Mushroom Shop

Where's my poision mushroom? I'VE BEEN WAITING 2 MONTHS FOR IT!
...since Sushi seems to be out back, I'd might as well help out.


*finds a Mega Poison Mushroom* Westfield, if you can take this, it's yours. 20 coins, please.

*cooks a Kebab* Here you go Espeon. Just don't head to Bowser's Castle with this - I heard Bowser likes spicy kebabs as much as he does TNT Drumsticks.
Here's 20 coins. *doesn't move, eats the poison mushroom, and dies in front of H-J*
*cough* thanks alot. I wanted to die, it was not a mistake. This is what you get for bringing me back to life. *burps on H-J* I'm getting away from you and making my own shop.
*goes to the bathroom and flushes myself into the toilet*