Saving The World, One Heart At A Time (KH/Open)

(Might as well bring a real RP into this joint =P (Feel free to join as long as you know at least a little about Kingdom Hearts (Please, let's try to keep this serious guys :D )))

"Now where did he run off to..." Edward muttered to himself, as he searched. He lives on Destiny Islands, a world not very inhabited by people. There is a main island, where everyone lives, and a small island that the kids usually use as a get-away. When Ed first found this island with a few friends, there were already a few club houses, and a secret cave. In that cave were many drawings along the walls, but only one in particular he liked. It was a picture of a spikey-haired boy, giving what seemed to be a star to a girl.

Ed rounded a corner, to find a small, white orb floating. He stopped, hearing something talk.

"Hello?" He called out. Nothing.

"... Hello." Said the voice. It seemed to be coming from the orb.

"Uhm... what are... you? How can you talk?" Ed asked.

"None of that matters. Remember this. Your heart is your strongest weapon. Never lose hope in the light." The voice had said, then disappeared along with the orb.

"Woah... weird." Ed said, wondering what that was all about. He had started to walk away, when a portal appeared, and out came a little black creature.

"Hey there little guy!" Ed said, and walked up to it. It slashed at him, and Ed pulled away. He felt his cheek, and felt blood.

"HEY!" He yelled, and picked up the nearest stick. He tried to hit it back, but to no avail. It seemed to pass right through it.

"What in the hell...?" He asked himself more than anyone, and turned tail and ran. The thing seemed to call more friends, because they just kept coming. He ran into the only place he thought would be safe. The secret cave.

When there, he found his friend Xavier in front of an open door.

"Woah! How did you get that open? We've tried for, like, ever!" He said, examining the pure darkness inside. He looked to his friend, and he was on the ground, clutching his head.

"Hey! Xavier! You alright?" He asked.

"No... run... now..." He said, shaking his head, seemingly in pain.

"No! I want to help!" Ed replied, and got down to face him. Xavier pushed him extremely hard into the rock wall, knocking the wind out of him. He gasped for air, unable to form any words. Xavier got up, and picked up what seemed to be a large key that Ed had somehow not noticed. He raised it over his head, and swung. Ed raised the stick he had in defense.

"WHAT?!?" Xavier said, but not in his usual voice. His hands were empty, and soon, Ed noticed the key was in his hands now. Xavier stared at him for a few moments, then fled. Ed got up, and followed him out of the cave, into a portal of darkness. Then he passed out.

"Where... am I?" He asked as he awoke to a room that was pure white. He stood up, but realized the door was locked. He walked around, noticing pictures on the walls of the boy he had seen in the cave.

"Woah... Deja Vu..." He said, as someone burst through the door. Ed didn't even take the time to look at him, as he saw the dark aura around him. He lept out the window in front of him, and landed hard on the ground, hurting his leg. He mustered up all his remaining strength, and ran through the gate in front of him. He then came to a forest, and kept running, until he came to a town. He entered it, and collapsed on the ground, out of energy.

(He's in Twilight Town, if you didn't already know :p)