Poopiehead Stages :( :(

He still claims that he beat me fair and square on Temple which is a lie considering it was MLYW who kept raping my ass. :p

The only fight I lost to Wolf FAIRLY was on Corneria, and that was because I suck on that stage. :(
All the ones i hate in SSBB.

Mushroomy Kingdom: IT MOVES!
Rumble Falls: The spikes kill you in one hit. IT MOVES!
Pokemon Standium 2: To annoying.
Wario Ware: Mini games are terrible.
Distant Planet: boring stage.
New Pork City: IT'S SO HUGE!
Summit: The fish, iceberg and the water.
PictoChat: The drawings
75M: Terrible just terrible
Mario Bros: The enemys
FlatZone 2: Everything is a one touch kill. IT'S TERRIBLE!
Hanebow: Boring