Rules for the Forum Games Board - PLEASE READ Before Posting

This set of rules is designed to clear up any confusion regarding 'rules' in Forum Games. Some rules may be added or changed in the future.

1. General Forum rules still apply. So no spamming (except in the Spam Game), etcetera. Double posting is only permitted if the post is to remind the game operator to continue the game, or similar.

2. Follow the Rules of the Forum Game. Usually, the topic starter will state the rules on the first page/in the first post. If you defy the rules of a Forum Game, you will be warned once or twice, then your permission to enter the board may be revoked.

3. You have access to this board on the basis of trust, so don't abuse your time here. Note that we still want activity on every other board, not just this one.

4. Any enquiries should go to G-Mods or Admins.

5. Don't post any spam games like "Count to 1000!" or "The ABC Game!". We already have these kinds of games and don't need any more. Thanks.

Have a great time on the Forum Games board!