Type: Water/Psychic
Abilities: Oblivious, Own Tempo, Regenerator
Items: Choice Specs, Life Orb, or Leftovers.
Moves you'd normally see: Scald, Psyshock, Fire Blast, Slack Off, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Calm Mind, Surf, Psychic, Grass Knot
Natures: Modest, Bold
HP: 95
Atk: 75
Def: 110
SpA: 100
SpD: 80
Spe: 30
Counters: Dark-types can come in on Psyshock or Psychic, and wall Specs users. Dusclops, Wynaut, Escavalier and Ferroseed don't mind Thunder Wave, and Escavalier and Ferroseed are also immune to Toxic. Lightningrod and Volt Absorb users can take a Thunder Wave. Water Absorb users can come in on Scald or Surf, walling Choice users. Flash Fire users can wall Slowbro that are locked into Fire Blast, and Chandelure can even revenge kill. Guts users can come in on Toxic or Thunder Wave and start sweeping. Magic Guard and Natural Cure users are Slowbro's top threats, especially Shaymin. Water-types with Rest will usually outstall Slowbro. Registeel walls Slowbro locked into Grass Knot and can cripple it with Toxic.