Snowy's adventure at comic con

Not in order at all, just random bits of what I saw and did

Saw a few fat guys and girls dressed as Chun-Li
Bought a sword
Bought Resident Evil 2 for the N64 and Dragon Warrior for the NES for $16
Saw Adam West
Saw some Jackass people
Saw more MMA/wrestling people
Saw Lou Ferrigno
Saw the guy who plays Chewbacca
Saw people fighting over an EarthBound cart (got $20 that they dropped)
Saw more people fighting over an EarthBound cart with box, guide, and manuel
Posed for some pictures people wanted to take of me (they liked my sword)
Took pictures of awesome costumes (I can post them here if anyone wants)
Met DJ Cutman and bought some of his stuff (Whom I suggest all of you who like Vidya gaem remixes to check out, it's actually pretty good, and he's pretty cool as a person)

Everything I did (including lunch and a ticket in) cost me $82.