Race to the Finish!

Race to the Finish was a mode in SSB and SSBM where you had to go through all these paths and get to the finish line before the timer ends.. They were two different versions though in the two games.

I liked the SSB version better because I liked dodging all the objects and polygons that try to stop you.

The SSBM version was different because it had many different exits and the further you go, the more points you get, which i didn't like. The mode was fun still.

I would've loved to see this comeback in SSBB but it didn't.

What did you think of this mode?
Only problem with this mode is that it got REEEALLLL redundant after a while. I would have liked it better if they added different tracks.
In SSB, I hated those stupid Polygons! They were sooo annoying! D-:<

In SSBM, I liked it cuz it gave me a whloe bunch of coins!