Questions For Yours Truly

Marioguy said:
From what I recall, you are a big Don Bluth fan.

I mean, I wouldn't say I'm a big Don Bluth fan, but I appreciate his work and I think his skills as an animator are pretty top-notch.

Marioguy said:
What do you think of the Dragons Lair movie he's trying to make?

At first, I wasn't very confident that it was going to meet its funding goal on Kickstarter (?), especially when it was a few days before the deadline and they didn't meet the halfway point. They relocated to Indiegogo, which seemed to have worked out a lot better, and (correct me if I'm wrong) I think they started making smaller goals to steadily increase the amount of money to raise for the movie, and obviously that helped them out a lot because I think they ended up raising the initial amount when they were on Kickstarter.

I know I sound really pessimistic about it, but I have a feeling because we live in a time when computer-animated films are the norm (unfortunately lol), plus some other factors here and there, that the movie isn't going to do too well at the box office, I guess unless they're planning to do a limited screening or something like that. But I'm hoping that the movie turns out good; it's been sixteen years without a new Don Bluth film and to make a good comeback into the scene would be a pretty big accomplishment in my opinion. I hope they succeed. And maybe when and if the movie comes out, I'll buy tickets to go see it (assuming it'll be shown in theaters).

Sorry if my answer's a bit shoddy, I just woke up a while ago from four hours of sleep, but hopefully this will suffice lol