[MP3] Game Guy's Saloon

Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8k3b73a7kmgze34/Game+Guy%27s+Saloon.json
(I apologize immediately for my poor artistic skills.)
Hello, fellow customers, and welcome to my Saloon! Be ready to gamble in this piece of art of board.
It might look like a plain board, but it also has junction. So, what do you prefer? A rather dull item shop or frenzy Game Guy & Chance Time spaces?

Details: Very simple board. Get as much coins as you can to collect stars in this square-shaped board. There is no Green Spaces.
Junction leads you do two different paths. One leading to an item shop and one leading to four Game Guy Spaces and one Chance Time space. The latter is the shorter though..
Every time you pass Game Guy, you'll have to pay 5 coins for your stay. All the coins are stocked on the only Game Guy space on the main path, fall on it and try to win the jackpot!!
(Waiting for reactions to upload it in the Download section.)
Okay, I am remaking this board! It's very unpolished so far but tell me if you would like to play this!
Basically, every turn of the board costs 5 coins and you can only win the money back by falling on Game Guy AND betting all your money on a Game Guy minigame! (So, you're either very lucky or very unlucky!)
To win stars, you'll have to loop at the bottom area and buy stars until you have no coins left! Tell me if you like this idea or not! (Also, I hope the AI isn't stupid enough to softlock the game)
There's also a middle area to loop where there's all sorts of spaces! You can visit the shops and fill-up your happening star, but you can also visit Bowser, start a battle or a chance time!

Download BETA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s1wfb8acr1pnlqg/Game%20Guy%27s%20Saloon.json
Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/rdvb4zz4ba5da45/Game%20Guy%27s%20Casino.json
I already re-did the board! It looks very great but too bad the AI can softlock the game... Oh well, you can always take control of the AI to unstuck them!
Also, there's now a skeleton gate and the ? spaces in the main area trigger an item shop and a Boo respectively! Here how it looks like so far, tell me what you think!