Super Mario: Legend of the Mushroom Kingdom

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Here's a banner I made for the story:
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Chapter 7 - Brave Souls and Heavy Tolls
A tunnel of air wisped through the well as Yoshi’s ground pound met Slammer Bro’s head right on the mark, causing them both to fall back down to the bottom in disarray. It was a lucky save, and Luigi wasn’t far behind. Given this perfect timing and opportunity, Luigi slid on the ground, also making contact with Slammer Bro and knocking the Power Key out of the monster’s hands and onto the ground near Peach.

With no second thoughts, Peach grabbed the Power Key and escaped from the well by floating upwards with her umbrella, passing the jumble of bodies on her way. Infuriated, Slammer Bro stood up and knocked Luigi and Yoshi out of the way. He quickly returned to his wall jumping and was soon in pursuit of the princess. Luigi and Yoshi knew that Peach could not fight him off on her own, so Luigi climbed on top of Yoshi and Yoshi used a massive jump to exit the well that had been a hotspot for disaster over the past few hours.

Upon exiting, Luigi saw that Slammer Bro had the princess cornered at the Item Shop a couple hundred yards away, he advanced as quickly as possible while watching the situation unfold. Panic-stricken, Peach ran inside the item shop to get away from her enemy. Anticipating this, Slammer Bro pulled himself inside his shell and slide knocking Princess Peach of off her feet. Somehow, the princess managed to hold on to the key, but it was to no avail—Slammer Bro swept her up and ran inside the abandoned item shop regardless. The metallic monster managed to close the door right as Yoshi (with Luigi on his back) barreled into the storefront.

Yoshi backed up and started to charge once again, this time breaking down the door. No one was blocking the door though. Easily, Yoshi broke in, followed by Luigi, but there was no one in sight. It’s not like there was anywhere to hide... except for the storeroom in the back of the shop. As quietly as possible, Yoshi started to charge up while Luigi opened the door. The duo stopped short though when they saw that the only person in the back storeroom was the princess herself, barring the Power Key.

That’s when the old wooden floor of the shop began to catch on fire; first Luigi fell through the poorly structured floor, then Yoshi. Slammer Bro’s plan worked to perfection—the entire time he was hiding under the store’s floor in the very small basement space, and used a fire flower to set the floor on fire, causing Luigi and Yoshi to fall. With Power Key in hand, the Bro shot out of the Item Shop as Luigi and Yoshi fell. Luigi turned to Yoshi.

“Stay here with the princess, I’ll go after him,” and with one swift movement, Luigi jumped on Yoshi’s back, allowing Yoshi to catapult Luigi out of the shop’s open door.

Surveying his scene, Luigi knew he didn’t have much time to think, or else he would lose the first Power Key that everyone had worked so hard to retrieve. Out of the corner of his eye, Luigi saw a twinkle to his right and immediately started sprinting in its direction. Fortunately, that twinkle Luigi saw was actually the Power Key. To his surprise though, the Power Key was just sitting atop a random house on the edge of Toad Town. Luigi was at odds, it definitely had to be a trap, it’s not like Slammer Bro would just accidentally leave such a valuable item sitting in plain sight like that. The problem was, though, that Luigi didn’t really have any other choice except to go for it. Sure, he could’ve thought up a plan of some sort or scouted the area to see if the monster was hiding out somewhere, but that would’ve lost him precious time. That time being even more precious if this key sitting on the rooftop turned out to be a fake.

Luigi quietly moved to a small alleyway in between two houses and decided to take a quick peek to his left and right to see if he could spot any potential dangers. To his immediate left was a “? Block,” which he decided to let be because of how risky it was. To his right was an evacuated inn, which posed no real threat. Taking a deep breath, Luigi backed up before taking off running towards the Power Key.

He only made it a foot off the ground before the “? Block” slammed into him, completely changing his course.


“Thank you, Yoshi, but we should really go and find Luigi. I’m sure he could use our help,” the princess whispered softly. Hopping up on Yoshi, they exited the Item Shop and also headed toward the sparkling object in the distance, which seemed to be the center of commotion. Princess Peach and Yoshi had just made it in time to see a Metal Box jump out of the “? Block,” transform into Slammer Bro, and smack Luigi with a metal hammer midair—sending him crashing against the wall of a Toad Inn.

“Luigi!” Peach screamed.

Luigi got up from his dazed state for a few seconds only to barely evade Slammer Bro’s second attack. The plumber was groggy and dazed, but he thought of a plan and now was the time. For a brief moment, Slammer Bro’s hammer was stuck in the wall, Luigi took this opportunity to climb to the top of house with the Power Key on it, and kick the key over to Peach and Yoshi.

“Get out of here. I’ll distract him long enough for you two to safely get away and protect the key.” Peach hesitated and looked at Luigi with a worried stare. Luigi reassured he, “Go!”

With that final command, Yoshi snatched up the Power Key with his tongue and took off faster than ever back to the Mushroom Kingdom, kicking up mists of dust as he furiously moved his legs. Neither he nor Peach knew how long Luigi would be able to hold off the menace that was Slammer Bro.

Author’s Note: It’s been a while since last chapter, it’s just hard to write this much for a chapter sometimes and I’m always busy during the summer. Anyway, this is basically like a “follow the leader” type of chapter. There’s been a lot of fighting in the previous chapters so I had the main focus of the chapter be the chase. This was a tough chapter, several times I would go back and delete paragraphs because I wasn't happy with the delivery or the way things happened. In the end though, I'm extremely pleased with how this chapter turned out, I hope you all enjoy it too.

Next chapter is a Mario chapter and those are pretty fun, so hopefully I’m quicker with that.

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I'm glad you all enjoyed this story and I'm very proud of the progress I made with it. Unfortunately, I literally have no idea what's going on in it anymore haha and I lost all the notes I had for this regarding the plot and hints I left in the first post. I would like to thank everyone for the great support though and if anyone has any ideas on what to do with this story, I'd be happy to hear them.