"Opinion of You" Topic

*Deep Breath* Here we go.
BossBlitz said:
The one person on this forum who still plays ACNL (that I know of). Very nice, and apparently very good at Splatoon (I still need to get that game).
Zympherior said:
Don't know much about you, so all I can really say is that you aren't bad (but that means your good, right?).
NintendoFan said:
Fairly nice. Have a habit of pointing out things (like on my Q&A topic) but that's mostly my problem, not yours. Also, for a guy called Nintendo Fan, you sure like mods a lot, and some people consider mods not true Nintendo games.
Yoshiman222 said:

Oh wait...
I enjoy the CNs you host, as well as your Mario Maker videos. It must take a lot of work running Path of Conquest, so good job there.
RafalRib said:
Overhyped, but that's not bad. Pokemon and Picross fan like me. And a fairly nice person.
Accj21 said:
Nothing much to say. Just know that I don't hate you guys or anything.
Strychnine said:
Hurt my feelings.
You are a despicable person and should have been banned years ago.
Same as Zympherior.

Phew, I did not expect this topic to be so popular.