My occasional random videos

1 word, Epic


You also have to watch the Alternate cuts of the 2nd video :p

If you don't like my entertaining finds, don't watch them :p
Endurance video 1: Do the lalala

Endurance video 2: CANNON PEN1S

Endurance video 3: Where is one Piece?

Endurance video 4: Nyeh

Enjoy the insanity  :-D
Vipsoccermaster said:
HuntMac said:
You telling me you spent 45 minutes sitting here listening to all this, VSM?! :p
I posted here earlier, but it vanished after Joey moved servers. :p

I was multi-tasking, so no worries.
You're supposed to watch it straight, not multi task. Cause following instructions that go as follow:
1- Watch video straight without detracting attention from the video
is so hard.
HuntMac said:
Apparently there was a server move or something and some latests posts got deleted. Unfortunately I was the latest posts :p So nobody else effected.

Though it is funny cause VIP made a topic about it and that got deleted with the change as well :p
Actually, it was a different topic. It wasn't about that, it was a topic in the Nintendo Board. It was about Nintendo breaking records in March 2011, with Pokemon Black/White and the Nintendo 3DS.