Poopiehead Stages :( :(


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I absolutely hate Shadow Moses Island and New Pork City so much that I drop out of any battle that concerns them.

I want to be away from pure evil.
Mushroomy Kingdom is gay too. Like, there are cheap spots in it where some n00b can basically spam defeat you.
Lakilester said:
Mario Bros. Just throw a shell, and you win.

I don't have a problem with that stage with the shells as much as that players can run away from you way too easily in it.
Fountain of Dreams from Melee. I just dont like it... the background....

I also hate FlatZone cuz one smash up and your boned
Shroomy Kingdom 1-2. (Too many blocks)
New Pork City. (The god of horrible stages)
Rumble Falls. (Not too bad when against CPUs except for the horrible block-off sections near the end of the loop, and the spikes which kill almost instantly)
Hanenbow. (No swimmable water, boring stage anyway)
Distant Planet. (When it rains)
Pokemon Stadium 2. (Too many awful gimmicks)
WarioWare. (Apparently you can fall off when it changes to a Microgame, but the bonuses are OP/cheap anyways)
The Summit. (Stupid carp from Balloon Fight >_>)
EDIT: Flat Zone 2. (Too gimmicky)

I actually liked Shadow Moses Island, especially when the sides were broken down =P
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