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Paper Mario: Sticker's Power should be the title!
It should have Multi-player & Mini-Games!

Playable Characters:
Mario|Abilities: 2D Mode
Luigi|Abilities: Spring Jump
Princess Peach|Abilities: Parasol Glide
Toad|Abilities: Calls in Toads to Form Objects
Mii (Wii U Gamepad)|Abilities: Boost Mode

Kersti|Abilities: Tattle 1
Chompy (Unused Chain Chomp partner from Sticker Star)|Abilities: Chomping
Goombario|Abilities: Tattle 2
Kooper|Abilities: Shell Shot
Bombette [who is later revealed to be Scarlette]|Abilities: Explosion
Parakarry|Abilities: Flying
Lady Bow|Abilities: Invisible
Watt|Abilities: Shine & Sniff
Sushie|Abilities: Swimming
Lakilester (Nickname: Spike, Michael, & Jonathon in Japanese version)|Abilities: Ride/Glide
Goombella|Abilities: Tattle 3
Koops|Abilities: Long Shell Shot
Madame Flurrie|Abilities: Wind
Yoshi Kid|Abilities: Ride & Flutter Jump & color changer
Vivian|Abilities: Hide in Shadows
Admiral Bobbery|Abilities: Throwing Explosion
Ms. Mowz|Abilities: Sniffing & Stealing

Story-The Beginning of the End!:
It all started one day when Parakarry gave a mail call to the Mario Bros., then suddenly the ground started shaking it was Bowser & Bowser Jr. in the doomship, they were attacking! Then they revealed they've stolen the Star Rod, captured the 8 Star Spirits (including Twink) in shiny capsules, and has sealed the 7 Crystal Stars, Bowser has stolen the #1 Royal Sticker he has threatened to rule the Mushroom Kingdom & threatened to Re-awake the Shadow Queen, then Bowser sent his minions to Kidnapped most of the people in the Areas of Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, & Paper Mario: Sticker Star including Princess Daisy, Toadsworth, & Toad's best friend, Toadette! Kersti has volunteered to help [Kersti joined your party],. Mario must now use the Power of the Sticker Comet & Re-recruit his former partners from the past! So can Mario save the world again.......or Not!

Prologue-A New Beginning!:
Bowser has now sent his minions and left, Mario now must save Luigi, Peach, & Toad (this where you begin playing), Mario has to destroy all of Bowser's minions, Mario goes to Peach's Castle in Toad Town, and saves Peach [Peach joins your party], then he goes to the docks and sees the Toad that was by Surfshine Harbor in Sticker Star, he states he sailed to Rogueport, then Toad Town, after that Mario states he wants to go to Rogueport, then he sails to Rogueport and saves Luigi [Luigi joins your party],then Mario states to the Toad he wants to go to Decalburg, then he sails to Surfshine Harbor, then goes to Decalburg and saves Toad [Toad joins your party]. After Mario destroys all the minions, the dark-red clouds dissappear, now Mario must head to Goomba Village. After he's made it to Goomba Village, Goombaria states she's glad to see Mario again, but Goombario was in the forest when Bowser attacked. So Mario must now go in the woods to find him, when he gets to the center of it, he finds he's surrounded by Goomba's loyal to Bowser. But Goombella is there trying to defend him! After Mario saves them, they state that they missed him [Goombario joined your party], and they're confused that they both went on an adventure with him! Goombella states she was observing Goomba Village. They also state they are boyfriend & girlfriend now, but Goombella wants to see Professor Frankly again, so Mario takes Goombella to the southeastern part of Toad Town, then he took the Toad's boat by the harbor then he arrives at Rogueport and sees Professor Frankly, Goombella thanks Mario and kisses him [Goombella joined your party], Professor Frankly states he's glad to see Mario again, then Mario headed back to Toad Town, now Mario is going back to the Koopa Bros. Fortresss!

Chapter 1-For The Koopa The Chain Chomps!
So, then Mario & the gang head off torward the Koopa Bros. fortress! But then suddenly a bush started to shake, it was Wario & Waluigi, they stated they've seen everything that had happened with Bowser and they said that they are gonna attempt to steal the Crystal Stars to be rich! But Mario states he won't let them, so he tries to stop them. Waluigi will battle against Mario, after Mario defeats him, they both retreat. Then Mario enters Koopa Village and sees Kooper trying to reach a shell in a tree, he first refers to Mario as "stranger", but after Mario gets the shell out of the tree, Kooper remembers Mario & states he cried everyday because he missed Mario! He also states the fuzzies came back! And that getting that shell was a request for Koopa Koot, then after Mario returns the shell, Koopa Koot thanks him and gives him a star (stars replace star pieces)! Then Kooper thanks him & states he wants to see Professor Kolorado at Dry Dry Outpost in Dry Dry Desert. Then Mario must go to the train station and notices the train is out of gas, and the only person with fuel is Zip Toad at the new building in Toad Town called "Movie Star Sanctum" right next to the inn. After Mario gets there Zip Toad was upset cause Mario interrupted him, during the final rehearsal for the movie "On Golden Toad 3" the sequel to the movie "On Golden Toad 2", even though Zip Toad knew Mario so much, he was angry with him. Then he said Mario must pay for what he had done, he told Mario if he wanted fuel he'll have to earn a First-Degree Card. Mario stated he already had one, but he noticed it had expired! So Mario must go to see The Master, after Mario made it to the Dojo, Chan & Lee stated that The Master is very sick, and you need to see Tace T., after you talk to her, she'll state that you need Spicy Mushroom Soup, so you'll have to have/find a Fire Flower, and a Mushroom. After you give them to her. She'll make you some Spicy Mushroopm Soup, and Mario gives it to The Master, after he gives it to him, he'll be better. Then you'll battle Lee, after Mario beats him, Mario will get a First-Degree Card! And he'll show it to Zip Toad, after Mario shows it to Zip Toad, Zip Toad will forgive Mario & give him fuel, after Mario returns the fuel to the station, the train is ready to go. It'll take a day for arrival (the train elements are the same as The Thousand-Year Door). After Mario gets to Mt. Rugged, he'll suddenly bump into Buzzar, Mario's old enemy, so he'll battle him! After he defeats him he heads torward Dry Dry Desert and sees Tutankoopa still being chased by his own Chain Chomp! So then Mario heads torward Dry Dry Outpost. They see he's not there, they talk to one of his travelers, and they said he moved to an unknown place faraway! So Kooper stated it's alright and he thanked Mario anyway [Kooper joined your party]! Kooper was sad, that Kolorado was gone! Then they left, when they left they saw Tutankoopa again, but he wanted to battle them & he revealed he had Eldstar & The Magical Map! So he said he wanted to fight at Dry Dry Ruins, after they get there Mario battles Tutankoopa! After he defeated him his Chain Chomp ran with Eldstar, but Mario retrieves the Magical Map. Then he runs after the Chain Chomp! Then he rides the train to Rougueport but it takes 2 days to get there! So when Mario arrives at the southwest of Rogueport he runs after the Chomp to Rogueport Sewers then he suddenly bumps into Kamek! He'll battle Kamek after he defeats him, he chases the Chomp to Boggly Woods, then he chases him to The Great Boggly Tree! After they get in the tree, the Chain Chomp grows huge! Then the Puni's there are frightened, then Mario battles the Mega Chain Chomp! After he beats it, the Great Puni Elder thanks him and awards him with Eldstar! Then Eldstar thanks Mario for saving him, and gives him Sweet Refresh ability! Then Mario heads out of the Great Boggly Tree and leaves, then heads for the Koopa Bros. Fortress!

Chapter 2-A Dragon's Revenge!:
After Mario left the great Boggly Tree, he was heading back until Madame Flurrie (Flurrie) came by and gave Mario a smooch! She stated that she missed Mario! [Flurrie joined your party!] Then after Mario got back to Toad Town, he saw Merlon come by and struggled to say something but didn't. So when Mario got to the Koopa Bros. Fortress! He saw Yellow Ninjakoopa playing with the Garnet Star, so Mario battled him after he defeated Yellow,  Yellow fleed with the Garnet Star inside the tower! After Mario went ahead he saw Green Ninjakoopa, Mario battled Green, Green ran off! Then Mario saw Black Ninjakoopa with the Bullet Bills firing at him, then after Mario passed the Bullet Bills, he battled Black and the Bullet Bill Cannons, after he defeated Black, Black fleed inside the Battle Arena! Then Mario saw Red Ninjakoopa in there with the other Ninjakoopas! Then Mario battled them, after he defeated them they ran off with Skolar, but left the Garnet Star behind! Then the Koopa Bros. accidentally knocked the lock off of the dungeon door!
Then Mario and the gang ran off chasing the Koopa Bros. they gathered up on the train and headed for Rogueport, and Mario boarded also! Then the trained stopped at the Boomer Station where Mario chased the Koopa Bros. all over the place, then they got back on the train and headed torward Rogueport! Then they finally arrived, the Koopa Bros. were running to Petal Meadows then a tree started to shake it was a young fellow named Shy Graduate, he said he was scared cause this little bully kept being mean to him! Then someone came running, down it was Jr. Troopa he was mad because, Mario was protecting Shy Graduate, he referred to Mario as "Mr. Mustache Guy", then he was shocked because he thought he'd never see Mario again! So he battled him, after Mario defeated him, he fleed & Shy Graduate said he needed help getting to Petalburg, then Mario saw the Koopa Bros. run to Petalburg. After Mario arrived he saw Kolorado there, talking to Koops, Koopie Koo, Koopley, and a strange female Koopa! Kooper was anxious to see Kolorado, so Kooper ran over there and said "Hello", then Koops, Koopie Koo, Koopley, & Kolorado realized that Mario was with Kooper! Kolorado said he came here because he used to live here. And he wanted to prove hisself loyal to his Father that tried to defeat Hooktail, then Mario stated he already did! Everyone was confused cause they didn't know who was who. Then everyone figured it out, and Koops remembered Kolorado's Father in Hooktail's Castle, then Koops explained, what they saw of his father back then! And then Kolorado explained that the strange female Koopa was his Mother, so after that everyone stated there were some strange Koopas with masks on ran by here! Then Kooper explained they were the Koopa Bros. and she explained all about them! Then Koops said Mario can't fight them alone [Koops joined your party!], then Kolorado said he was going too! Koopie Koo begged Koops not to go! But he said he must. Then they went chasing the Koopa Bros. back to Hooktail's Castle. Then they got to the top of the tower and saw them! They were standing on a robotic dragon named Hooktron 7000, they battled Hooktron and after they defeated it, it collapsed. Then Red saw the dead Hooktail and told Black to give him an Ultra Shroom, then they fed Hooktail the Ultra Shroom! Then it came back to life, then the Koopa Bros. were standing on top of Hooktail, Hooktail stated that he will help the Koopa Bros. defeat Mario! Then Mario battled them! After Mario defeated them, out came a Life Shroom and Skolar's capsule, then Skolar thanked them and awarded them, with the Life Shroom and the ability "Starstopper!" Then Kolorado thought that a Mushroom brought Hooktail back to life......then they went to the dungeon of Hooktail's Castle and fed his Father the Life Shroom! His father came back to life, then Kolorado was happy that his family was back together! Then they went back to Petalburg, and the Mayor awarded Mario and gave him a Shooting Star! Koopie Koo kissed Koops & said she was glad to see Koops still alive! After that Mario was heading, back to Rogueport!

Chapter 3-More Mysterious Fights
Mario was in Rogueport and ran into Wario & Waluigi then Wario decides to battle him after Mario defeats them, they retreat. Then Mario recieved a call from Yoshi (Yoshi will be communicating with Mario) that he spotted a Star Spirit in a capsule at the Glitz Pit in Glitzville be carried by a Boo, there were more mysteries going on. He stated that Prince Mush and Jolene had been waiting for him. Mario headed torward the the Cheep Blimp and showed the Cheep Cheep his Blimp ticket. But the Cheep Cheep said it had expired years ago. And that Norlem (Flopside Merlon in Super Paper Mario) who is now living beside Professor Frankly (who will also keep contact with Mario) where Merlon use to live sells Blimp Tickets. Then Mario headed over to Norlem's place, when they spoke to him he stated he ran out of Blimp Tickets he sold his last one to a Yoshi, Mario knew it was Yoshi who he had sold it to. But he also said that Boss Frankie, in the Pianta Parlor was spotted with a ticket. So Mario then headed to the office and spotted Frankie and Fransesca, the married couple for they just go through with the marriage. Mario spoke with Frankie and he said that he no longer has the ticket and he said he gave to his new father-in-law, Don Pianta who is now leaving Rogueport. He is sailing on Cortez's ship to an island really, reaaalllllyy, far, far, far away and he said he'll be gone for a long, looooooonnnnngg time! Mario quickly rushed to the Rogueport Docks, and saw Don Pianta boarding the ship. Mario stopped him and Kersti stated they needed the Blimp Ticket to stop world destruction. Don Pianta asked how much you want for it. Cause he said the starting price is 1,000,000,000 coins Mario hesitated to answer. Then Don Pianta stated he'll lower it to 1 million coins. Mario still didn't wanna answer. Don Pianta stated 15,000 coins, Mario still refused to answer. Don Pianta begged for him to get it for 1,000 coins, then 500, then 100, then 1 coin. Mario still hesitated, then he said "Forget It, It's on the house!" then gave him the ticket. Mario waved good-bye to him as Don sailed away. He headed torward the Cheep Blimp and gave the Cheep Cheep the ticket. He let him use the NEW Cheep Blimp wich was purple. He headed torward the Blimp and headed off. He then arrived in Glitzville where Sushie was hosting the blimp on that side Sushie said he traded places with the Cheep Cheep that used to be here for now he is babysitting the Fearsome Five who are now becoming teenagers. Sushie said he would love to join Mario but he has to stay on his shift. So Mario spotted Yoshi where he explained that the Boo was carrying the Star Spirit capsule away he said he was heading to a mansion that was old that they renamed "Boo Horror Mansion." So Mario went inside the Glitz Pit where there were Glitz Pit Security that lead Mario to Jolene's and Prince Mush's office. They said that Bandy Andy and King K. were starting to lose their power again. Therefore there rankings are on the bottom. They also said that 2 new fighters were top ranks. The Great Gonzales Jr. and Lack Luster Bro., Mario knew that Yoshi Kid was one of them, he also has gotten older he was the age of the past Fearsome 5 however he still had the same hairdo, style, and sorta the same attitude. They also said Rawk Hawk had been acting weird and has been cheating fights. "Fighting dirty all the time" is how they described Rawk Hawk. Mario decided to start fighting again to solve these mysteries, luckily this time they kept up with his records. So Mario is still champ, they stated Rawk Hawk has been begging for Mario to return so he could tear him to shreds! So they said be careful cause his match is up next against Rawk Hawk for the Championship. Mario headed to his locker room with his partners. Suddenly Rawk Hawk attacked him, Mario saw he had glowing purple eyes. Rawk Hawk battled Mario and knocked out his partners. Mario was alone Rawk Hawk used his new Razor Hawk move wich was one of the illegal moves by Grubba that he renamed to defeat Mario. Mario was at 0 HP when KP Pete a.k.a King K. and Andy Bandy walked by and saw him Ko'ed on the floor the brought Mario to his room and reported the incident to Jolene and Prince Mush. Mario then woke up when Jolene, Prince Mush, Andy Bandy, and King K. were beside his bed. They asked if he was alright, he said he was alright so they said he was still in the match against Rawk Hawk for the Champ's belt. Mario then had 1 HP, though. They took him to the match with maximum security it was the Great Gonzales vs. Rawk Hawk (a.k.a Feral Nuclear Reactor), Rawk Hawk defeated Mario easily making him the new champ. Mario and his partner decided to spy on him. Rawk Hawk then took the belt and went to his new locker room. And placed the star on his belt with a new one. Wich made Mario realize that he had placed a real Crystal Star on it. He then went into the vent, Mario couldn't see him any more at this point. Rawk Hawk made it to Jolene and Prince Mush's office and he then deleted Mario's records on her computer. Mario was in the Major League Locker Room the next day then the Security led him to Jolene and Prince Mush's Office, they said they couldn't find Mario's records in the computer. So they immediately sent him to the Minor League Locker Room, he had to fight the following all over in this order some events happened in between matches:
The Hand-It-Overs (2 Bandits & 2 Big Bandits) (a.k.a. the Grim Death Burglars)
The KP Koopas (2 KP Koopas & 1 KP Paratroopa) (a.k.a. the Shell Machines of Doom)
The Destructors (3 Spinias & 2 Spanias) (a.k.a. the Flying Bullets)
Wings of Night (4 Swoopers) (a.k.a. the Sleepy Stealth Scythe)
*[At this point King K. disappeared]
The Goomba Bros. (5 Goombas) (a.k.a. the Meteorite Hardheads; however, they are called the Hoppin' Hardheads the first time Mario fights them)
The Pokey Triplets (3* Pokeys) (a.k.a. the Spiked Terror Triplets)
The Dead Bones (3* Dull Bones) (a.k.a. the Bone-Rattling Rockers)
Spike Storm (2* Spinies & 1 Lakitu) (a.k.a. the Midnight Spike-Bombers)
The Mind-Bogglers (Pale Piranha, Dark Puff, & 1 Pider) (a.k.a. the Gray Entanglers)
The Punk Rocks (3 Hyper Bald Clefts) (a.k.a. the Green Torture Squad)
The Bob-omb Squad (4 Bob-ombs) (a.k.a. the Big Bomb Boomers)
The Armored Harriers (2 Iron Clefts) (a.k.a. the Iron Adonis Twins)
*[At this point Andy Bandy disappeared]
The Tiny Spinies (2 Red Spike Tops) (a.k.a. the Thorny Demons)
The Poker Faces (2 Bristles) (a.k.a. the Ultimate Weapons)
The Shellshockers (2 Shady Koopas & 1 Shady Paratroopa) (a.k.a. the Turtles of Hurtle)
*[At this point Rawk Hawk lost the championship to the Great Gonzales Jr. (Yoshi Kid) by using the illegal Razor Hawk]
The Fuzz (Fuzzy, Green Fuzzy*, & Flower Fuzzy) (a.k.a. the Bottomless Vacuums)
The Magikoopa Masters (Red Magikoopa, Green Magikoopa, White Magikoopa ) (a.k.a. the Underworld Servants)
Craw-Daddy (Dark Craw) (a.k.a. the Dark Gatekeeper)
*[At this point The Great Gonzales Jr. (Yoshi Kid) lost the championship to Lack Luster Bro.]
Hamma, Bamma, & Flare (Hammer Bro., Boomerang Bro. & Fire Bro.) (a.k.a. the Big Bad Brute Bros.)
Chomp Country (2 Red Chomps) (a.k.a. the Red Ore Fear Orbs)
The Koopinator (Dark Koopatrol) (a.k.a. the Razor Blade Brigadier)
*[At this point, all of the fighters beyond this note have disappeared]
Rawk Hawk (a.k.a the Feral Nuclear Reactor)
The Great Gonzales Jr. (Yoshi Kid)
Lack Luster Bro.-The Champ

Before Mario's match against Rawk Hawk everyone panicked ever since the all the fighters [With the exception of The Great Gonzales, Rawk Hawk, Lack Luster Bro., & The Great Gonzales Jr.] went missing. Rawk Hawk was extremely angry when Mario had to battle him, because he lost the championship to Mario's old buddy. Mario's old buddy lost it to Lack Luster Bro. (whom Mario still haven't seen yet)! So Rawk Hawk tried to attack Mario again but, failed due to Mario having maximum security on his side. Mario fought back against Rawk Hawk but they were both broken up by security. Then the match began, near the end Rawk Hawk then tried to use the Razor Hawk against Mario, but Mario used the Action Guard to stop him and then Mario defeated him. Rawk Hawk became angrier and ran backstage and wrecked the locker rooms. After then Mario had to immediately face the Great Gonzales Jr. wich was indeed the Yoshi Kid. He had gotten bigger but still had the same style and mainly the same attitude but was a little more mature. And didn't get angry but still loved to make comebacks. He was ready to face Mario, Yoshi Kid had the same moves as he did when he was Mario's partner. Mario then defeated him. And Yoshi Kid admitted defeat and said how what kind of cool dude Mario is [Yoshi Kid joined your party!]. Then Jolene & Prince Mush had gotten the Security to tie up Rawk Hawk. They also made Mario face Lack Luster Bro. immediately for the championship. Mario was ready to fight and find out who Lack Luster Bro. was he stared at the other side of the battle ring entrance area. But then from behind a spiny had hit him. He turned around and it was Lakilester with Lakilulu, who was holding the championship belt. He acted tough to impress his grilfriend, Lakilulu. He fought Mario, Mario defeated him. Lakilester admitted his defeat making Mario the new champ, Lakilulu begged Mario to forgive Lakilester, if he refuses she'll battle him, if Mario defeats her she will ask for forgiveness repeatidly, if she asks too much she'll cry and Mario's partner will forgive then, but if she defeats Mario she'll say she's sorry and Mario has no choice [Lakilester Joins Your Party!, Mario took the star of the belt and it turned out to be a crystal star, it was the Emerald Star. Mario went to his new locker room and put the old fake crystal star on it the belt. Mario then headed torward Jolene's office, where Prince Mush had been questioning Rawk Hawk and Jolene had been watching. Mario then had to keep jumping and hammering Rawk Hawk until he spilled it. Rawk Hawk then was forced to say where the fighters were, he said they were in Boo's Mansion and the Boos took over. Then Rawk Hawk had said that a bunch of Boos flew into the office attacking Mario, then Mario defeated them. Then the Boos made Glitzville transparent (invisible) and it became dark and the Dark Moon rose upon Glitzville. Everyone panicked then Mario, decided to rush to the Cheep Blimp and get to Rogueport. Then they boarded the train (or ship) to Toad Town, then immediately rushed torward to the Forever Forest Gate and asked the toad to let them through. He said he would but he wanted a peach brand that only Tayce T. had. So Mario quickly headed torward Tayce T's. Kitchen there was a note there that she was in Peach's Castle Kitchen. Mario headed there and saw Tayce T. and she said she would want a seed if Mario wanted a peach. Then Mario headed torward the garden and found a Bub-ulb. He gave Mario the seed then Mario gave Tayce T. the seed, Tayce T. gave Mario the peach, then finally Mario rushed to the Forever Forest Gatesmen and gave him the peach. And the Toad said becareful, because forever forest became spookier, the toad then said the owl was confused, then Mario was confused, the toad opened the gate. Mario entered and saw scary purple lightning in the sky. It was darker Mario then saw the owl and did what it said, it didn't work. So Mario remembered what the gatesmen said that the owl was confused so Mario did the opposite of what the owl said and it worked. He eventually made it, to Boo's Mansion where he entered. When he entered he saw Bootler who was crying. He said that the village ahead was dark and the boos panicked he also said there were some evil boos that worshipped one boo that seemed special. And he said that the evil boos took over here and placed some mysterious figures, Mario then explained they were fighters. He also explained what adventures he has been through since he last saw him and his partners. Bootler understood, he then said he was also sad because of Lady Bow......he said Bow went on another vacation years ago to an island and never came back! He also said this main Boo controlled most of the friendly Boos. But suddenly all the fighters got up and had glowing purple eyes like Rawk Hawk. So Mario thought that this is probably what happened to Rawk Hawk. Lakilester thought about it too, so did Yoshi Kid. So they fleed with Bootler and evacuated Boo's Mansion. And went to the Gusty Gulch where it was dark and purple stormy, and saw a lot of Boos cowering in fear. Then they entered the Windy Mill because Bootler said he overheard some evil Boos talking about a secret dark jewel in there Mario went down the well inside and followed along the underground path and it lead to the room back where Tubba Blubba's Heart was. And they saw a Dark Jewel and they collected it and try to rush away but then a lot of Boos arrived and all formed together to one big boo, Boolossus. Then Mario battled it and he defeated it, the Boos retreated. And then Mario and Bootler exited the Windy Mill with the Dark Jewel. And there was....... Boo Horror Mansion, wich was formerly Tubba Blubba's Castle, there was a giant purple void and purple lightning, and the Dark Moon over it. It was night! Mario then fleed because the Zombie Fighters were still behind them. Mario had no choice but to enter. There were Boos all in the castle. He made it to the first hall, Tubba Blubba was over there, he was invincible with glowing purple eyes like the fighters, with his Heart at his side. Mario then had to walk by him to get to the next room, he was invincible again. Mario then made it to the next hall where all of a sudden.....Macho Grubba was waiting, he noticed Mario and raged and charged. You have to get passed him too, for he is also invincible! Mario then arrived to the final room, where Boolossus, Tubba Blubba, & Macho Grubba had been waiting. Then they were by a portrait of King Boo, Mario was prepaired to fight but then suddenly King Boo came out of the portrait and said he was behind the whole thing and had controlled the friendly Boos and the fighters, he also had controlled Tubba Blubba! But from behind the fighter zombies including Rawk Hawk came from behind bursting through the door. Mario battled all of them. He realized it was King Boo's crown wich had been controlling them and making it dark over the Gusty Gulch and Glitzville. So Mario battled them he used the Dark Jewel to weaken King Boo's crown. It worked on Tubba Blubba making him back to normal, then he was angry with King Boo, he smashed King Boo's crown, breaking it. Making Macho Grubba weak. And restoring all controlled fighters making them attack on Mario's side they helped Mario by crowding up on Macho Grubba attacking and restoring him to Grubba (Mario still have to defeat him). Mario then used the jewel to restore the sky and the friendly Boos. They attacked Boolossus weakening him spreading him out to a bunch of Boos. Mario then had to fight King Boo, Grubba, and a lot of Boos. Mario defeated them. Then Luigi used his Vacuum to suck King Boo in it and the rest of the Evil Boos. Then Mario found in the smashed crown Kalmar's Capsule. Kalmar thanked Mario for saving him. He gave him the move "Star-out" wich allows you to turn enemies to frozen stars with the more effort Mario puts into an attack the more chances they can be defeated quickly. Mario headed back to Glitzville where you can see the Glitz Pit again. And the sky is normal also the fighters are normal. They all thanked Mario, and Jolene told Mario if he ever wanted to fight again, come on down. She also said Prince Mush can help him train. They promise they'll keep his records under security. But then they got another email, by Toadette and Daisy who are captured by Bowser. They said that there is this computer named TEC, who is helping them. Peach then realized they were in the X-Naut Fortress on the moon. The email also said if they knew the location then don't rush fore there are more secrets to be heard, cause if Mario rushed to the moon they would change plans. So Mario decided not to go, Peach wrote back on the email with info. also. The email also said that there is something going on in Shy Guy's Toybox. Mario headed off to the toybox then a Shy Guy stole his Mailbox SP DX. Mario chased after him......

Chapter 4-Theives Just Got Creepier:
Coming Soon

Chapter 5:
Coming Soon

Chapter 6:
Coming Soon

Chapter 7:
Coming Soon

Chapter 8:
Coming Soon

Chapter 9 [Final]:
Coming Soon

Chapter 10 [Epilogue]:
The future will tell us of old things that were forgotten  :-\
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