Overwriting squishes the board?

(For context, I'm using a Mario Party 2 ROM)
So, I've been messing around with PartyPlanner, and I've run into a problem. After placing all the spaces on my board and connecting them, when I overwrite my space onto Western Land, the paths and spaces are squished off of the art I made for the paths.
Here's some images of before and after the overwrite -


Is there a fix to this, or am I missing something about the editor and how it works?
Notice how the "squishing" occurs nearer the top of the board. I think this is related to a prevalent glitch in PartyPlanner where spaces near the top of the board end up being slightly moved when you actually play the board. This can only be remedied by over-compensating where you put the spaces (i.e. in PartyPlanner, since the spaces are shifted down, move them more upward), and then tested by trial-and-error.