interest... maybe things didn't always seemed as they were? Timmy was just hanging there, staring at everyone, in wonder if they were really going to go through with this...

The creature however, so certain he was the Piranha Plant, went up and tugged the rope tight. Suddenly, again, like before, metal shards exploded out from Timmy everywhere. Luckily, no one was harmed. Everyone then realized this to be a part of some special metal covering that could be used. Slowly, everyone raised their heads... not even willing to see what Timmy even was. Finally, at long last, the terror which has destroyed the town has finally been removed. All the Shy Guys cheered with joy! But soon that joy turned into sorrow, as the night started to come, knowing that there still was a threat lurking through the night.

Toadette: Seems like one threat is over. Now let's find the key before Hitshi does!

At the mountains...

Toadette: There's the castle. Let's go!

As the Toads entered the castle they were greeted by the smell of lava. Boo Guys, Koopas, and Hot Lips guarded the castle, but were knocked out. The Toads headed to a room with Maces.

Toadette: OK, when I give the signal, we jump through!

The Maces turned towards the side, out of the way.

Toadette: Now!

The Toads jumped across the Mace room. They encountered Maces that pounded the floor. The Toads waited for the Maces to rise, then entered a corridor with arrow lifts and thorns.

Toadette: We go as soon as the arrow points forward!

The arrow lift slowly turned until it faced forward, then Toadette gave the signal. The Toads then confronted a Fishin' Lakitu.

Toadette: I'll be taking your cloud, thanks!

Toadette used a suction to snatch the cloud out of the Lakitu, then stored the cloud in a jar. The Toads then reached a red door. Upon going through, the Toads were on top of the mountains, which turned foggy.

Saffron: Augh! I can't see a thing!

The Toads braved the foggy weather, and as the fog lifted, Hookbill was waiting.

Hookbill: W-who d-dares to come h-here? I'm a g-gonna m-m-make m-mince meat out of you c-cocky little wimps!

Hookbill emerged out to attack.

Wolley: Time for some Koopa kaput!

Wolley fired lightning bolts at Hookbill, stunning him and flipping him over.

Hookbill: GAH! I'll g-get you for t-this!

Hookbill retreated in his shell and slammed the ground, missing the Toads.

Wolley fired another bolt at Hookbill at a voltage so strong that Hookbill was sent flying out of his shell and down the mountain. Hookbill dropped the Crystal Key, which the Toads picked up before leaving the mountains.

At Yumekoj, in the Toad Brigade's room...

Toadette: Two down, five to go.

Skye: We're making some progress.

Toad: That Koopa's one tough one.

Wolley: Yeah, but electricity stopped him in his tracks.

Yvan: Those Boo Guys were sure a spook.

Emile: I almost got toasted by one of those Hot Lips!

Viola: Those Maces were a real thorn in our infiltration.

Toadbert: Those thorns were real tough. But they looked fragile, by boogity!

Saffron: I just can't stop laughing at Lakitu's face when he got his cloud snatched!

Toadette: Time to get some rest. We'll need them for getting the next key.

The Toads then went to sleep.

Just who is that hooded creature? Toadette thought.

At an unknown place...

The Medi Guy was asked to protect the red-hooded creature. So he went to a suspicious-looking house where the creature lived. Unfortunately, the Medi Guy did not know who the red-hooded creature was. Just as the Medi Guy entered the house, the red-hooded creature, hiding under a bush, reached for a pistol and pulled the trigger.


As soon as the Medi Guy collapsed, the red-hooded creature took one of the Medi Guy's machines and removed his hood. The creature was one of Hitshi's Yoshis!

Yoshi Troop: This is Staryu. Medi Guy Batman eliminated. Defenses crippled. Now heading back to base.

In Toadette's dream...

Toadette was walking around Heiris with the Toad Brigade and the two Spy Guys, Brookelas, Impulse, Mr. Malcolm, and Batman. Just then, the skies turned dark purple.

Toadette: This doesn't look good...

A dark figure emerged from the purple sky.

Saffron: What's that? What's it doing?

The shadowy being created voids around itself.

??: Face the power of me, Hitshi, your new ruler!

The voids started sucking in Toadette's friends.

Toadette: You've asked for it, dark beast!

Toadette charged up a Toadette Shock and fired it at Hitshi, who defected it back at Toadette with a powerful blow.

Hitshi captured more of Toadette's friends into the voids.


Toadette was lying on the ground, unconcious as Skye was sucked into the void.

The next day...

Toadette: Hey guys, we have a problem!

The Toad Brigade immediately woke up. Toadette picked up the newspaper and read the details about the shooting of Batman.

Toadette: This doesn't look good... We have to get the keys fast! Hitshi's forces may have already got some of them!

The night seemed quieter for the Shy Guys, probably due to the lack of Spy Guys and Piranha Plant. However, it still felt long again for them, especially since they now know how close the Yoshi's are to wiping them all out. Hoping that maybe a Medi Guy was out there during the night protecting their next victim, the Shy Guys wake up hoping for no one to have disappeared throughout the night. Unfortunately, there was Batman, hung up at the gallows. Was this some sort of sick message from the Yoshis? Or possibly a final message from Batman, as they noticed a special flying machine used only by certain guys. And yet, possibly the only Medi Guy was killed instead. As what appears to be the final day approaches for the Shy Guys, most hopes of protecting the town have all seemed to have vanished...

At the center of Heiris...

Shy Guy: Wait! I'm one of you! I have no connections to this "Hitshi" guy!

Not much talk went on this day. The Shy Guys were all fearing for their own life, certain that they had no chance. One even felt like running away from the place, but they all knew they had to stay and destroy the Yoshi's so they can once again live in peace.

One Shy Guy named NFan thought maybe it was the best time to start to say something, however, how he said it made him sound much like he was a Yoshi to the disguised Staryu and the Metal Shy Guy that Batman protected, named VIP. After a long time of no chat, eventually, VIP decided to just go with the lynch, despite NFan's protest against being a Yoshi. As VIP and Staryu were taking NFan up to the gallows, a White Shy Guy by the name of Sax suddenly charged up to them and trying to stop the lynch.

Sax: No, this is going on for too long! There is no more reason for anyone else to die now.

They both looked at Sax, shocked about this. Why is he doing this now? NFan was all set-up and what was likely to be the first Yoshi to be lynched was being delayed because Sax didn't want him to...

While VIP was asking Sax why they shouldn't do this, Staryu was already up there, letting NFan go. They all watched as he hung, hoping for some sort of change to come to reveal his Yoshi self. Did this happen...? As VIP turned over NFan's body, he stared in horror and regret of killing one of his own kind.

That's it. VIP took a few steps back from everyone, seeing as there was no hope for the Shy Guys now. He turned around to Sax.

Sax: I'm sorry, I only meant to really have them destroy the Piranha Plant, but then that blue-robed guy came in and turned you all against him. We had no choice.

After a period of silence, the Snifit that Impulse spied on, named Fluff, walked up to Sax.

Fluff: Why would you do this? Why betray your own kind?

Sax: Because... that guy was deceiving you, I know it. I know who he was. He was Kamek, and he just used us to fight off the Yoshis, by using this 'key' as a tool to help destroy this piranha plant that he created! I know so because I saw it with my own eyes. I knew only the Yoshis could help us destroy him. Apparently, I was right...

Staryu looked in the other direction, obviously trying to avoid attention.

Sax: But we don't have to keep on fighting. The terror is gone. We can rebuild Heiris's damages, with whatever we have...

VIP and Fluff looked shocked. After a moment of thought, both of them decided that the best course of action was to just run away from them all. They could not believe the trap they fell into from the beginning...

Sax sighed, and turned around to Staryu and Chaos, both with their disguises off now.

Sax: Well, I guess I should thank you for your help... I'm not sure how I could repay you two for this... but...

Chaos looked up at the key from the center of Heiris, which he had obtained.

Chaos: This key came from him?

Sax: Yes. I'm not sure why he gave a key to us, though...

Chaos: Perhaps this key could be useful for us... if it has to do with him, surly, this must lead to one of the areas that could lead to to were we need to go! Could we?

Sax: Yes, that's probably why he left it here in the first place. You'd do better with it than I would anyways.

After sending a final farewell to the Yoshi's, Sax returned to the center of Heiris, filled with regret for serving Hitshi. He knew he had a lot of work to do. Perhaps things would have worked out better if he never went to ask Hitshi's Yoshis for help in the first place...

Hitshi's Yoshis then revealed that they have the last five keys. The Yoshis split the keys and split up.

The Toads watched from under a bush.

Toadette: This isn't good. Those goons have the rest of the Crystal Keys! We must chase after them!

Deshi and WRG arrived at the scene.

Deshi: We'll follow your pursuit.

WRG: Anything to keep Heiris alive.

??: So this is what's been happening.

Suddenly another figure approached the group. The sun blocked view of it for a few seconds until it finally got close enough for the group to see. It was Yoshi!

Yoshi: Hitshi's been being a tyrant lately, and he will pay his price.

Toadette, Skye, Saffron, Toad, Yoshi, and Deshi went after Staryu to one of the bases in a desert, while Yvan, Wolley, Emile, Viola, WRG, and Toadbert chased after Chaos to another base underwater. Fortunately, WRG brought a submarine with him for his group to give pursuit.

Part 4: Mafia Confrontation

At the desert base...

Toadette: Let's get those keys!

Toadette's group infiltrated the base, and after navigating through the traps and guards, they confronted Staryu.

Staryu: Ahhhh... so you arrived.

Toadette: You're that creep that killed Batman and NFan!

Staryu: How about that? Anyone that Hitshi doesn't like... POOF! Their fate was sealed. Stay out of Hitshi's business if you want to live.

Toadette: We are going to stop Hitshi, even if it means going through you first! Now hand over the Crystal Keys, you greashi!

Staryu: Still pushing for it, huh? Fine. Who am I to disappoint? Have at you!

Staryu fired a dark bolt at Toadette's group. The group split to dodge the attack. Saffron proceeded to charge up energy. Skye fired repeated Skye Shocks at Staryu. Toad pelted Staryu with fireballs. Yoshi and Deshi hurled eggs at Staryu. Toadette fired a beam of ice at Staryu. Staryu deflected the attacks into the air.

Staryu: Hmph. Your attacks are futile. Time for me to dispose of you.

Before Staryu could fire an attack, Saffron was glowing.


Saffron used her energy to stop time so that the group can deliver the finishing blow. Everyone launched their attacks again, and Saffron summoned a twister at Staryu all in unison. The combined attacks were so powerful that Staryu was ultimately defeated.

Deshi: This is Deshi. We've recovered three of the keys. Now entering the teleporter to Hitshi's main base.

At the underwater base...

WRG: Good. This is WRG. We are now entering the vase in search for the other two keys.

WRG's group infiltrated the base. After navigating past the traps, they confronted Chaos.

Chaos: Staryu has been done...

WRG: Hand over the keys this instant!

Chaos: Hitshi will have his mission done, and you will not stop him!

Chaos fired a dark bolt at WRG's group. After dodging the attack, Yvan fired a beam of ice, Wolley fired a bolt of lightning, Emile summoned a twister, Viola pelted Chaos with fireballs, and WRG and Toadbert fired lasers at Chaos. The combined attacks were so powerful that Chaos was ultimately defeated.

WRG: This is WRG. We've got the other two keys from Chaos. Now meeting at Hitshi's main base.

At the main base...

Deshi: Finally... We've got all the Crystal Keys. Now we can settle this war once and for all.

??: Well done, Deshi...

Part 5: Fate of the Island
At Hitshi's base...

Hitshi: Our ceremony can now begin as planned. Give me the Crystal Keys.

Just then, everyone called out Deshi.

Deshi: Huh?

Toadette: Deshi! Don't trust this creep!

WRG: Do not give the Keys to Hitshi, Deshi.

Skye: He's planning to destroy the island.

Hitshi: Hahaha... Ignorant fools. I'm here to save the Yoshis from their own demise. I offer... power to break free.

Deshi: What?

Hitshi: Their greed, thirst for power, and affinity for betrayal has them on a path for destruction. Their actions will lead to the extinction of their species. I'm here to save them from themselves... with my perfect order... allowing them to live through their desperate lives in peace. They are a great energy source for us... they will be well kept.

All: Wha?

Hitshi: Let us begin our ritual of prosperity.

Hitshi snatched the Crystal Keys from Deshi and used their powers to envelop Yoshi's Island in darkness. Hitshi then transformed into a demon, the same one from Toadette's dream. A light ball of energy began to spread across Yoshi's Island.

Saffron: What was that? What just happened?

Toadette: The entire Yoshi's Island is covered in darkness!

Skye: No! That's impossible!

Hitshi: The Crystal Keys amplify the power of good and evil. I need to absorb their evil power when they're charged. It's the perfect plan. That's why I needed the White Shy Guy to help me...

Deshi: What?

WRG: That's insane!

Hitshi explained his agreements with Sax.

Deshi: I can't believe it!

WRG: That can't be! He betrayed his own kind for research? For Hitshi?

Toadette: Big deal. We can't just stand here doing nothing!

Toad: Yeah... let's do this! I'll crush that rockhead of a Yoshi!

Toad then was locked in place.

Skye: Toad! What's wrong?

Skye was locked in place also.

Skye: Ughhhh!

Everyone else was locked in place except Yoshi, Deshi, and Toadette.

Hitshi: The end is near now. Hahahahaha... Ahhh... my dear offspring... Eat and devour these savory dishes!

A swarm of Darksquitoes rushed towards the paralyzed members of the group and started to leech their energy.

Saffron: Help me! Stop it!

Deshi: I will avenge those whose blood has spilled! I will not die!

Please help me, Deshi...

Deshi heard a voice that sounded like his fallen friend, Carloshi.

Deshi shined a beam of light at the Darksquitoes, disintegrating them.

Hitshi: What?

Deshi: No one could control my will. I will destroy you, Hitshi!

Hitshi: I gave you power... Now I'll strip it off!

Hitshi went off to the shrine. Deshi, Toadette, and Yoshi followed in pursuit.

Skye: You're our only hope now...

At the shrine:

Deshi, Toadette, and Yoshi confronted Hitshi.

Hitshi: Well done... You've gone further than I've expected... I'm impressed. But you still don't understand, do you? The future I offer is the only option for the Yoshis.

Deshi: I've heard enough. You're going down!

Hitshi fired a dark bolt at Deshi, stunning him.

Just then, a voice was heard.

??: Deshi, if you're listening to this, then the worst has happened... you need to know the truth.

Deshi: Carloshi?

Carloshi's Voice: Eventually, Hitshi will become corrupt, and plan to use his power to destroy the island! The only way to stop him... is to use his desires against him! Deshi, it's up to YOU, and only YOU can stop him! Deshi, you are our only hope... to save the Yoshis as we know it. The future of this island depends on... YOU!

Carloshi's Brother's Voice: Don't worry, Deshi and I will protect this island. Right, Deshi?

Deshi: You have no control over me, Hitshi! I now understand why I am here. I made a promise and I'm here to keep it! Today I put my past behind me!

Deshi jumped to land a punch on Hitshi, who teleported.

Hitshi: Have it your way, Deshi. So be it... be prepared to meet your fate! Your world ends here... TODAY! Prepare to die! Say goodbye Deshi as you witness my true wrath!

Yoshi and Toadette joined Deshi and absorbed the good energy from the Crystal Keys to power themselves up, and took off to face Hitshi somewhere above.

Somewhere up above...

Hitshi: I gave you power, and yet you defy me? So be it! You shall pay for your ingratitude with relentless pain!

Yoshi: This is the end! Prepare to meet your doom!

Yoshi fired debris from the area at Hitshi until one of his arms faded away.

Deshi: A superpowered demon... This must be the final battle!

Deshi threw energy spears at Hitshi while dodging his lasers until his other arm faded away.

Toadette: Alright, it's my turn!

Toadette fired a continuous energy laser at Hitshi while dodging his lasers. Hitshi started to fall.

Yoshi: Is it over?

Deshi: No, it's not over yet.

Hitshi rose back up, in a more powerful form.

Toadette: I guess it's not gonna be that easy.

WRG: No! Is it impossible to defeat a superpowered dark being after all?

Skye: No. Something's different. I could feel a large, powerful energy source coming from Hitshi!

WRG: What? An energy source? Hmmm... that's it! That's his core! Even if we can't stop his life, we can stop his consciousness!

Saffron: Look! There's a strange thing in the middle of Hitshi! Isn't that the core?

Deshi: Time to unleash the ultimate power!

WRG: Deshi! I'm trusting you to do this!

Saffron: Don't let him beat you, Toadette!

Emile: You can do it, Deshi!

Viola: Don't hold back, let him have it, Yoshi!

Toadbert: Use the powers to defeat him, by boogity!

Yvan: Toadette! Give it all you've got!

Viola: Yoshi! Restore happiness back to the island!

Skye: Yoshi, please! Protect everyone of the island!

Toad: Toadette... I believe in you!

Yoshi: The root of all our problems... This ends now, Hitshi!

Deshi: I will release you from the chains of your corruption.

Toadette: The Yoshis... Their happiness that you've stolen... Time to take it back!

The three superpowered forces of light charged up spheres of light and fired them at Hitshi.

Hitshi: Impossible! I am the supreme being that rules this island! I am the ultimate life form! I am the ultimate power! Gaaaah!

Hitshi was disintegrated by the blast. The skies returned back to clear and bright.

Deshi: Only one thing left to do... To put the past behind me and to restore peace to the island!

The Crystal Keys shone as Yoshi's Island was restored back to normal.

Wolley: Yeah, we did it! Yoshi's Island is free again!

Toad: That was sweet!

Skye: I hope they're OK.

Saffron: I'm sure they're fine, Skye.

At the center of Heiris...

The entire city of Heiris celebrated the return of the Toads, Deshi, and WRG. Toadette, Yoshi, and Deshi recieved medals for their heroic actions and their names were encryted on the Hall of Veterans.

Deshi looked at a photo that showed him with Carloshi. He then threw it behind him and walked away.

Deshi: Goodbye forever, Deshi.

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