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Berrylarry200 said:
I was thinking of going around in a pentagon shape on the northern part of our island so after we circle those spaces which island should we go to next? I would like everyone's opinions of they have any.
I'm going with this but I'm a bit worried about Sushi Boy's direction. If he takes another right I guess he's after us.

But taking all the spaces around us is a good idea. Heading for Sushi can makes us vulnerable to HBK. If we head for HBK we are vulnerable to Sushi. So I guess it's best to stay around our castle for the future. When we gain power we move out.

Feedback? Please comment.
Jolly Roger Bay
Diving into the bay, you find elusive Red Coins that can be used to buy Special Items! However, you encounter some fiesty Mimic Chests that won't let you steal their coins! You can choose to fight or swim for safety; however, there is only a 50% chance you escape if you choose the latter.

Make a choice please...
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