Submission Requirements

For those that aren't aware yet, when a download is submitted, I have to approve the download before I release it to everyone. I wanted to go over a few rules to help avoid any issues in this process.

  • Effort. From here on out, I will rarely accept boards without a custom made background. There needs to be more effort put in!
  • Unless the background has been heavily edited and events were created to replicate the original's events, I will not accept maps from other Mario Party games or maps from any other game.
  • The only kind of board file we accept is the .json you get when exporting your board from PP64. No ROM files! Events should be .s or .c files and music files should be .mid files.
  • Please make sure your board works. Test it out, make sure it is playable.
  • You need at least one in-game screenshot so that users can see what it looks like in the game.
  • Include an image of the entire map. You can the image in PartyPlanner64 by using the Screenshot menu.
  • A maximum of 1 submission a day. We don't want anyone to flood the database with new boards.
  • Include some kind of version number. This will help users know what version they have and when a new one is released. Try to include it in the file name too (ex - Awesome_Board_1.2.json)
That's all? Cool!  :-D
I'll start uploading then. I can always update my boards later, right?
But I have 2 questions:
1) I have an really big board that only works when PP64 priority is set on high. Can I post it if I told them so or is it too broken?
2) I made a version of the same board in 3 differents Mario Party games. Should I make an upload for the three of them or do a bundle?
You can always update your boards later, but an update requires my approval.

1) Yes, as long as you mention in the description.
2) Upload them separately. But I would suggest uploading only one first, getting feedback, then uploading the others when you know people like them.

And thank you for reminding me, I added a small thing about maximum downloads in a day.
SuperZambezi said:
  • Upload in-game screenshots so that users can see what it looks like in the game. And make use of PP64' screenshot feature for an image of the entire map!
The problem I have with including a screenshot that's taken in the editor is that you'll be able to see all the possible star locations, which I kind of want to keep a secret until you actually play the board, you know? :p
Updated the rules.

I'm getting very tired of a) checking submissions to find out there are errors when trying to overwrite into the game b) submissions without in-game images or a map of the board and c) some very lazy designs that show little effort.

Please make sure you have everything in check and in order. This includes making your own custom background. I'm not interested in flooding the database with boards people made on a whim.

For boards that were submitted before I made this update, I'll accept the board into the database as long as it works - but I will ask for you to update with in-game images.
Do I have to do all that? I didn't want to say this but I am only 11 years old and I am very new to creating boards.... I can't do all that stuff if i am not as old as you wanted these users to be... I have some good boards tho but i don't think i did any of that stuff.... If you want I will give a download to you if you say I can for only you but for now I won't until you reply...
Well ok! Let me read the rules and then you can fix anything i do not have.. Ok first is Effort.... For the backgrounds are from different games because each board I made is based on a different game... But I do have effort for the boards.. Next is .json files and I have all those... Yes, the boards work.... I can't really do screenshots so he will have to do it... Same with the map... Spaces are in right place... 1 submission a day? Well I am submitting all of the maps in a pack sooooo yeah... And finally, version number which I won't need because I only make maps and not edit older maps... So StalfosKing, all you really have to do is take screenshots i think... Here are the .json files for you to download. If you want, you can make a better versions of the backgrounds but you don't have to.. THX!

Ok, if you want to upload your boards here, you have to upload them one at a time, it is not permitted to upload them in a pack. Also, SuperZambezi has specified that board backgrounds that are not custom-made by the board creator are strongly unadvised; this is what he means when he says he wants to see effort. For comparison, making a board usually takes me at least a week to two weeks (but that's not entirely necessary). The reason for this rule is that we don't want the board database to be full of boards that are unappealing to many people. This is also why we are only allowed to upload a single board per day. Also, taking screenshots is easy, if you are using a Windows computer. You just have to load up your patched ROM and search "snipping tool" in the Windows Start menu, then click and drag a box around the game. The reason that screenshots are required is so that people can have a better idea of how a board looks in the game, and, more importantly, so that we know that the board WORKS and will not crash the game. If you still need help with anything, let me know, but it looks like these boards will probably not be allowed here anyway due to the fact that the backgrounds are not custom-made. You have to understand that boards that are not made from scratch specifically DESIGNED for Mario Party are often times not very fun or interesting for many people.
My board is called Bowser's Pinball Machine. It's a port of a board from Mario Party DS, including the events similar to the original. I would get it into higher quality with models and such, but such tools would be too complicated for someone my age. If this needs to be improved let me know! Special thanks to Airsola from the Mario Party Netplay server for helping me out with the custom events!
Finished Bowser's Pinball Machine Version 1.1! This time, the spaces are aligned. Took me 1 hour to align them. Just waiting for Zambezi to approve my work! There may be some errors, but me and Airsola will try and fix them.


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