The Chronicles of Hitshi: The Retribution

DAY 1: All Rosed Up

It seems as though everyone thought it to be too dangerous to go with a lynch on the first day, and so they decided to post-pone it until the very next day. As the sun sets, the Shy Guys all return to their places, unaware of the terrors that will come out during the night...

*Toadette infiltrates a place filled with nails*

Toadette: So one of the culprits must be here somewhere....

??: So you're that lowlife coming to get me?

*Rosa approaches Toadette*

Rosa: You won't be able to beat me. I've got plenty of power given by Hitshi.

Toadette: Let's see about that!

*Toadette and Rosa fight, trading hits. Toadette eventually defeats Rosa with a final Toadette Shock, and Rosa drops a Crystal Key.*

Toadette: Looks like I'll be using these keys once again to defeat Hitshi. I wonder how everyone in Heiris is doing... I hope they're OK.

*The sun sets*

NIGHT 1: Fern's Optical Camouflage

*Toadette reaches the area of the next crystal key, one of Hitshi's abandoned military bases. After breaking through the security, Toadette confronts Fern.*

Fern: It's too late. My orders have already been fulfilled.

Toadette: So you're the one responsible for the construction of Hitshi's battle forces? Why would such a good Toad do that?

Fern: I now serve to great Hitshi, and to make sure that his plans don't get interfered, I will kill you.

*Fern slashes Toadette with a leaf blade, and the two fight. Toadette eventually uses Toadette Blaze and defeats Fern, who drops the second Crystal Key.*

Toadette: How can my friends be working for that atrocity?

Meanwhile, at the base...

Deshi: OK, we've got two culprits down.

WRG: Good work, Toadette. Seems like the army really isn't invincible after all, though we're still struggling...

Yoshi: I wonder... what's that shadow passing by one of the houses?

Meanwhile, at a Polit Guy's house...

*One of Hitshi's Yoshis, named Romshi, snuck up and infiltrated the house. As soon as he spotted the Polit Guy, he grabbed his shotgun, then fired, killing the Polit Guy. Romshi quietly exits the house.*

DAY 2: Letter to Never be Returned

After what had seemed to be a very long night, everyone woke up to see the shining sun rise above everyone from the gloomy night before.
After looking around to make sure everyone was alright, someone suddenly noticed that ERS did not get up yet. When everyone went to examine him, they realized that someone had smothered him in his sleep. By his bed was some file reports explaining about Hitshi...

*Toadette enters the murder site and finds ERS's dead body*

Toadette: No...this can't be...

*Toadette approaches an abandoned air force site*

??: That's as far as you go.

*Toadette looks around and spots Viola, waiting*

Toadette: Viola! You were such a good Toad, why'd you have to do this?

Viola: Shut up and die!

*Viola fires acid-filled water, narrowly missing Toadette. The two fight, and Toadette eventually uses Toadette Freeze and defeats Viola, who drops a Crystal Key. Toadette returns to Heiris*

In Heiris...

The town burst into an uproar over ERS's murder. A suspect named MA was called to the gallows for lynching for his suspicious talking. MA looks around and spots an angry mob, then realizes that everyone wants him gone.

KPQ: Carry on.

One of the Shy Guys came and cut the rope. MA was executed. The Shy Guys then took his badge, realizing that he was one of Heiris's Shy Guys. The group was astonished and left, worried about their war with Hitshi.

Toadette: No...this can't be happening already...
NIGHT 2: Sticky Fire

*Toadette enters an abandoned weapons maintenance shop and spots Emile*

Emile: That's the last you'll go before you become stuck forever!

Toadette: How about if I stick a shock at you?

*Emile and Toadette fight, Emile eventually gets defeated by a Toadette Shock and drops a Crystal Key*

Meanwhile, at a house...

*Romshi infiltrates another house, murdering a Shy Guy during the infiltration before leaving*
DAY 3: Explosive Mushrooms

*Toadette's chat device rings*

Deshi: We seem to be getting some information. Hitshi must have been revived in some way! We have to stop him for the sake of Heiris!

*Toadette infiltrates an explosives storage center, eventually confronting Wolley.

Wolley: This is your last step. Now explode with the rest of the weapons!

Toadette: Not before you go down first!

*Toadette and Wolley fight. Toadette dodges Wolley's bolt before defeating him with Toadette Blaze. Wolley drops a Crystal Key.*

Meanwhile, in Heiris...

KPQ: Bring the suspect here.

*A suspect named DN was called for lynching. As the rope was cut, the executors turned over DN's body, realizing that DN was one of Heiris's Shy Guys.*

Toadette: No...just no...

NIGHT 3: Fading Spectrum

*Toadette explores a crystal cave, eventually meeting up with Yvan.

Yvan: These crystals have detected an intruder. Under their command, I must exterminate you.

Toadette: Not before your dark spectrum fades away!

*Toadette and Yvan fight. Toadette eventually defeats Yvan with a Toadette Shock. Yvan then drops a Crystal Key.*

Meanwhile, at a third house...*

*Romshi breaks into the house, killing the Shy Guy resident there and looting the house before leaving.*

DAY 4: Factory Crisis

*Toadette infiltrates a factory, eventually confonting Burgundy after getting past the security forces.

Burgundy: You will not continue on. I have been sent to put an end to your progress.

Toadette: Not before I put you out of your hostility!

*Burgundy throws saw blades at Toadette but misses. Toadette and Burgundy fight, with Burgundy eventually being defeated and dropping a Crystal Key.*

Meanwhile in Heiris...

*GD was called for lynching. He tried to explain his views, but no one listened. After the rope was cut, his body was shown to the crowd, and he was shown to be one of Heiris's Shy Guys.*

NIGHT 4: Icy Cosmos View

*Toadette navigates through a military base in an icy island, confronting Saffron.

Saffron: I must stop you from getting all of the keys. I will not let you unseal the barrier!

Toadette: Saffron, I will defeat Hitshi, even if it means getting through you first!

*Toadette uses a Toadette Shock as Saffron charges toward her with an energy blast. Toadette eventually uses a final Toadette Shock, defeats Saffron, and takes the Crystal Key*

Meanwhile, at a fourth house...

*Romshi infiltrates the house and murders the Shy Guy there, before looting it and leaving*

PART 9: Illusionary Leadership

*Toadette explores a palace of illusions, confronting Skye.*

Toadette: Skye! I will not let you cause any more destruction here!

Skye: So you've come... Eight guardians have been defeated... I am the last one left to dispose of you... Now I will not let anyone interfere with our plans!

Toadette: Why? Why would you serve such an oppressive dictator like Hitshi?

Skye: He is supreme over all other Yoshis, and only he can bring Yoshi's Island in total control. Now say goodbye to your friends as the island is bowing down to its new emperor!

*Skye charges a Skye Shock, while Toadette counters with her own Toadette Shock. After a series of trading hits, Skye is defeated by a final Toadette Shock, dropping the last Crystal Key*

Meanwhile, at Heiris...

Deshi: This isn't good... All of our high servants are dead! What are we gonna do now?

*Toadette appears in front of Deshi with the nine Crystal Keys*

Toadette: It has been my duty to free my friends from brainwashing, and now it is time to face off in another battle with Hitshi. You go defend the island from his forces. I'll settle this war and bring Hitshi to his rightful place.

WRG: I count on you... hero of Heiris....

Deshi: I'll make sure that Heiris's civilians are safe! For the fate of Heiris is in our hands!

*Toadette approaches a pedestal, and the nine Crystal Keys emit beams of light toward each other, revealing a portal which Toadette enters*

WRG: Heiris... is in your hands...

At an area outside Heiris...

*Deshi spots an army of Hitshi's Yoshis, White Shy Guys, and battle drones commanded by Romshi, and prepares to give orders to his own army of Yoshis, Shy Guys, and battle drones*

Romshi: Send these fools to oblivion!

Deshi: Let's show these opressive beings the power of justice!

*Romshi's army and Deshi's army battle. Romshi's army gets the upper hand initially. Deshi pulls out his portable voice transmitter.*

Deshi: We need some backup! These foes are very strong!

??: On our way!

PART 10: Ascending to the Elites

*As Toadette explores the other side of the portal, her voice transmitter rings. She hears Toad's voice.*

Toad: I've got the weakness of Hitshi all figured out! In order to hinder his power, you must use the Crystal Keys! Toadette...

*Static starts to sound*

Toad: please...for all of Heiris...I'm...counting on you...

*Transmission lost*

Toadette: Toad!

*As Toadette approaches the fortress, Hitshi's air bombers drop bombs and missles, and sentry droids shoot bullets and fire bolts to prevent Toadette from infiltrating it, however they are frozen by Toadette Freeze. Soldiers are shocked by Toadette Shock, while landmines are cleared by Toadette Blaze. Toadette then uses glue shots and a hovering device to ascend the fortress, jumping over floor traps. A thunderstorm happens while Toadette scales through treadmill platforms. Toadette eventually confronts Captain Goebshi.*

Goebshi: You're one persistent irritant, beating your friends. But this is as far as you go. Now you will not go any further!

*Goebshi starts to shoot Toadette, who dodges through the bullets. Toadette then fires a Toadette Shock and defeats Goebshi.*

PART 11: Major Water Dungeon

*Toadette infiltrates more of the castle, pushing her way through more sentry robots before reaching a dungeon filled with water. She swims her way through Hitshi's naval defenses, then confronts Major Gorshi after ascending back to land in another area of the fortress*

Gorshi: You may have defeated Goebshi, but that's all you'llever do! Now face my power!

*Gorshi shoots Toadette, who dodges the energy shots. Toadette and Gorshi fight, and Gorshi is eventually defeated by a Toadette Shock.*

PART 12: The Mysterious Commander

*Toadette infiltrates more of the castle, pushing her way through more sentry robots and some of Hitshi's Yoshis before finding a mysterious being with Colonel Himshi.*

Himshi: Hmph. So she arrives.

Toadette: Who are you?

Himshi: Your friends have been defeated by you... No matter! I'll have this being bring you to doom. Commander T, dispose of this enemy!

T: Ugh...

Toadette: Who could you be? And why are you doing this?

T: Don't come near me...

Toadette: But...

*Himshi exits the room*

T: I said don't come near me!!! Argh!!!

*T throws fireballs at Toadette. Toadette dodges, and the two fight. T is eventually defeated with a Toadette Shock.*

T: Well, I guess I'm weaker than I thought... I'm... sorry...

At the battlefield...

Yoshi: Don't give up now... Toadette will save us...

Deshi: I have faith she'll save the entire universe, but right now we need a miracle.

*Just then, strikes of ice, electricity, fire, water, and energy blasts strike Hitshi's army, then nine Toads approach the battle. The Toad Brigade has snapped out of their brainwashing!*

Skye: One miracle, coming right up.

Saffron: Mind if we cut in?

Soldier: Just to be sure - these figures... shoot or no shoot?

Deshi: No shoot! No shoot! Skye! Wh- How?!

Skye: The Crystal Keys seemed to have eliminated Hitshi's influence from us when Toadette acquired them from us. WRG put in the call to us after Toadette went through the portal. We'll help gend off Hitshi's army while Toadette infiltrates his fortress to defeat him. You go help her stop him!

*Skye opens a portal to Hitshi's fortress. Yoshi and Deshi enter it and proceed to infiltrate the fortress.*

PART 13: The Fate of the Island

*Toadette infiltrates more of the castle, pushing her way through more sentry robots, reaching an area with nine teleporters open and a tenth sealed up. She enters one of them, battling more sentry robots, confronting an advanced battle droid containing Rosa's battle data. The two fight, and the droid was short-circuited by a Toadette Shock. Toadette defeats more battle droids with the Toad Brigade's data then enters the now unsealed teleporter, battling more sentry robots and confronting Himshi.*

Himshi: You insolent fool. Do you see how Hitshi is the superior ruler of Yoshi's Island!? Why don't you wake up!?

Toadette: What!?

Himshi: Now it is time for your destruction!

*Himshi fires energy blasts at Toadette. Toadette dodges, and the two fight. Himshi is eventually defeated with a Toadette Shock.*

Himshi: No.... Why can't I defeat her?

*Hitshi appears*

Hitshi: This is amusing... It really is the one...

Toadette: Hitshi!

Hitshi: Your friends have helped me fulfill my duties to gain power. They did good jobs as my servants!

Toadette: Why you...!

Hitshi: Now it's time to have Yoshi's Island crumble under the might of its new emperor!

Toadette: No! I'll never let you do that!

*Hitshi grows into a dark shadowy self*

Hitshi: Feel my incredible power! Be crushed along with the rest of your inferior beings!

*The Crystal Keys surround Toadette, who absorbs the energy and gains power from them, turning into Superstar Toadette. Hitshi fires a dark aura blast at Toadette, who dodges it. The two fight, and Hitshi is nearly out of energy.*


*Toadette raises her arms, a beam of light appears, and a barrage of meteors fall from it at Hitshi, defeating him. Hitshi starts to disintegrate.*

Hitshi: No... I am the ultimate ruler! I will get my revenge! Gaaaaaah!

*Hitshi disintegrates, and the fortress rumbles. Toadette rushes out, and is joined by Yoshi and Deshi, who help her escape.*

Deshi: Over here!

*The three enter an escape hatch, with dark energy pulling against them. Just as they were exiting, the energy hole increased its pull. T appears and carries the three out.*

Toadette: T... Who could you be...?

*T removes his mask, revealing himself to be Toad*

Toadette: So... you were brainwashed too?

Toad: Yes. But as soon as Hitshi was defeated, his power left me and I had to make sure you were alright.

Toadette: Thank goodness... Everyone should be victorious by now...

At the battlefield...

Romshi: It's no use! Retreat!

*Romshi's army flees. Toadette, Toad, Yoshi, and Deshi appear. The soldiers and the Toad Brigade cheer as the four approach them.*

Skye: T...T...TOADETTE!

*Skye rushes over and hugs Toadette, with the other members of the Toad Brigade surrounding the two.

Toadette: Everyone... You're safe... Thank you for contributing and helping me bring Yoshi's Island to peace...

Deshi: Well, that's another conflict resolved by our heroes.

WRG: This deserves a special landmark dedicated to the heroism that everyone contributed to! All of Yoshi's Island will be thankful for these heroic deeds! May Yoshi's Island continue to be such a marvelous place!

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