Rollercoasters (RCT3)


This rollercoaster is called the Time Machine, situated in the park called The Laboratory.

Its a rollercoaster that resembles a time machine but is made to feel more like its in a park, rather than making it feel more real.

I hope you enjoy it.


A coaster moving around through trees, puddles and tribal houses with two towers the train moves up. The towers rotate to increase the excitement.



A POV video with a story around it. The tribe is scared of events that are happening that they don't of. Using the glider, its up to you to discover what the secret behind these events.


An inverted rollercoaster set at night. Here there are lasers, waterjets, 5 inversions, trees and the coaster goes underground.

(Sorry if you can't see it very well, I intended it to be a night coaster)

This may be the last one until Summer, although I might be able to fit another in.
These Roller coaster rides are cool. What inspired you to make these rides?
These are some great roller coaster you made. They are extreme to me (all of them).