I have no free days, SZ. I will gladly switch schedules with you if you'd like to. :)
I think this is the only year where I have prioritized school above everything else in my life(not that I was ever a bad student...). I'm doing pretty well especially considering the very, very expectations that most people have of my district. I got into a small, professional college counseling program for my senior year and they really helped a lot with the college process. I applied to 12 out-of-state privates schools along with 8 schools in California. Lots of writing for supplements and, even more, rewriting.

Despite that, Senior year has been the best school year for me so far and I've been doing a lot of fun things. I've never been the kind of person to hate school anyways.
Senor Smexy returns!! Haha, sounds like you were a lot more productive than when I was a Senior. I pretty much aced all my subjects and did extracirrcular activities but I didn't really plan for college at all. All I really did was do homework and party lol. It's coming back to bite me in the ass seeing as how I am in college without a hint of scholarship help and currently on support from federal aid. :p I gotta say, if any of you are Seniors this year I suggest that you get your butt in gear for scholarships and grants. Those will really help out.
Here's my final course schedule for the Spring 2013 Semester (after going through add/drop course date):

SCI 102: Survey of Physical Science from 1:30 PM to 2:45 PM on Mondays & Thursdays
ENG 170: Survey of the Short Story from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM on Mondays & Thursdays
MUS 101: Music in America from 4:30 PM to 7:15 PM on Thursdays
Man, I so far don't have any hot female professors and I have been to 5 classes. They've only been boring old geezers and overzealous young males haha.

Why am I telling you this? Because finding hot professors is important for paying attention.

But on a more serious note, I'm probably gonna register for a Summer semester. I virtually don't have any plans to look for another Summer job and this way I can probably graduate sometime in the Fall at least.
Well, I still have 3 classes to go so maybe there will still be some luck for me. :(
So I'm probably going to do this every History class (or any other boring class LOL). Today, since I figured I had History, I thought I might as well bring a pillow so I can fall asleep in comfort. And my teacher didn't seem to notice. Seems like I can get away with this. :p
SuperZambezi said:
Yoshiman222 said:
Finished Highschool yesterday.
Congrats! Did you graduate a semester early or does the school year over there usually end at this time?
Kind-of yes, kind-of no.
I'm done with highschool, but officially I graduate at the end of the year like everyone else here.

This program I'm in lets me complete my first year post-secondary right after the first semester of grade 12 (and will end right at the end of what should be the second semester - so I'll be done first year of post-secondary when I do graduate)
I started Year 9 today (second year of high school) so I thought I would share my timetable.

Period 1: Racquet Sports
Period 2: Maths
Period 3: Society & Environment
Period 4: English
Period 5: Science

Period 1: Cooking
Period 2: Drama
Period 3: Health
Period 4: Society & Environment
Period 5: English

Period 1: Science
Period 2: Science
Period 3: Maths
Period 4: Indonesian
Period 5: Indonesian

Period 1: English
Period 2: Society & Environment
Period 3: Maths
Period 4: Drama
Period 5: Cooking

Period 1: Science
Period 2: English
Period 3: Society & Environment
Period 4: Maths
Period 5: Racquet Sports
So yesterday I sent my application for College. If I'm accepted, I'll go to the ''Cegep du Vieux Montreal'' which basically translates into ''Old Montreal's College''. I chose Technic in 2D-3D animation. I honestly hope I'll be accepted or I'll just die haha. The answer comes on April 9, so I still have lot of time to wait. For now, Imma just work hard at school.