There were two multiplayer modes in DK64.

The first mode, you must fight your opponents in a normal arena (the same arena that appears during the adventure where you fight enemies). In this mode you basically fight your friends. It's actually pretty fun. You also have power-ups which made it cooler!
I have a video of my big brother when he was 12 playing this against my little brother who was only 4 years old. My little bro was so mad lol.

The second which is also my favorite. You have different places where you play against friends. I think there were 3 different arenas. In this mode, you use all your weapons, guns and bombs.

In both mode you choose the Kong you want and you can change it's color.
If this would have wi-fi, it would totally kick-ass!!!
Lol, it would kick-ass if it had Wi-Fi, but this was in the N64 era, so...

Battle Arena is pretty tight, with limited space and many items, and some may make you lose control. Fun if you want a crazy match.

As for the three arenas, I liked the first and second arenas, they were the fun parts. There were different Battle modes to play from, and I liked battling each other and trying to capture the pads more. Overall, it was very decent.

And you have a video of your brothers playing multiplayer, Spirit? I want to see it, please!
Vipsoccermaster said:
DJ Spirit said:
Lol, it's in a old cam, but I'll see if I can get it in my PC.

Having a crazy match is the fun part!! :D
Hope you get the match video in.

You know, it'd be epic if you and I have a match online, but it doesn't, maybe once you should come over...XD! But you're in Canada and that's miles away from California.
It sure would be fun! It would be nice meeting, but for now it's pratically impossible, the only would be if my Mom wants to go see her cousin that lives in Los Angeles. Anyways I would do something like: NY, meet Cook, Chicago: Meet Berry, California: Meet you! :D

Meeting people on the forum would be cool. :p

Back in topic, euh, fun Battles!? XD