Randolph the Red Nosed Tryclyde

More of a story that's in a song:
Randolph the Red Nosed Tryclyde. Had 3 very shiny noses. And if you ever saw them, you would even see they're fake. There were no other Tryclydes, who could laugh or call him names. So Randolph the Red Nosed Tryclyde, played all the Tryclyde games. Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Old Koopa came to say, Randolph with your fake noses so bright, will you guard my cave tonight. Then Randolph the Red Nosed Tryclyde, got to go on old TV! Hooray!

At first I thought you were trying to make some relations to animals in the Chinese department and having such weird noses that resemble a clown's nose. :p

Also I was wondering what Randolph would do after I saw the picture, but your last sentence makes it clear. Looking forward to what you come up with in this story, Yoshifan26.