Rurouni Kenshin

This is a decent series I've started reading recently. It takes place in Japan 10 years after the Samarai are all but gone. Kenshin the Rurouni (Wanderer) comes accross a town. I don't want to spoil anything in it (Partly because I don't know it well enough to do so :p) It's an interesting series though. I suggest you read/watch it if you enjoy sword fighting and amusing characters. There's some historical references that are difficult to understand but it's still understandable.
It's not because it's "mild" or anything.

It has a stale storyline and unappealing characters.
I just finished watching the last OVA and it was sad but fulfilling nonetheless. It's just a really touching ending. This is definitely one of the Golden Anime out there. By golden, I mean that the character doesn't need to have any special powers and the girls aren't meant to be sexy. Yeah. It was a good Anime that I might watch again.
I didn't watch the anime but I read the manga and the ending in the manga is different from the anime.  In the manga (after Shishio)a man goes to Japan and finds Kenshin.  The whole story arc is about the man getting revenge on Kenshin for something he did in the past (HINT: has to deal with the cross shaped scar.)  Unlike the anime it also has a very happy ending.