Power [sign-ups available]

Basically, a generic RP about two gangs of super-powered freaks (Tigris and Euphrates) in a decades-old feud in the city of Oldburg. Woo.


1. God-modding is lame.
2. Mary Sues are also lame.
3. Script-style RPing isn't that lame, but not recommended.
4. Having fun is cool.

[b]Real Name:[/b]
[b]"Superhero" Name:[/b]
Diamond Shear
Age 16
Apearance:Diamond Helmet, Gold/Silver suit, Crystal limbs
Power: Super Jumps, and super sharp indestructible crystal limbs.
With Tigris
History: The only survivor of a high radiation meteor crash  which gave him his powers, but cost him his family. A street kid leading up to meeting Tigris.