My random quotes


"Again, it would seem like an obvious choice to have a wilderness survival expert in your party, but sooner or later Grylls is going to make you drink pee. If you’re lucky, it will be your own pee, but it still won’t be pleasant. He’ll tell you that it’s necessary for survival, but I think we all know what’s really going on here."

-Smosh refering to why not to have Bear Grylls for a zombie Apocalypse.

"Some people may call a kind deed,
an act of mean Hypocrisy
but nevermind those who have lost faith.
you shouldnt give into what they say.

As a matter of fact let me tell you.
Even if it was for a selfish cause,
A savage of all hypocrisy,
is superior too murderous honesty."

-Excerpt from Closer by Inoue Joe.