New Pokemon Fanfic

If I choose one of these Pokemon for a secondary main character, which one should I choose

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So, I have a lot of extra time and I lost my other fanfic when my old file got deleted (Due to needing to clean the computer after a virus)

I have a general idea of how the story will go. It'll be about Seth Bradly, who is a carefree teen. It'll have the same beginning as my other fanfic. I'm open to any suggestions on how the characters should act and how the storyline should go. I'll start it tomorrow.
Alright. I'll use eevee in the story. Should it be a normal Eevee without any special abilities or should there be something to make is special?

I've decided that the world will have rare things called devil fruits, which grant the eater some special power but at their ability to swim (Yes, it's an idea from One Piece. This is a fanfic after all) I think the main character will eat one, but should Eevee eat one?

I might have a prologue by the end of the day. If so, I'll edit it into my first post.
Ken Masters said:
Devil Fruits that give it temporary evolution would be interesting...
That is an idea that I've considered.

One more Idea I've been questioning is whether or not the Eevee should be able to communicate with the main character by language, the ability of a devil fruit, telepathically, or just in it's voice (Like Ash's Pikachu)?

That's really the only other thing I need to know to begin the fanfic.