Q&A (Ask GrandStarGalaxy)

Nightmare Bowser498 said:
How did you get the name "GrandStarGalaxy"?

Also did you copy my MPL accomplishments or did you think of that on your own?
I just thought of it while brainstorming new usernames.
Yeah I did kind of copy it didn't I...Umm, thanks for the idea?

NintendoFan said:
1. No spam! (you're posts don't even count...)

Why did you put the wrong your? :p

Also, why did you change your name from Everyday Luma?
I don't know. I caught myself putting the wrong your on another post. I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Because I liked this username better and there was already a "Luma" on the forum.
Vipsoccermaster said:
Okay, who is your favorite Nintendo character that has nothing to do with Mario or anything that relates to Mario?
Probably one of the villagers from Animal Crossing.
one of these two