Super Mario: Legend of the Mushroom Kingdom


:: / Description
It appears as though trouble is amuck in the Mushroom Kingdom once again. Bowser is coming up with some crazy plan for world domination and Mario--the hero--is no where to be found! Soon the crew sets out to blindly find keys, along the way facing many dangers and learning that each person possesses a certain skill that is crucial in their quest. What is Bowser up to now? Will Mario's closest friends be able to save both him and the world? And what really happened to the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!?

:: / Character Bios

The renowned hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario constantly fights to help others and to thwart Bowser's plans. As of late, Mario has not been involved in any adventures, finally enjoying the peace in his life. However, this time around he is the one who is kidnapped and will need to endanger himself once again in order to save everyone.


One of the less reputable members of the crew, Luigi has been known to be cowardly in intense situations. With age though, he has become a hardened soldier and protector of the Mushroom Kingdom, like his older brother. He stills lives an underdog story though with no one truly believing that he alone can fight great forces of evil. When Mario is kidnapped, Luigi takes it very personally, seeking both vengeance and a sense of respect from his community.


Constantly getting kidnapped, life has been very tough on the princess for the past few years. Princess Peach has had many nightmares about strange things recently because of all the trauma that she has been through. After everything Mario has sacrificed for her, she is determined to find soulmate and help Luigi. She is very important as this entire adventure hinges on her knowledge; if she disappears or is kidnapped, it could be the end of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom.


Mario's fun-loving companion, he is an invaluable member of the team that will go to extraordinary lengths to protect his owner. In addition to hellping with travel, Yoshi can be fierce in fights and is quick beyond belief. However, his spirit and protectiveness catches up to him sometimes and may end up putting himself and the entire group in danger.

E. Gadd

Quirky and knowledgeable, the professor has only played a minor role in helping out so far, but is constantly producing new technology for Mario and his gang. His information and research always turns out to be extremely valuable...

No Picture Available
A trainer of the dojo that Mario trained in when he was called upon to defeat Smithy's gang. He is a very wise person and physically sharp, but has recently been disgraced from his village for unknown reasons. Jinx is able to compensate for his small stature with stealth and quick reactions. While his intentions for everything he does is unclear, they appear to be beneficial to Mario and his gang.​

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Chapter 1 - Where's Mario?
Chapter 2 - Power Key Problem
Chapter 3 - The Dark Night
Chapter 4 - Troubles in Toad Town
Chapter 5 - The Underground (Part I)
Chapter 6 - The Underground (Part II) feat. Saxprodigee
Chapter 7 - Brave Souls and Heavy Tolls

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(4.01.12) Hey everyone, I've decided to give this writing thing a try. I'm on spring break right now, so I'll be pretty frequent in writing chapters for it.
Reviews are appreciated, I'm just bored and thought I'd do something (somewhat) productive with my free time.

I've already written a few things and I more or less just want to get them posted, so this first post is going to be pretty lackluster, but I hope you guys don't mind me reserving this post for organizing the story and stuff at a later date. First chapter will be up shortly. Second and third chapters may follow a little later depending on how ambitious I am.

(4.06.12) Chapters will be less frequent (not that I was churning butter here) until my semester is over probably. Not giving up on this, but now I have a lot of work to budget my time with.

(6.04.12) Just put up a few chapters, I'm pretty busy with the mafia games so I may not be able to post a whole lot but I'll write when I can. Also had my first featured writer and it was a great success; I'll definitely look to collab with Sax and others some time in the future.

Chapter 1 – Where’s Mario?
Peach looked around in a distressed frenzy. After recovering from her foggy awakening, she discovered that she was locked inside of a jail cell. Her heart sank, realizing that the infamous Bowser had kidnapped her once again. Unsure of what to do, she glanced around her cell once more. It was dark—only lit by torchlight—but still light enough to see in. The floor was somewhat damp and the entire area had an uncomfortable feeling.

The loud banging of steps caught Peach’s attention. Bowser came stomping down in the usual look-at-me-I’m-a-bad-guy fashion. Smiling sweetly at her, he didn’t say a thing for a long while. Confused, Peach couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Why are you doing this to me again? Say something!” Peach screamed. However, no return was delivered, instead Bowser gave her another sly grin and turned toward the single torch. Bowser’s appearance confirmed what Peach had already thought: she was being held in Bowser’s dungeon in his “secret lair” which changed constantly. Adhering to normal standards, there were a few more prisoner cells in addition to hers, but none of which actually contained any other prisoners.  Why would Bowser even need those? she thought to herself.

With no warning, Bowser blew out the lone torch giving some sort of life to the dungeon and then proceeded to walk up to the top of the stairs. Before making his dramatic exit though, Bowser decided to speak up, in a cryptic voice.

“The tables have turned. You need to see through the eyes of someone else in order to save the ones you love. If only all the Toads and Koopas hadn’t united together. I just wish I had been stronger for a second longer. I’m sure Mario will have fun looking up at the stars though.” Bowser laughed and finally exited the room, closing the door and creating a shuddering silence.

After a few minutes of silence, the room illuminated via light from the other cells. Peach could distinctly see five other prison cells now, except now she could see that there was something in each one. The bright light emanating from each cell soon became over-whelming but she could make out the shapes of the figures imprisoned, although barely. They looked like keys, which was odd enough, and soon became even odder when the keys began to start talking.

“I heard Toad Town is a nice place to visit. Everything there is so pleasant, I hope it doesn’t go under,” said the first key.

“It has to be better than this dry place, I’d leave but I’m trapped. I’m up to my head in trouble,” said the second key.

“Sorry about that, but I have no complaints. I may not have many visitors, but who needs visitors with all this fresh fruit?” said the third key.

“I’m… so… cold… and this loud booming is giving me headaches,” said the fourth key.

“I think it’s obvious what my situation is,” chuckled the fifth key. And with that, all of the bright lights came to a halt and quickly faded away, leaving Peach alone in the dark once again. Too weirded out to even think, Peach backed away from the prison bars to sit down, only to slip on a wet spot and hit her head.


Peach awoke in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. A thousand thoughts raced through her head, wondering if she was ok or if anything had happened while she was lying in her prison cell unconscious. Fortunately though, when she turned over, she felt a reassuring softness. Like the covers back at her home in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle. She wondered if Bowser had done this for her, except when she opened her eyes, she was no longer in a prison cell. She was in her familiar room, right next to the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. It was another nightmare. Peach had a few nightmares recently, but none as vivid as the one she just had. As she rolled over to she if she woke Mario with all of her commotion, she felt nothing. In a sudden rush of panic, Peach sat up and looked around their room; however, he was nowhere to be found.

“Mario?” she whispered, hoping for some sort of response. All hope was lost though, Mario was gone. Frantically she called for Toadsworth and then started looking around the room for some sort of clue.

“What is going on, Princess?” Toadsworth asked as he breathlessly arrived at the doorway. Peach did not hear him though, as she was reading an anonymous note that she just found. Clueless, tired, and confused, Peach read the note aloud:
“I am sorry for taking Mario, but you must come and find him in order for the world to be saved. Follow your dreams, Peach. Follow your dreams.”

Author’s Note: I wasn’t sure if this was more of a prologue or an intro chapter, so I just made it the first chapter. This is an incredibly confusing chapter and most of it won’t make sense until I write a little more. It should have definitely been accompanied with Chapter 2 so people don’t get too confused, but I need a little break. This chapter is mostly for setting up things that happen much later on in the story. Sorry about that haha.

At least you’re introduced to my writing style and a few key characters!
Like I said in the previous post, chapter 2 will probably be up tonight. Stay tuned.
And thanks for the support HJ lol
Chapter 2 - Power Key Problem
Luigi came as soon as he heard the news. Feeling partially at fault, Peach pulled out all the stops, including calling E. Gadd, Yoshi, and Toadsworth in addition to the flurrying Luigi. Peach was overcome with grief and helplessness, but did her best to try to hold it all together. All five met in the main dining hall where they all partook in a heated discussion.

Nervous, Luigi started off, “Mario is never kidnapped. Whoever done this must’ve been really good. I don’t think we’ll be able to stop him.”

“The note that was left for the Princess didn’t sound threatening though,” offered Toadsworth.

“YOSHI yoshi YOSHI,” suggested Yoshi.

“That’s a little extreme Yoshi. However, while the note did not sound threatening, we are basically being asked for a ransom. We will have to perform an action for this mystery person in order to get Mario back, or else who knows what will happen to Mario,” Professor E. Gadd explained to the group.

“What do you think the note means, my highness? By follow your dreams?” asked Toadsworth, clearly aware of Peach’s current disturbed state. Peach just looked up at Toadsworth, clearly frightened. She then turned to the professor, ignoring Toadsworth’s question and asked him:

“Professor, do you know anything about special keys that might be lying around the world? Something that Bowser may be after?” inquired the Princess, quietly.

E. Gadd gave her a discerning look. “Well it’s actually quite an interesting story, though I’m unsure how you came to these findings considering that these discoveries were made very recently. Regardless, if we’re on the same page, our scientists at the Mushroom Kingdom have found a new pulsating power source on our radars. Logically, we call them Power Keys, and as of right now, we have received signals from four different locations, so I’m assuming that there are only four—“

“There’s five, but please continue,” interjected Peach.

“Of course. So now I’m assuming there are five keys in existence. Like I said, each of these keys is exhibiting an extraordinary amount of power and will most likely be sought after by Bowser and his goons if they find out—which is why we’re keeping this top secret. Just having one key alone can double strength and star power instantly, making it obvious why it would be troublesome for a dangerous character to have ownership over all five. Considering the potential of these Power Keys, our team did some research and came up with no solid evidence. However, I did find a log from many years ago on these godly unknown artifacts, with an unusual shape. It’s urban legend that if all artifacts were brought to the right place, they would come together to unlock sacred treasure. We can’t be sure where this ‘treasure chest’ is or what’s in it, but it must be very valuable if the creator split up these keys and hid them away.”

“Quite a tale,” said Toadsworth after a few moments of silence from the group. Everyone took it in, it would be their job to go and find all of the Power Keys in order to save Mario from this mysterious force.

Peach finally came to a full realization. “My dream. It was a message. I was given a message about Mario’s and all of the Power Keys’ whereabouts. The first one is in Toad Town, that’s all I remember.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Luigi stated, and promptly left to prepare for an adventure.

With much debate, it was decided that Luigi and Yoshi would go on this adventure alone, leaving Peach behind to wait. She put up a huge fight, but suddenly gave up. Luigi was taking this very personally and she decided to give up on the issue for now. Luigi and Yoshi would head to Toad Town for now, get the first Power Key, and then head back to the Mushroom Kingdom for more recon. The pair was given three Mushrooms (that would heal any minor wounds), two Fire Flowers, one Dizzy Dial, and one Life Shroom just in case. After saying many goodbyes, Luigi and Yoshi took off on their adventure.

The sun shone down on the two explorers, a light breeze wafting through the air. If there wasn’t so much on the line, Luigi would have actually been enjoying this. Toad Town was just a short walk away on a fairly linear yellow path; there couldn’t be too much trouble along the way. On the first half of the trail, the only threats were a few Goombas here and there, which Luigi swiftly dealt with by kicking them out of the way. About halfway through though the trek, a Bandit bumped into Luigi, stealing his single Life Shroom. Although Luigi’s reactions were too slow to stop him, Yoshi dashed after the Bandit, out of sight. Disappointed, Luigi decided that he would find Yoshi on his way back, and continued forward only to meet face-to-face with a pack of several Wigglers, charging straight at him.


Peach watched Luigi and Yoshi leave from her window. She admitted to staying at the castle and playing it safe, but Peach couldn’t wait around—not this time. After about ten minutes, she snuck out and set off toward Toad Town, intent on finding Mario, with or without the Power Keys.

Author's Note: A lot of discussion this chapter, but at least you guys have some background information. I have a feeling that there's going to be a whole lotta chapters since I'm keeping each chapter short, but that doesn't bother me. I think you all will like what I have in store for the next chapter.
Also thanks to chaos shadow!
This story is very exciting, I like how it has Peach as one of the main protagonists, along with minor characters like Prof. E. Gadd and Toadsworth. I also like how the tables have been turned, and that Mario has been kidnapped. Another touch I like is the Author's Note, it certainly clears up any confusion that I may have after reading. I can't wait for the next chapter! Plus, the storyline so far seems interesting and unique, it could certainly be a storyline for a real Mario RPG game! Except that Mario would be playable, and Peach likely kidnapped. :p
Chapter 3 - The Dark Night (lol)
Mario awoke in the back of a pick-up truck traveling obnoxiously fast. There was no top, but it was driving on a slim bridge and to jump out would’ve meant suicide or recapture—since there was nowhere to run—in the event that he lived.  Just a few hours earlier he was lying in bed with his beloved Peach, when someone put him in a silent deadlock and swiftly took him from his warm and comforting home. This surprised Mario a lot, who would ever expect that he would be the one captured here? On the bright side though, he was the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and it would be very hard trying to imprison him for very long now that he knew he was in danger.

The truck hit a sudden bump, really waking Mario up. As hard as it was, Mario stood up in the back of the truck and saw that the car was heading towards a house and slowing down. When the moment was right, Mario jumped forward with all his strength, flipping midair, and landing about ten yards in front of the truck. Immediately upon landing, he bounced towards the house, wall jumped off and shot a fire flower at his captor’s truck. The truck exploded, creating a pyromania display. Mario saw a shadow slip from the truck right before its fatal explosion—this fight wouldn’t be that easy.

With no time to react, Mario felt a blunt yet heavy pain sweep him off his feet: he had been hit by a small hammer. Before he could face plant, Mario used his left arm to push off the ground to complete an unintentional handspring, and used his right arm to grab the mini wooden hammer. Unfortunately, the night hindered his instincts and he could no longer spot his target, though he did land on his feet, allowing no easy weaknesses. Mario decided to sneak into the house around the back. He kept close to the shadows and let the night be his cover; this person was good, but they weren’t perfect.

Mario felt the hammer be taken from his hand, creating an eerie atmosphere. He could take it no longer: with one strong motion, Mario launche d toward the still-burning truck. He grabbed a fiery piece and hurled it toward the house. That’s when his captor came out in the light to save his house by crushing the lit scrap metal to pieces. The mystery person looked oddly familiar, a friend from the past.

“Jinx,” Mario said in a confused tone. Mario generally wasn’t one to talk much but it was an over-whelming surprise. Jinx helped train him to beat an old foe named Smithy. However, this was a very long time ago and Mario wasn’t sure why Jinx would possibly need him.

“I’m sorry that things had to be like this, and I’ll explain why in just a moment. But Mario. You have to trust me on this, this was the only way that my plan could work. This is the only way that the Kingdom could be saved,” pleaded Jinx. Mario gave him an indifferent look. After all, Mario was the one who made all of the aggressive actions, and it’s not like Mario was hurt or put in any real danger. Against his initial judgment, Mario nodded and followed Jinx inside.

It was a very small house, and it really turned out to be just one large room. However, every wall had pictures, blueprints, maps, and confidential data among many other scenes—it could have been taken straight from a heist movie. The light blue paint from the walls barely shone through amidst the madness that was presented by a solo dim light bulb.

Mario immediately took a look around, looking at the (southernmost) wall that was behind him. It was filled with pretty standard stuff, a map of the Mushroom Kingdom along with some hidden paths. The westernmost wall contained information on many dangerous weapons and explosives. The easternmost wall was an odd one. It had a map of the Pipe Maze near Mushroom Castle and a map of Bowser’s Fortress, but with no connections between the two. However, what really threw Mario off was the last wall. On it was a large picture of a chest pointing to Bowser’s Fortress. Next to the chest were five keys that all pointed to the chest, with a lot of information next to each key. Naturally, Mario had no idea what this meant. Puzzled, he tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It seemed as if there were these five keys that would unlock this chest. But the chest appeared to be hidden in Bowser’s Fortress, which probably isn't good.

“I guess it’s time for me to explain,” started Jinx. “I have brought you here because you possess certain skills that no one else has. I have sent your friends on a search for the keys that you see on the wall, it’s selfish I know, but you’ll see why it’s necessary. Those keys are very valuable and together they can unlock the Eons Chest. This chest is in Bowser’s possession though and if he happens to end up with all five keys, the world as we know it would end. Even if your friends do gather all of the keys, Bowser will stop at nothing, even burning down all the land, until he gets them.”

Mario looked at Jinx in shock and appall. Jinx continued.

“That’s why me and you have to go on a potentially-suicide mission to steal the chest and finish Bowser once and for all.”

Author's Note: IT'S A TWIST. This chapter may have been better left for later, but it introduces another side to the story and makes it complex (unlike a lot of Mario stories that are strictly linear). If it isn't clear enough, this chapter moves back in time to the night that Mario was kidnapped. The next chapter will likely be go back to the main story of Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach, and their search for the keys. In other news, I'm liking these shortish chapters. I feel like those stories where the chapters are a bunch of text walls are kinda hard to take in.
If anyone has any questions about the story, ask away. Also, thanks for the support Yoshiman, Mario_Comix and HJ, it's good to know that this experiment is doing ok lol
No problem, I haven't read a good Mario fanfiction in a long time! XD And mind you, I wrote my own, but they're not NEARLY as good as yours! I'm making some predictions here in my head, but of course, there could always be a plot twist that I'm not expecting that would mess up all my ideas. :p All in all, it's a really good story, and I guess having shorter chapters allows for more continuous progress throughout the story and more updates, so I'm sure we readers will stay tuned in.
@Mario_Comix - Let's hope, the more people reading this the better haha.

@HJ - Haha yeah I had to break out Jinx from SMRPG, he seemed like a good fit. Uhh to answer your question Mario, Luigi, and Peach will all be major protagonists. The other characters in the first post are important but I wouldn't necessary say that they're main characters. I can't be completely sure as of now though.
Mario will likely be mentioned much less that Luigi and Peach though. Not to make another Paper Mario reference, but I feel like my story is gravitating towards that format with Luigi and Peach on the main hunt and then after something big happens, the reader will get a glimpse of what's going on with Mario.
Slacker said:
@Mario_Comix - Let's hope, the more people reading this the better haha.

@HJ - Haha yeah I had to break out Jinx from SMRPG, he seemed like a good fit. Uhh to answer your question Mario, Luigi, and Peach will all be major protagonists. The other characters in the first post are important but I wouldn't necessary say that they're main characters. I can't be completely sure as of now though.
Mario will likely be mentioned much less that Luigi and Peach though. Not to make another Paper Mario reference, but I feel like my story is gravitating towards that format with Luigi and Peach on the main hunt and then after something big happens, the reader will get a glimpse of what's going on with Mario.
When I was reading this it reminded me of Luigi's stories in Paper Mario 2, this is a good story Slacker keep at it.
Chapter 4 - Troubles in Toad Town
With Yoshi disappearing far off into the landscape, chasing hopelessly after a Life Shroom, Luigi was awkwardly dancing around in an effort to try and avoid the onslaught of Wigglers constantly nipping at his ankles. Wigglers themselves weren’t too much of a hassle, all Luigi had to do was ground pound them on the head. However, the seemingly infinite amount of them gave Luigi no chance to mount an attack of any sort. Eventually Luigi used the head of one to catapult himself to a nearby tree. After climbing all to the top, Luigi delivers a ground pound that sends shockwaves along the ground, killing all Wigglers in sight—for now. He was worried about Yoshi but was not in the mood to be a sitting duck for another Wiggler onslaught, so Luigi started sprinting the last stretch of Toad Town.

It struck Luigi as odd, he heard of plenty Wiggler attacks on traveling tourists, but that was only one or two Wigglers at a time; not thirty. Walking along the path, Luigi started thinking about Mario. Whoever took him clearly did not know what they were doing. Mario has been through a lot and has been trained by the best of the best. Only someone who was as good as his trainers could understand how powerful Mario was…

There was an explosion as soon as Luigi entered Toad Town. Looking around, he soon saw that this town was overrun with Bob-ombs and Goombas to the point where it was unrecognizable.  A cluster of Bob-ombs was focused on a well that was in the center of town, many jumping in, trying to accomplish something. However, Luigi didn’t have time to find out. When the minions caught wind that one of the Mario bros had entered, they immediately turned their attention from their project and turned all of their eyes on him. Luigi froze. There were an insurmountable number of enemies—he couldn’t possibly take on them all. Then, as if talking to someone, he nodded and knew what he had to do. Run.


Traveling on the path was a pretty dangerous plan of action. That’s why Peach used her prior knowledge from when she was a little kid to find shortcuts and lesser-known trails. Peach originally thought about going off to search for Mario but after much thought, she decided against an undercover rescue mission. On the slim chance that Mario was being held in Bowser’s dungeon like she was in her dream, how would she get in and get out without being caught? It was impossibly hopeless.

So she decided to go back to helping with the keys. After all, she did have all of the locations to the power keys. After much uneventful tracking, she finally made it to the backside of Toad Town. However, she immediately noticed that there were mobs of bad guys infesting the village. Through windows, she could see small families of Toads hiding and barricading their walls. A strong sense of empathy rose within her. Forcefully, she tore herself from compassion and surveyed the situation.

Bob-ombs and Goombas appeared at every turn. Goombas were relatively simple-minded and easy to take out, even for a princess. Those bob-ombs were what posed the biggest problem; explosions could happen without warning and be deadly. Luckily all of the minions appeared to be distracted by something. Peach took this slim opportunity to sneak close to a well in the center of the village. Words from her dream have been on repeat her entire journey:

“I heard Toad Town is a nice place to visit. Everything there is so pleasant, I hope it doesn’t go under…”
“I hope is doesn’t go under…”

She was more than convinced that the well (leading to underneath the village) was important in finding that first power key. Something broke her concentration and drew her attention to what was distracting everyone though, and saw Luigi. Their eyes met exactly, both frozen in fear. Peach knew what she had to do; quickly she pressed her index finger to her lips in a shushing motion, luckily Luigi got the idea and started running. He didn’t run out of Toad Town, but around the outskirts to bait the bad guys just long enough to let Peach slip inside the well. To her benefit, there was a ladder and Peach climbed down with no hesitation and more importantly, no suspect. As she climbed down, Peach saw a very dim light at the bottom, but did not stop her descent. What stopped her descent was the broken ladder that she didn’t notice since she was distracted.

It was a hard fall to the bottom, every part of Peach ached but at least she wasn’t unconscious. Quickly she regained her sense of the situation and looked up. What looked back at her was a monster that even she didn’t recognize.


Swiftly dodging in and out of explosions, Luigi knew he couldn’t stall for long but he didn’t know how to stop. Looking over at the well, he noticed Peach wasn’t waiting on him anymore and his immediate reaction was to go and help her. Leading all of these baddies to a small, isolated, trap-like well didn’t seem like a good idea. What did seem like a good idea was to use one of the fire flowers that he had in his back pocket. Unexpectedly, Luigi stopped, grabbed a bob-omb, and then used his fire flower to set off a chain reaction of explosions, destroying any threat that he had just a few seconds ago.

This bob-omb in his hand served as a reminder that he did not have much time. Even he wasn’t sure why he grabbed the bob-omb, but he wanted to have a quick weapon at his disposal if he was entering a potentially dangerous situation. Luigi hopped in to the well, not bothering to use the ladder, instead sliding down the slick walls to the bottom. He was soon standing next to Peach and standing face-to-face with a monster. This monster resembled a Hammer Bro, except much stronger, and taller, and… metallic?

Out of shock, Luigi let go of the bomb in his hands and let it roll on the floor. Then it exploded.

Author's Note: I hope enough happened in this chapter. A possible antagonist was introduced, but I didn't want to reveal too much so I ended the chapter with a cliffhanger. I don't think I have too much to say this chapter, it was a lot of effort to craft this one for some reason though. My thanks still go out to everyone for the support.
chaosshadow123 said:
I can't think of what that monster might be, but it seems like a robot.
I guess we'll just have to wait!

Mario_Comix said:
This has just gotten exciting, I like how the story sort of talks about Peach's past as a child, as that certainly adds some character background. The cliffhanger is doing its job; I simply cannot wait for the next chapter! I also hadn't realized that what the Power Key was also referring to "Under" the town, rather than just Toad Town itself. You've got me hooked!
Always good to hear.

Ok so quick update. Things are going to start picking up as my second semester comes to an end. I mean it's not like I've been crazy with posting new chapters, but they will definitely be less frequent (if I even get a chance) until I'm on my break in June. I know my three fans will be disappointed lol but don't worry, I'm not giving up on this forever.
New chapter of this is coming out tonight. It'll probably be a couple of hours since I need to go back and reread everything so I know what's going on, and find my notes/think of where I want this to go. I want to get this going again though.

Edit- Or tomorrow at the latest.
Chapter 5 - The Underground (Part I)
Luigi awoke, entrenched in the concrete wall he was standing in front of moments ago. His ears were ringing, but he wasn’t sure why—in fact, he wasn’t sure why he was even here or what just happened. Slowly, but steadily, Luigi gathered enough strength to pull himself out of the wall. Oddly enough, Luigi noticed an indent in the wall next to his, except no one was there. Still confused and in a stupor, he looked around for any clues that might jog his memory. No such luck. In a sudden urgency, Luigi continued walking through an opening that was blown in the other side of the well, which led to an underground chamber. 

Drip. Drip Drip.

Water droplets fell at a sluggish pace as Luigi entered the new room. It struck him as out of place. The room was wide, had two doors on both ends and an electronic gate in the middle. Curious about the extremely estranged gate, Luigi walked up to it and read the sign next to it.

In here lies the sacred key.
Defeat both monsters and you will see.

Luigi quietly thought to himself. Logically, that means there’s one monster in each room. He wasn’t even sure why he was down in this weird place, but he felt compelled to defeat the monsters and get the Power Key.
Power Key!
Memories all began to rush back to him, he was at the bottom of the well—at least he was—with Princess Peach and they were both getting those Power Key things to save the world from Bowser since Mario was kidnapped. Luigi looked around; there was no princess to be found. Frantically, he ran to the door to his left without thinking or preparing for what was waiting on the other side.

There was no monster on the other side, in fact, there really wasn’t much in that room. Luigi stood on a small slab of Earth, however; besides that, there was no floor in that room. It appeared as though this 10x10 yard room was one huge, endless pit. Attached to the wall opposite of Luigi though was a lever that had to be pulled down. He had no form of rope or anything that could possibly reach that lever. Luigi knew his jump was long enough to get him there, but the return back would be an entirely different story though. What if the monster he had to conquer was fear and this was a test?

Backing up as much as he could, Luigi got a running start and leaped toward the switch, reaching it with relative and pulling it down. As soon as he prepared to wall kick back, the entire chamber shook, causing Luigi to fall into the endless pit. Before he could even see his life flash before his eyes though, Luigi hit solid ground… it was rising! The lever must have also caused the ground to rise up from the bottom of the chamber, filling the endless pit. Recovering from a scary fall, Luigi was relieved that this room had been so easy to solve. While standing up and brushing himself off, Luigi heard the clink of metal.

He looked up. The door that he came in was now encased in metal bars. Even more distracting was the huge scary monster next to it. It was a whomp that was ten times as tall as Luigi himself. The surface area of the whomp covered the room alone; there wasn’t really any way for Luigi to avoid a potential attack. Didn’t matter, this whomp was beginning to rock and Luigi had to think quickly. As the baddie was falling, Luigi rushed underneath its legs—avoiding the blow—and backflipped on top of it into a ground pound.

The whomp split! …Into four somewhat smaller whomps. Luigi slowly baited them all towards the door and as they began to fall, he once again backflipped over all of them. Upon landing, Luigi kicked the one closest to him at the barred door, creating a hole in the wall and a chance for escape. The whomp he just kicked broke into several pieces luckily and was gone. Three remained. Luigi decided that it’d be best just to escape at this point, and dashed for the opening in the wall only to be blocked by a smart whomp who stood at the exit. Then suddenly, one of the other whomps began to throw an endless amount of bob-ombs toward Luigi. Swiftly, Luigi dodged these explosions, but he knew he couldn’t dance around like this forever. Decisively, Luigi jumped on top of the whomp that was spewing bob-ombs, causing the whomp to throw bob-ombs at himself—exploding both him and his partner.

One whomp left. Luigi ripped the lever from the wall, making the room shake and the whomp fall simultaneously. This was his chance; Luigi dashed out of the room through the opening in the wall while the room behind him fell apart. Half of the electronic door was lit up but Peach was nowhere to be found and that worried Luigi. He cautiously approached the other door. There were sounds coming from the other side but he couldn’t make out what was going on.

At first he thought it might be better to wait it out. But Princess Peach could potentially be in danger… Luigi gathered his courage and opened the door, only to see a crazy storm on the other side.

Author's Note: Kind of a slow moving chapter, but I have to get used to this again. Ask questions if you're confused, I think the memory-loss beginning with Luigi was appropriate considering it's been a while since I posted in this story lol.