The Chronicles of Hitshi: The Silent Revolution

In a suspicious facility in the Mushroom Kingdom, everything seemed as quiet as the wind. Then suddenly, danmaku blasted through the roofs of the facility. The sound of metal can be heard. Mitori and her crew are puzzled by the lack of opposition.

Ningsuto: So what was this job supposed to be anyway?

Hokuna: I dunno. This is weird.

Mitori: We were ordered to stop a weapons deal, but there's absolutely nothing here. And to top it off, we've got all these toys attacking us.

Hikori looks up, confused.

Hokuna: What's wrong, Hikori?

Hikori: Something feels off...

Just then, a battle drone emerges.

Ningsuto: Mitori!

The drone attempts to throw a girder at the group, only to be disintegrated by an energy blast from the combined powers of Mitori and Hokuna.

Hikori: Thanks.

Hokuna: No problem.

The drone collapses.

Ningsuto: Sheesh. That made me jump... Thanks, Mito-

Ningsuto's words were interrupted as Mitori looks at the suspicious scenery.

In Hitshi's Fortress...

Hitshi: This test run went smoothly. We're getting excellent data as we move toward the real-

Himshi: Hitshi.

Meanwhile, Mitori's crew leaves the blazing building.

Elsewhere, a Toad gazes at the blaze from above.

In Saffron's house...

Rosa: Oh man, I'm so stuffed. That's the first time I've had cucumber rolls.

Saffron: The meat Nitori brought was pretty good too. I ate way too much of it.

Rosa: Maybe you should take an antacid.

Saffron: By the way, have you seen Toadette lately?

Rosa: No, never heard from her. I wonder where she is right now...

The next morning...

Nitori: All right! Let's go home!

Skye: Oh, right! There's a shortcut over here!

Nitori: Wait, are you sure this is a shortcut?

Skye: Don't worry! Cut across the park, and we'll be at a main street!

Nitori: How on Earth did you find out about this?

The group stops at a flower field.

Burgundy: Nitori, is something wrong?

Nitori: Is that...

The group gazes at a sleeping Toad.

Burgundy: That's...

Saffron: ...a girl?

Nitori: Wow...

Skye: She's so cute...

Burgundy: This isn't the time for that!

Burgundy rushes toward the girl, while the others follow her.

Nitori: Wait, Burgundy!

Later, the Toad girl wakes up.

Saffron: She's awake! Good morning. Why were you sleeping here? What's your name?

Saffron: Um... How old are you?

Nitori: Hey, where do you live?

Burgundy: Quite problematic...

Nitori: Maybe she doesn't know English...

Skye: No, no! When talking to a little kid, you bring your eye level down to theirs, and... Oh, is that a good mushroom?

The Toad girl nods.

Skye: My name's Skye. What's yours? Can you tell me your name?

Toad girl: Ferri.

Skye: Ferri, huh? Okay, Ferri. Could you tell us what you know?

Ferri: Nitori Kawashiro?

All: Huh?

In Hitshi's Fortress...

Hitshi: We were able to obtain the precise data we expected from the red kappa in our experiment. Though something unexpected did occur at the scene. But that should solve itself soon enough. All preparations are now complete. Now it's time to show this kingdom our own power! All in favor of proceeding to the next phase of our plan, raise your hand.

Hitshi's elite all raised their hands, including a girl with suspicious pigtails.
PART 2-1

At a conference room, Hitshi is seen with Tojoshi and Mussolishi. The three sign a contract forming an alliance between their nations.

Hitshi: Now then, with all three of us combining forces, we will be invincible! I will be after Heiris, Tojoshi will be set for Saffore, and Mussolishi will target Abaho. All of Yoshi's Island... will be ours!

At Saffore...

Everyone stood, staring at each other, wondering why the number of Shy Guys had dropped to such low numbers. Suddenly, a piece of paper fell down from the tree tops, and everyone watched as it got closer to the ground. One Shy Guy ran up to it, grabbing the letter before it touched the ground, and started to read it aloud to everyone :

"The rest of the Villagers are gone. You're all that's left. A couple of Yoshis have snuck into your group unexpectedly. There's a helper I've brought in to help you, and will bring more as soon as possible"

Everyone was in shock - knowing that any of their fellow Shy Guys could actually be one of Tojoshi's Yoshis in disguise made them worry about what's going to happen next. Everyone started to argue on how they should deal with this situation. Some suggested everyone for themselves, while another thought to run away. In the end - everyone agreed that they should deal with this by a vote - whoever receives the majority of votes will be sent to death in the nearby river.

Of course, that's not all what on everyone's minds. It's been known as well that there have been people out supporting the Koopa Army and the Brotherhood of the Guys, and they're both most likely going to be taking advantage of this time of chaos to secure the village for their sides. With the 3 groups all going against each other at the same time, what will happen to Saffore?

At Heiris...

WRG: Hitshi is up for his attempts at world domination again! And Toadette is missing! What are we going to do?

Deshi: I'm sure there's someone that could help our allied village and prevent it from being ruled with an iron fist. All we need is for that miracle to happen.

Nitori is seen with Ferri on a grassy field. Out of seemingly nowhere, Goombas and Kedamas surrounded the two.

Ferri: Just what do they want from us?

Nitori: I don't know, but by the looks of it, there could be trouble.

Ferri and Nitori battle the Goombas and Kedamas. Ferri fires sonic waves while Nitori shoots cucumber missiles at the army. When the last of the army falls, two figures emerge.

Nitori: Who's there?

The figures approch Ferri and Nitori, revealing themselves to be Wriggle Nightbug and Mystia Lorelei.

Mystia: What's a kappa and a mushroom doing in our fields?

Nitori: YOUR fields? What gives you the right to suddenly start claiming some land as your own?

Wriggle: Still at it, huh?

Mystia: Don't you have any idea who I am? I could call an army of youkai to stop you if I want to.

Nitori: Like you'll even get to. I may not be Reimu, but I still am no ordinary kappa.

Ferri: What do those two want from us?

Mystia: I'll be sure that you'll never again be able to see in the dark!

Wriggle: C'mon, I'll shoot first if you don't!

Nitori: You two just never know when to give up, don't you? Maybe you will if you get slapped by a long mechanical arm?

Nitori and Ferri fight Wriggle and Mystia. Ferri fires sonic waves at Wriggle while dodging insect swarms while Nitori grazes through Mystia's toxins, pelting her with cucumber bullets. Eventually Nitori knocks down Wriggle and Mystia with a boomerang plate.

Nitori: Sheesh, what is up with those two hotheads...
PART 2-2

Underground, Imoko and Koishi search for the headquarters of one of the three dictator Yoshis. The two get attacked by cyclops bats and Scuttlebugs.

Imoko: They really want to keep us out, do they?

Koishi: Wait until they find out about myself!

Imoko and Koishi battle the army. Imoko fires supersonic waves will Koishi bombards the army with heart-shaped energy orbs. As the two break through the army, they confront two figures., revealing themselves to be Kisume and Yamame Kurodani.

Kisume: Trying to break through us, eh?

Imoko: Hmph. So these two youkai seem to be affiliated with one of the tyrants.

Yamame: What on Earth are you talking about?

Koishi: You two just don't seem to ever settle.

Kisume: Just you wait until both of you get squashed by a bucket.

Yamame: How about if you be prey for us right now?

Imoko: YOU'RE going to be the prey once we break through!

Imoko and Koishi fight Kisume and Yamame. Kisume throws Phantom Embers while Yamame shoots a web at Imoko and Koishi. Imoko fires supersonic waves while Koishi unleashes a barrage of thorny roses. Eventually Imoko and Koishi knock down Kisume and Yamame with a combination of their attacks.

Imoko: Time to kick this bucket and press onward!

At Saffore...

Knowing how risky it was to simply to go through with the vote on the first day, the Shy Guys decided to wait a day before starting to accuse anyone. Throughout the day, everyone threw a cold shoulder on each other, all keeping their distance, afraid of what the others could possibly do to them. Sooner or later, night came, and the Shy Guys decided to call it a night, retiring to their places.
PART 2-3

As the sun set, Nitori and Ferri continued their journey after resting after the fight with Wriggle and Mystia. Just then, a beaten-up battle drone is sent flying, and the two decide to investigate the scene. The army was already cleared out by Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire, and Saffron.

Ferri: Who are they?

Nitori: Whoa! Are you really that powerful?

Saffron: Hey, I didn't get fairies helping me for nothing!

The Three Fairies of Light and Saffron decide to join Nitori and Ferri. Just as they were searching for one of the iron-fisted Yoshis' headquarters, a bomb gets launched at the group, who graze through. The figure that launched the bomb reveals himself to be 2nd Lieutenant Langshi.

Langshi: So you're the one that's trying to grab our commander from Hitshi!

Nitori: What are you even saying?

Langshi: Hitshi has sent me to stop you from fulfilling his dream of his perfect world where he has all control and no one to oppose him.

Nitori, Ferri, and Saffron: What?

Star Sapphire: Now this...

Luna Child: ...has gone...

Sunny Milk: ...way too far!

Langshi: What a bunch of puny weaklings. I'll finish you in a blast and throw you in the chamber like a bunch of rats.

Nitori: Who are you calling puny? My sense of justice is as tough as iron rings!

The group fights Langshi. Langshi summons an army of Yoshis, Koopa Troopas, White Shy Guys, battle drones, Kedamas, crows, and black fairies to combat. Saffron shocks some of the army with a bolt, Ferri fires sonic waves, the Three Fairies of Light fire light orbs, and Nitori uses her Extending Arm. As the army is left to Langshi, Nitori fires a blast from her Super Scope 3D at him, knocking him down.

Nitori: Hitshi, huh? I won't let him do what he wants!
PART 2-4

Underground, Imoko and Koishi continued their search for a headquarters, when a beaten Scuttlebug was sent flying near them, missing. The two approach the source.

Koishi: Does that mean they're on our side?

Imoko: Let's speak with them, then we'll see.

Keine Kamishirasawa, Fujiwara no Mokou, and Wolley, upon seeing Imoko and Koishi, decided to join to gather some information about the plans of the iron-fisted Yoshis. 2nd Lieutenant Rahnshi confronted the group, throwing a bomb which the group grazes through.

Rahnshi: So you're trying to search for Hitshi?

Keine: A bunch of dinos searching to control the entire world?

Mokou: We'll put an end to you before you could even invade the forest!

Rahnshi: Do you think that you rats can stop Hitshi, the soon-to-be ruler of the world?

Wolley: For a third time? He won't ever be able to do that when we bring him down!

Imoko: You've probably held older sister in captivity. I will stop her from being used for malicious reasons!

The group battle Rahnshi and his army of cyclops bats, Scuttlebugs, Swoopers, Yoshis, White Shy Guys, and battle drones. Keine throws a stone statue, Mokou fires a wave of fire, Wolley fires a light beam, Koishi fires a sea of rose orbs, and Imoko fires sonic waves. As the army is losing troops, Imoko creates a sonic boom, knocking down Rahnshi.

Imoko: I bet that older sister has been captured. Let's go and free her!

At Saffore...

Just as the dawn was rising, a scream can be heard from one of the houses. Everyone rushed over to the scene to discover something unpleasant. A body can be seen, still as a rock. Ginger Caridad Nakajima was shot down, murdered by one of Tojoshi's troops. The Shy Guys are already in despair as their only medic was murdered by Tojoshi's army.
PART 3-1

It didn't take long for things to escalate quick. Immediately out of the blue, Shy Guys in all corners have been starting to accuse each other of things. Perhaps it was too much for them to handle? It was quite frightful seeing possibly the only Medi Guy going out on the first night...

However, in the middle of this heated discussion, suddenly, a loud crashing noise could be heard off in the distance. Shocked by the intensity of the shock, the 7 Shy Guys ran over to see what it was, and to their surprise, found an odd barrel near the river. No one knew where it had came from... just that it laid right there, somehow untouched. One Shy Guy curiously approached it, only to have found a note written on top.

Shy Guy: "This is all that could be brought. Use them wisely..."

The Shy Guys scratched their heads... could this be from the same person who wrote that mysterious note from before? No matter what it was - it got all them thinking - should they open the barrel to see what was inside? Or just throw it into the river, preventing it from being held in the wrong hands?

Nitori's group ventured through the woods in pursuit of Hitshi. A slashing sound can be heard. The group approaches the scene.

Sakuya: Just as Mistress Remilia figured out.

Meiling: So these creatures want to conquer this entire world? They probably would conquer Gensokyo next!

Patchouli: Hmph. Koakuma, let's show the pain of what happens when you try to destroy the Scarlet Devil's reputation!

Koakuma: Have at it, scum!

Rosa: Let's send this entire army to the dust!

The Scarlet Mansion crew and Rosa fight the army. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Dornishi attacks Nitori's group. The army eventually fell to all of the combined powers from the Scarlet Mansion crew, the Three Fairies of Light, Nitori, Ferri, Saffron, and Rosa.

Patchouli: I've heard about you from a retreating army soldier. So you're seeking to foil Hitshi's plans of ruling this world and possibly Gensokyo?

Nitori: We'll do anything to foil his plans!

The Scarlet Mansion crew and Rosa decide to join Nitori's group.
PART 3-2

Imoko's group continued their crawl underground. They stopped as soon as they heard a voice.

??: An entire army, eh? No matter how many there are, they will fall because I am...

Imoko's group arrives at the battle scene, spotting Yvan, Rumia, Cirno, and Daiyousei.

Cirno: ...the strongest!

Rumia covers the army in darkness while Daiyousei throws flames at the troops. Cirno then finishes off the army, including Lieutenant Uhlenshi, with a Perfect Freeze.

Rumia: Feel the dark!

Daiyousei: Cirno, do you think they might be that powerful?

Cirno: Hmph. They were beaten in a flash because of my power!

Yvan: Someone else is here!

Cirno's group meets Imoko's group, and after discussing on Hitshi's plans for world domination, Cirno's group decides to join Imoko's group.

Cirno: So one claims to be strong enough to take over Gensokyo? Well, he'll learn the hard way!

Imoko: Older sister, I hope you're alright...

At Saffrore...

It didn't take long for a vote to go through there. Most seem to have believed it was a gift to help them out on their troubles, while a few suspected it might just be a trap.

Regardless, The Shy Guys decided it was best to at least see what was inside. As the last one to vote to open it, Yorckho wsa the one who was said to open it, as all the other Shy Guys backed off. Feeling a little less certain of himself, he slowly reached his hands over the top of the barrel. Now he was shaking. Suddenly, he heard noises, as he so thought, coming from within the Barrel. He decided it was just best to throw the lid off and be done with it. Closing his eyes, Yorckho quickly flipped the lid off...

Everyone ducked for cover. However, unlike some suspected, nothing seemed to have happened. Curious, Yorckho got up and took a peek inside the barrel.

Yorckho: Whoa, hey, guys - check this out!

Everyone ran up to see it was filled with Mushrooms! Lots of Mushrooms! Upon checking them out, they could see there are a total of 16 Mushrooms inside, and 4 different kinds as well, each labeled as to tell which Mushroom is what. Everyone looked pleased by this! Having these Mushrooms could prove useful for the Shy Guys to have! However, afraid someone might just abuse the Mushrooms, everyone made an agreement for what should b done with them - each person will take one for them to keep. Afterwards, the remaining Mushrooms will be dumped into the river to prevent their misuse by any enemies.
PART 3-3

The discussion was going strong, everyone making assumptions and throwing rumours and information around, votes going on and off. Before everyone started to know it, the sunlight started to fade within the trees. Looking upwards, everyone knew they needed to come to a decision quick. Before anything else was done, however, a Shy Guy went over to the half-full barrel of Mushrooms and kicked it into the river, seeing as how everyone had already taken their mushroom, and it would only cause trouble if they forgot to before it got too dark out...

Nitori's group spot Elly, Kurumi, Komachi, and Hina on a mountain range, fighting off an army.

Kurumi: Just who dares to attack Mistress Elly?

Elly: A bunch of gamblers that have no idea who they're facing.

Komachi: They should've known their fate already when they see scythes in the battlefield.

Hina: Misfortune upon you, fiends!

The four combine spellcard attacks, wiping out the entire army. They then join Nitori's group after they discuss Hitshi's plans.

Nitori: One of Hitshi's top crew should be somewhere in these mountains! Let's move!

Skye then appears in front of the heroes, and joins the group.

Skye: Hitshi has been placing misery on the Shy Guys and never seems to be able to get fully disposed of! What could he be doing with Toadette?

Nitori: Oh, her... Could she be brainwashed? That would be crossing the line!
PART 3-4

Down underground, Imoko's group hears some lasers being fired, and rushes to the scene. The Aki sisters, Aya, Momiji, and Sanae break their way through the army.

Shizuha: Just when autumn was beginning?

Minoriko: I won't let our autumn go to waste!

Momiji: A bunch of terrorists trying to invade the world?

Aya: This underground was meant for peace, not a bunch of ruckus!

Sanae: No one will stop me from fulfilling my dream!

Sanae's group fire a group attack of shots, defeating the army.

Imoko: These terrorists are using the underground as their secret base?

Emile approches the group.

Emile: Hitshi has some tricky plans for world domination, and I bet Toadette might be involved in it!

Imoko: Older... sister?

At Saffore...

Upon seeing the treetops darken, everyone realized they needed to get their act together and vote someone fast. It didn't take long before everyone decided to go for Sassho whom didn't have much to say. With people "revealing" their roles left and right, it only came out in time before enough decided they were tired of him. With enough votes, it came down to one thing... how were they actually going to do this? No one felt like actually killing him on the spot, and there's nothing they could easily use to stop him...

It was at that point that Sassho started to freak out. Without much hesitation, he started to dash out of the town. Luckily, Tantho was in his way, and tackled him down as to prevent his escape. However, he accidentally put a little too much power into his tackle, as it sent Sassho tumbling towards the river, and he plopped right into it. Everyone ran towards the river, suddenly noticing how dangerous it was to actually be near it. Sassho was nowhere to be found, though. The current had swept him further down, everyone could see his dead body flowing down the river, fully in-tact. Sassho drowned, and a Metal Mushroom rose up to the river's surface.

Even though it was getting darker and darker by the second, everyone could tell that they've killed one of their own. Troubled by the results of this day, everyone retired to their home... hoping that maybe the Mushrooms they all obtained could help them defeat the iron-fisted Yoshis...
PART 3-5

The Shy Guys struggled to endure another ominous night. As dawn progressed, one of the Shy Guys reported that another Shy Guy has seemingly vanished. An mask and a robe were all that the Shy Guys could find in the scene, along with some bullet marks. Volker has been reported to be murdered. The Shy Guy population has been fading in these hard times... The day passes on, and everyone starts losing their trust in one another...

Nitori's group arrives at the base. Nitori tells the rest of her group to block any of Hitshi's army from entering the base, and infiltrates the base by herself. As an army approches the base, Alice appears.

Alice: A bunch of target practice for my experiments, eh? I'll send them to the testing station!

Alice and the rest of the group fight off the army.

In the base, Nitori pulls out her phone to speak to Sanae.

Nitori: Sanae? It's me, Nitori. I'm at a base now.

Sanae: So you've managed to clear these levels?

Nitori: According to what I've heard, this base seems to be associated with Hitshi.

Sanae: Ah, so a boss is ahead, huh?

Nitori: Sanae, what are you saying?

Sanae: Well, I'll be waiting with my own group as we clear out another base of our own.

Nitori and Sanae end their call. Nitori then storms the base, defeating every soldier she runs into.

Nitori: Toadette, I'm coming for you!
PART 3-6

After breaking through the security of the base, Nitori confronts Mussolishi.

Mussolishi: So you're the Super Youkai Warhead.

Nitori: What is it that you intend to do?

Mussolishi: Hitshi and the others agreed that we would resolve to make the world a better place.

Nitori: You're clearly lying. You're not trying to make the world better. You're seeking to dominate the world. You plan on ruling it with an iron fist!

Mussolishi: So what? These critters are running out of control and we are trying to order them back.

Nitori: The civilizations of Freiho are trying to live with harmony. As a kappa that stands for prosperity, I will send you to justice!

Nitori and Mussolishi fight in a heated battle. The two trade blows as light and darkness clash. Eventually Mussolishi gets worn down. Out of desperation, he absorbs dark energy from a capsule. Just as he tries to fire a dark beam at Nitori, a laser beam stuns him.

Lightning Spark - Dim Dream

Nitori looks up, and spots two figures, revealed to be Luigi and Marisa.

Marisa: As if you would ever try to stir up an incident! No scrappy lays a hand on Nito!

Luigi uses Thunderhand to power up Marisa's Hakkero. Marisa then fires an electrified Master Spark at Mussolishi, knocking him down.

Marisa: This is only a partner of his! The big bad must be somewhere else.

Luigi and Marisa leave to search for Hitshi's fortress.

Elsewhere, Imoko leaves her group outside to guard the base while she sneaks in, defeating any soldiers she confronts. Shou, Nazrin, Letty, and Youmu arrive to help reinforce the group. Imoko eventually confronts Tojoshi.

Tojoshi: Look who decides to crash our party.

Imoko: You... You're partners with the shady guy who has older sister!

Tojoshi: You fool. She has the necessary features in her for us to use to create the perfect world!

Imoko: Your "perfect world" is a world of oppression. And those who try to harm older sister will be sent to the Sanzu!

Imoko and Tojoshi fight. The two trade blows, and Imoko eventually pins down Tojoshi. Desperate, Tojoshi absorbs energy from the generator. Before he can stab Imoko, an amulet strikes him.

Blazing Miko Orbs - Witching Dream

Imoko notices two figures at the source of attack, revealed to be Mario and Reimu.

Reimu: Trying to overthrow society to rule it with little to stop you? It's my call as a miko to bring you to your end!

Mario uses Firebrand to create a fiery ring in front of Reimu. Reimu unleashes Fantasy Orbs to absorb the fire. She then casts a fire-powered Fantasy Seal on Tojoshi, knocking him down.

Reimu: There's still one stronger than him. Let's go!

Mario and Reimu leave Tojoshi's base to search for Hitshi's fortress.

At Saffore...

Not long after waking up, the Shy Guys were all in a panic about being destroyed by Hitshi's Yoshis. If what they said was correct and Ketterho was indeed serving Hitshi, he could have easily turned this to his favor with his partner and have destroyed all the Shy Guys here and now. However, someone wondered, if he did have all that as he said, why didn't he do that right off the bat?

It didn't concern Kiroho, though, as they brought Ketterho up to the river to where Sassho had drowned the night before. Seeing Ketterho face up-close, he could see a tear start to fall from his mask. Finally annoyed with him, Kiroho started to shove him off...

While falling, everyone looked over to see Ketterho's mask and cloak fall off, revealing himself to be Kettershi. He had tried to flutter-jump his way out, but he could not escape the rapid currents of the river and was soon swallowed by it. No one even dared to check his body down at the end to see if he was alright...

Everyone cheered for the defeat of a major of Hitshi! Knowning only one more threat remained, everyone got stoked to start the vote all over again to be rid of them once and for all! However, no one noticed how dark it had gotten all of a sudden, and everyone realized they were also tired from the previous days of activity, so everyone retired to their homes for the night instead...

At Hitshi's Fortress...

Hitshi: WHAT? Tojoshi, Mussolishi and Kettershi were defeated? Freiho is trying so hard to resist our rule, but we'll make sure they stay under my control! Himshi, execute... Spurdernacht!
PART 3-7

Nitori investigates a supercomputer at Mussolishi's base. Scenes of Mussolishi signing a pact with Hitshi and Tojoshi, as well as the night killings that happened play on a screen. Nitori watches the clips, shocked of the dark times in Freiho.

In Tojoshi's base, Imoko scans through data on the supercomputer there. The clips show Hitshi's troops capturing Toadette and brainwashing her into being the next Commander T, and the clip skips to a battle scene, with T electrocuting a Shy Guy to death. Imoko watches the clips, shocked at the fact that her older sister is now under Hitshi's control.

Another ominous night of burden passed by. Since Kettershi's defeat, the Shy Guys were concerned that Hitshi might be plotting a counterattack on the night. They found out that an incident occured that night, and rushed to where it happened. They spotted a spear and a grass skirt at the scene, pelted with bombshells. Seeing Peraho's dead body on the ground made everyone think - there's no way this brotherhood could survive now if what's been going on is true now. However, this could all be false as maybe there's another who he has recruited into the brotherhood still around! While the odds of that seem unlikely, one thing was for certain - only 1 of Hitshi's troops remain stationed in Saffore, and with only 3 suspects remaining, it could be a close one. However, upon looking around in the group, everyone noticed that there were only Yorckho and Bitsuho in the area. Where could have Kiroho gone...?

Without wasting much time, the two searched for him, finding him laying in his bed, resting still. Both slowly approached him, noticing that he wasn't in fact dead, but deeply sickened, that in which could have only been caused by the effects of a Poison Mushroom! Being unable to make many actions, except for pointing a finger around ever so slowly, both Yorckho and Bitsuho realized that this needed to end today, and while someone had lied about their item held, one of them was going to die...

Nitori and Imoko stare in horror of the nightmarish scene that just occurred.
PART 4-1

It didn't require much thought as to who was the final Yoshi among them. They didn't even waste any time with their vote, with Kiroho mostly out of commission, it ended off being an all-out battle between Bitsuho and Yorckho. Both went at each other, seeing as there was no other choice they could do.

Staring up from his bed, Kiroho, starting to recover slightly from his poison, reached back behind himself to reveal a koopa shell he had been carrying with him since the first day here. Looking colder now, he slowly approached both Bitsuho and Yorckho, both already tired from fighting, realizing Kiroho was out to make the final blow. Seeing this, Bitsuho seemed glad this was happening, as a smirk slowly appeared on his face. Yorckho was pleasing, however, telling Kiroho that Bitsuho was indeed a troop of Hitshi's and was simply being targeted for being sick earlier. Slowly, Kiroho took off his mask, revealing himself to be Koopschev, a Koopa working for Koopalin.

Koopschev: Oh no... I know which of you I should trust...

Using the rest of his energy the poison wasn't sapping away, Koopschev threw the shell right into Yorckho's face, sending him flying through the window of the building. He landed flat on his face, killed by the stone-hard shell thrown.

Knowing he wouldn't survive much longer after an action like that, Koopschev fell to the ground. He started breathing heavily, a clear indication on his condition. Bitsuho slowly got up, still smirking from earlier. He approached Koopschev, still weakened from the battle before.

Bitsuho: Seems you were right when you told me I could survive longer if I worked with you...

Slowly, he started to reach into his pockets for something... Out from his pockets, he brought out an antidote for the poison Koopschev had come under.

Bitsuho: We never would have been able to have defeated those Yoshi's without your help.

Bitsuho then tossed the antidote to Koopschev who, due to being in a weakened state, tried to reach out and grab it, but was unable to. Bitsuho remembered and gave him the antidote himself. Almost immediately, Koopschev got up, still tired from all that energy lost from before, but enough so he can move around fine. Both went outside to see Yorckshi who was disguised under the name "Yorckho," who's now laying dead on the ground as Koopschev's shell was completely killed him it seemed...

Koopschev quickly ran off to retrieve his lost shell, as Bitsuho suddenly realized where he'd gotten that from in the first place.

Both looked around at the now empty village... a place ruined by the Yoshi's terror, though the more Bitsuho thought, the more he was thinking how the Yoshi's didn't really do any damage to the buildings... and perhaps it's a place that could be rebuilt!

Koopschev: Well, we should get going now - that's one job done, and plenty more left to go through.

Bitsuho suddenly turned towards Koopschev, seeing him start to leave the village.

Bitsuho: But... but what about Saffore? With Hitshi defeated, don't you think it's a good idea to try and re-build the place?

??: Hitshi isn't defeated yet.

Koopschev and Bitsuho turn their heads over and spot Imoko.

Imoko: Mussolishi, Tojoshi, Kettershi, and Yorckshi were only stalling time for his army to conquer all of Freiho, as well as Koopssia and the rest of the world.  I haved informed the entire Mushroom Army about this crisis. In fact, Hitshi has turned older sister... into his own killing machine...

Koopschev: WHAT? We must warn Koopalin at once!

Koopschev and Bitsuho rush over to Koopscow to warn Koopalin.

The Toad Brigade and Deshi stationed a chunk of the Mushroom Army in every major city in Freiho. Meanwhile, Koopalin sends troops to guard Koopssia from Hitshi's forces. Nitori reaches Hitshi's Fortress and spots Yoshi and Toadumi with Jani.

Yoshi: So this is Ferri's older sister?

Toadumi: Yes, we rescued her just in time. She's in ill conditions, but we'll make sure that she reunites with Ferri.

Nitori's PDA receives a message from Imoko, who warns the group about Hitshi's plans to dominate the entire world, and how he captured and brainwashed Toadette.

Nitori: This is overkill! I will not let anyone use my friend for malicious purposes!

Nitori proceeds to infiltrate Hitshi's Fortress.

At Hitshi's Fortress...

Hitshi: These vermin have interfered with my plans, and we need to have them experience the consequences of standing against me! Execute... the final solution! Let's purify all of Freiho from these stupid vermin!

Hitshi's officers, stationed across Freiho's major cities, order troops to capture any Shy Guy or Koopa that tries to protest against Hitshi. The victims are taken to black boxes across Freiho, then as more victims arrive, the sound gas can be heard inside the boxes.

As Nitori breaks through the security of Hitshi's Fortress, she eventually reaches a wide chamber and spots a figure. The figure then turns towards Nitori and creates a bolt strike.

An alarm rings in the supercomputer, notifying that an intruder has entered the chamber. He observes Nitori and the figure from a live feed of a surveillance camera.

Hitshi: The Warhead has reached Commander T!

Commander T then charges up a dark energy blast.

Nitori: T...Toadette?
PART 4-2

Imoko is seen with a few other sisters in a base.

Imoko: Honestly, where would older sister be without us?

Hitshi observes the Mushroom Army preparing for battle.

Hitshi: We've got a few uninvited guests to our party. But what are they going to do against an experienced army?

??: You guys!

Himshi: Wh-who are they?

The Toad Brigade gathers the Mushroom Army to confront Hitshi's troops.

Viola: Those who disturb the peace of the Heiris...

Emile: And anyone who picks on Ferri!

Wolley and Yvan: I swear, on this shield...

Toad: ...that you will be brought to justice! Doesn't matter if you got Toadette out of the picture! You're still in over your head!

Yvan: So, let's do this the way Mario would.

The Mushroom Army stands against Hitshi's troops.

All: We're fighting for this world!

The Mushroom Army and Hitshi's troops engage in battle.

Nitori: Toadette! This isn't you!

Commander T fires a bolt at Nitori, who dives out of the way. Nitori continues to try to snap T out of Hitshi's control while dodging more bolts.

Nitori: You aren't a brutal killing machine! You are one Toad dedicated to justice! Hear my voice, Toadette! I'm Nitori!

In the supercomputer room, Hitshi pulls out a capsule.

Hitshi: She'll never break out of my control, Warhead.

Hitshi fills the capsule with dark energy, which gets absorbed into Commander T, who creates a katana from some of the dark energy.

Nitori: (Drat! Hitshi's in complete control over her! I guess I have no choice...) Then I'll release you from your bonds!

Commander T fires dark rings at Nitori, who grazes through. T then slashes the air, firing a dark shockwave at Nitori. Nitori uses her Extending Arm to leap over the shockwave. T leaps up in pursuit, and attempts to slash Nitori, only to get knocked back by a shot from Nitori's Hyper Cucumber.

The Mushroom Army breaks through Hitshi's troops.

Toad: Come one, come all! Through these gates, I, Toadette's herald, Toad, shall not let you set one foot!

Emile: In the meantime, Deshi will figure the rest out!

Toadiko: Do you think I'll let you lay a finger on my friends? You're a hundred years too early!

Emile: Don't let them through!

Wolley: Yeah! We need to save Ferri!

Viola: I mean, Deshi...

Emile: ...asked us to! Right?

Toad: I'm not the same Toad you're used to seeing. Because... I'm fighting... to free my friends!

As Nitori lands on the ground, T charges up dark energy in her fists and pounds the ground, creating dark flares from below, which Nitori grazes through. T then creates larger shockwaves as Nitori readies her Super Scope 3D. While dodging a shockwave, she fires a blast at T. The blast sends T crashing into the ground.

Nitori: Toadette... please remember...

Hitshi: We accounted for this possibility! Start counterstrategy H8! Unleash more dark energy on Commander T! And tell Himshi to unleash the dark mist!

Somewhere in the skies abovey Freiho, a large orb starts emitting dark mist, which disables electronic devices except those being used by Hitshi's troops, around Freiho. The Mushroom Army's communication devices start to malfunction.

More dark energy gets absorbed into Commander T, who then rushes towards Nitori and impales her with the dark energy katana. T then lobs Nitori up, then leaps up and uppercuts her, launching her higher up. T then grabs Nitori and slams her into the ground with a Yama Arashi throw. T then drives her katana down, about to finish off Nitori.

Emile: We can't get through to the other teams!

Viola: What?

Toad: We're being jammed?

Yvan: They're fighting back?

Deshi: If only a miracle happened right now...

A large drone rushes towards Deshi, but gets destroyed by an energy blast.

Sanae: We've notified the Komeiji sisters about this! They're hooking up a telepathic communication system between all of us and you!

Deshi: We knew a light would shine!

Sanae's group and Alice's group joins the Mushroom Army in plowing through Hitshi's army.

Nitori, frozen in place, opens her eyes and sees T being repelled by a barrier. She notices Reimu, who activated the barrier, as well as Mario, Luigi, and Marisa.
Grand Final Fantasy - Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly
Marisa fires a pulse at Nitori, healing her.

Marisa: As if anyone could kill a kappa!

Reimu: Nitori, go! We'll help restore your friend!

Nitori rushes out to confront Hitshi.

Reimu: Now, time to cleanse you from that corrupt being!

Reimu, Marisa, Mario, and Luigi leap into the air. Mario and Luigi fire Firebrand and Thunderhand at T. Reimu swoops towards T while Marisa fires a bolt of fire at T, then jets with her broomstick. Reimu then kicks T up to the air and fires Hakurei Amulets at T, while Marisa flies up and fires a Master Spark at T. Reimu then summons an energy beam directly above T, followed by Marisa charging into T with her broomstick. The attacks knock T down. The four then proceed to find a way to remove Hitshi's control from T.

Hitshi: So you've finally come, Warhead. Well, say goodbye to this world, because you'll never see any of it the same way again!

Nitori: The Shy Guys of Freiho... they seek prosperity and happiness... I will not let the world crumble into your fiendish hands!
PART 4-3

Hitshi summons dark mist and morphs it into a large grappling hook to apprehend Nitori.

Hitshi: So you're the one that's been trying to stop me from achieving absolute control.

Hitshi begins to tighten his grip on Nitori.

Hitshi: All of these vermin from Freiho shall learn from their past crimes of exisiting. And to think that a puny kappa could dare stand up for them... I will send all of you vermin to the wasteland!

Hitshi's words have reached Mario, Luigi, Reimu, Marisa, and Toadette, who has snapped out of Hitshi's control, through Nitori's phone. The five are near the orb expelling the dark mist.

Toadette: Vermin or not... we're not any of those!

Nitori: Is that... Toadette?

Hitshi: What? How could she break free from my control?

The five then charge up their attacks.

Toadette: You keep your hands... off of my friends!

The five fire a group attack at the orb, destroying it. The grappling hook disintegrates, freeing Nitori.

Hitshi: NOOOO!

Hitshi and Nitori fight. Hitshi fires dark orbs at Nitori, who grazes through them. Nitori fires shots from her Hyper Cucumber. The two trade blows.

Hitshi: Fine, then. I'll send you to your oblivion!

Hitshi pulls off a dark Super Scope 3D and charges it.

Hitshi: I built this after analyzing your battle data! It's even more powerful than your Super Scope!

Nitori: Those civilians of Freiho that you call "vermin"... How much do you have to pity yourself to redirect much resentment onto others?

Hitshi: Super Youkai Warhead, here, you are nothing more than data! Yes, data, with a smart mouth!

Nitori: Freiho is a marvelous place for civilians to be who they are.

Nitori charges up her Super Scope 3D.

Nitori: I can do things together with everyone else that I could not do on my own. And that...

Hitshi: You are not civilians! You're just vermin! That is what Freiho is!

Nitori: mine, and mine alone!

The two then fire blasts from their Super Scope 3Ds at each other. Nitori's blast eventually overcomes Hitshi's blast, and strikes Hitshi, knocking him down. He reaches out towards a large red button on a control panel and strikes it.

Hitshi: I may die, but I'll be taking every one of you with me!

Somewhere in space, a missile fires, heading towards the Mushroom World. Hitshi then fades into the darkness.

Nitori: (He's got one last resort? I'm not able to stop this... by myself anyway.)

BGM: Connect (by ClariS)

I won't forget the promise we made
I'll close my eyes and ascertain it
Shaking off the darkness that closed in on me, I advance on

Nitori finds the communication transmitter, and sets it for all civilians of Freiho to reach.

When can I see again here
the future that I lost?
Again and again, I'll tear apart the shadow of distress that spilled out
and walk on in this world

Nitori: Civilians of Freiho, I request your help. I want to help you overcome Hitshi's rule.

The time that ticked away ceaselessly now announces the beginning
Putting my unchanging feelings into it
I'll open the closed door

Nitori: Hitshi has launched a missile that will end all of this world's existence, but I'm sure we can overcome this massive weapon.

My heart awoke to draw the future where I'd start running
Even if I come to a standstill on a difficult road
The sky is always waiting for me in a beautiful blue
So I'm not scared
By now, no matter what happens, I won't get disheartened

Nitori: Freiho has suffered long, burdenous hardships under Hitshi's rule. If we all stand up for justice and all aspire to make Freiho a better place, we can overcome his evil ways. If we hope with all our hearts, all of us can save this world! So don't lose hope. Make your dreams become reality!

When I look back, I had friends
When I noticed it, I was gently embraced
In the world where just about everything is twisted
Having the single place here I can believe in saved me

In a house, a Shy Guy creates a wish after hearing Nitori's speech.

Shy Guy: I want Freiho to be a better place! Hitshi, your reign will end!

Sharing both joy and sadness, our feelings grow stronger
If my voice can reach you
Then I can certainly create a miracle, right?

More Shy Guys are seen creating wishes to make Freiho a better place.

I won't forget the promise we made
I'll close my eyes and ascertain it
Shaking off the darkness that closed in on me, I advance on
Because no matter how great of a wall there is
I'll show you I'll overcome it, so I'll certainly
believe in tomorrow and pray

Deshi and WRG are seen at the meeting hall.

Deshi: That voice... She was the one that defeated Hitshi.

WRG: The Super Youkai Warhead?

Deshi: Nitori. And she's calling us to not lose hope on saving Freiho from a destructive missile.

Deshi and WRG cast their wishes.

Wandering through this broken world
I reached it as though I was drawn towards it

Everyone's wishes reach Nitori in the form of specks of light. They combine into one huge orb of light, which envelopes Nitori and turns her clothes, cap, and backpack gold. Nitori glows light as she powers up.

My heart awoke to draw the future where I'd start running
Even if I come to a standstill on a difficult road
The sky is always waiting for me in a beautiful blue
So I'm not scared
By now, no matter what happens, I won't get disheartened
Forever waiting for tomorrow

Nitori turns on her Sanpei Fighter and rockets towards the missile. When she reaches it, she pulls out her Super Scope 3D, which also turns gold. She turns upside down and fires a hyper-charged blast at the missile, destroying it. She then rockets back to Freiho.

The civilians watch with awe at Nitori's destroying of the missile. They gather in Heiris awaiting her, when she lands by crashing on the ground on her feet, not harming anyone. The crowd cheers. Deshi and WRG arrive at the scene.

Deshi: For liberating all of Freiho from Hitshi's reign of terror, I present you this.

Deshi gives Nitori a medal for her heroic acts. Mario, Luigi, Reimu, Marisa, Yoshi, Toadumi, Imoko, Jani, Ferri, Alice's group, Sanae's group, the Toad Brigade, and Toadette arrive at the scene.

Imoko: So older sister did manage to break free, and redeem herself.

Nitori: Toadette!

Nitori rushes towards Toadette. Toadette notices Nitori and rushes towards her.

Nitori: It's all over... We... won the war.

Toadette: To think that all of Freiho can now achieve its dream of happiness and prosperity... I couldn't express my words on how to thank you for this...

Nitori: It's okay. All that matters is that this place is now free. Nothing will seperate us from being close friends!

Nitori and Toadette then hug each other as the crowd cheers. The crowd then gathers around Nitori and lifts her up with joy, while Nitori is seen with eyes closed and a huge smile.

Special thanks to YMan, Slacker, Sashe, Billy, Luigifan, Yoshidude, Koshi, Unknown, and H-J for making this story a reality.

Definitely odd! Why'd you put it in a script sort of format, though? At some points it reads a lot like a script to a play. :p