T.P.A.M. (The Person After Me)


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You have to say something that is completely random about the next person that's going to post after you.
Then the next poster has to reply to that statement whether you do or you don't.

Post 1: TPAM likes Mario
Post 2: True, I do like Mario or False, I like Luigi instead
          TPAM thinks Mario Party 9 is better than Mario Party 8.
Post 3: True, the minigames and boards are amazing!

It's simple really. Now give it a try. :3


T.P.A.M. likes to battle against brutal players on Mario Party 7.
Partly true. When he's an NPC, a power up (or a downloadable character like Mario Tennis Open), he's awesome. When he's a seperate playable character (like Mario Kart 7), I get mad.

T.P.A.M has yellow as his favorite Yoshi color. (In other words, out of all colors Yoshi has been you like Yellow)

Darn, can't word it in a simple way. Well, hope you get what I mean.