[MP3] Star Summit (Tentative Title)

Remember when I did Yoshi's Islands where you could go from island to island if you had a Skeleton Key?
Well, here's the same thing but with MULTIPLE islands, with each their ups and down! It's a complex idea to balance so tell me what you think of it, please!
Every island (besides Twink's and Millenium's) have at least one star spot and one Bowser space but the rest is always different:
Twink: This island links to all the other ones but you have to use a Skeleton Key to go to another Island!
Eldstar: This island has the most blue spaces and some event spaces but no item spaces nor item shops!
Mamar: This island has the most items with item spaces and an item shop!
Skolar: This island has the only Boo but also dangerous spaces so you wouldn't like to loop!
Muskular: This island has very mixed spaces with the most battle spaces but also has the most Game Guys and Chance Times!
Misstar: This island has no red spaces but has the only bank!
Klevar: This island has a lot of red spaces and some dangerous spaces but it has two star spots instead of one!
Kalmar: This island has only blue and red spaces besides an item shop!
Millenium Star: This island is guarded by another skeleton gate and has no star spot but if you can go here, you can farm for the happening space since it's the only island with happening spaces!
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/35com0a2ory1yhn/Star%20Summit.json
Thank you! Yes it is confusing right now but rest assured that the final one will indeed have arrows and all that fancy stuff!  :p
And I tried to make them somewhat small so you don't spend too much time on them! Klevar one was made dangerous on purpose since it has the highest star rate so people wouldn't stay too much in it! But at least, there's a lot of item spaces so you have more chances to get out easily!!  :-D
Thanks for your feedback btw! For what I've tried, it's pretty fun indeed and the AI is surprisingly pretty original in this one since they will tend to go on different islands than each-others! (But usually never the one with the star, I'm afraid...) Too bad my emulator is freezing randomly now when I play Mario Party 3...  :(
Phew! So it's not just my emulator then! Well, I guess it's a problem with PartyPlanner 64 then? Do you think we should report it in the PartyPlanner64 board in the forum? Do the game either randomly crash at the start of a turn or the characters sometimes go completly insane with their paths and go to random locations, especially after leaving a skeleton gate?

And I had a good call to make my board for MP2 then!  ;D I'm so excited for you guys to see my board! I give it all my love and had the time to give it way more attention than my other submissions for the contest and my sister even helped me! But it might have some problems since it's made for Mario Party 2 sadly... But I hope to see your board in the contest! The review video doesn't seems to have been done yet so there's probably a chance!  :-D
I've reported my findings on the PP64 Github. SuperZambezi has also reported crashing in recent Mario Party 3 custom boards. I definitely think it's a recent problem with Party Planner 64. The most common problems I've encountered is crashing when passing a bank space sometimes and crashing at the start of the turn on certain spaces (it freezes right after the player hits the dice block). I'm excited to see your board in the contest!
I've modified my board to have way less spaces! That way, not only will it be less hazardous with crashes, but you'll also be able to travel faster and experience more different parts of the board!  ;D
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gmlu2l8pl2bz5km/Star%20Summit.json
Note: I can't replace Chilly Waters with this custom board in PartyPlanner64, if you find the reason, please tell me how to resolve it, thanks!!
The uploaded board causes a crash because of the links towards the start space from the "island star areas." There's no path that enters the star areas, and so some of the logic broke down.

Edit: I've made the fix locally so the editor won't crash with this board layout. But I won't be able to push out to the live site since it's mingled with the event editor changes that aren't ready for production.